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Event Types
Each and every day, the Ingress community is mobilizing. From XM Anomaly Events to Cross Faction Meetups to monthly First Saturday events, discover - Ingress is happening all around you. Learn about the different event types hosted below.
An XM Anomaly is a series of events in which two factions compete to capture the most portals in a specified region in order to obtain special rewards
NL-1331 features casual missions aiming to explore different cities and locales using a special Ingress-customized vehicle called the "XM Detection Mobile Lab."
Special Events are unique Ingress events that may be creative endeavors, exceptional challenges, or personal adventures.
During Mission Days, explore and interact with highlighted landmarks during simple but fun in-game missions within a specified city. Mission Day Plus is a hybrid event that merges Mission Day with other Ingress events.
Agents will undertake challenging physical workouts and obstacles with our partner GORUCK to obtain special intel for their Factions.
Join player-hosted local events on the first Saturday of each month to welcome new Agents into Ingress. The two factions will compete to gain the most AP in their respective city.