The Future of Ingress

As you may know, earlier today Niantic announced that we’re closing our LA studio, where much of our Ingress team is based. Rest assured that Ingress is continuing onward.

These difficult decisions impacted many of our teammates and friends. Each of them left footprints on the soul of Niantic, on us as an Ingress team, and we’re sad they’re gone.

Ingress continues to operate full steam ahead, and we remain optimistic for the future of the game and community we all love so passionately. The Ingress team will continue our focus on sustainability, as well as making the game easier to understand for new recruits so that we can grow our global Agent community.

Changes like these remind us to cherish the connections we make with fellow Agents along the way. Remember, Ingress is more than just a game; we thank you for your years of support and look forward to seeing you at a future Ingress event!


– The Ingress Team

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