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Each and every day, the Ingress community is mobilizing. From XM Anomaly Events to Cross Faction Meetups to monthly First Saturday events - Ingress is happening all around you.

Prior Ingress Anomaly Events

Ingress Anomaly Events - FREE events you can join to play Ingress and meet other players. These events are for Ingress players of ALL levels and last approximately 4-5 hours including 3-4 hours of walking/biking gameplay and a two hour social meetup at the end. Faction specific groups sometimes plan pre-event get togethers and after-parties.

7.12.2014 Montreal, QC, Canada Helios Primary Recap
7.12.2014 Chattanooga, TN, USA Helios Satellite Recap
7.12.2014 Toronto, ON, Canada Helios Satellite Recap
7.26.2014 San Diego, CA, USA Helios Primary Recap
7.26.2014 Philadelphia, PA, USA Helios Satellite Recap
7.26.2014 Boston, MA, USA Helios Satellite Recap
7.26.2014 Dublin, Ireland Helios Primary Recap
7.26.2014 Tallin, Estonia Helios Satellite Recap
7.26.2014 Palermo, Italy Helios Satellite Recap
8.9.2014 Chicago, IL, USA Helios Primary Recap
8.9.2014 Richmond, VA, USA Helios Satellite Recap
8.9.2014 Galveston, TX, USA Helios Satellite Recap
8.9.2014 Taipei Helios Primary Recap
8.9.2014 Hong Kong, China Helios Satellite Recap
8.9.2014 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Helios Satellite Recap
8.23.2014 Detroit, MI, USA Helios Primary Recap
8.23.2014 Baltimore, MD, USA Helios Satellite Recap
8.23.2014 Indianapolis, IN, USA Helios Satellite Recap
8.23.2014 Prague, Czech Republic Helios Primary Recap
8.23.2014 Manchester, United Kingdom Helios Satellite Recap
8.23.2014 Rotterdam, The Netherlands Helios Satellite Recap
9.6.2014 Minneapolis, MN, USA Helios Primary Recap
9.6.2014 Tulsa, OK, USA Helios Satellite Recap
9.6.2014 Monterrey, Mexico Helios Satellite Recap
9.6.2014 Bogota, Colombia Helios Primary Recap
9.6.2014 Asuncion, Paraguay Helios Satellite Recap
9.6.2014 Buenos Aires, Argentina Helios Satellite Recap
9.24.2014 London, United Kingdom Helios Special Edition Recap
9.27.2014 Tacoma, WA, USA Helios Primary Recap
9.27.2014 Sacramento, CA, USA Helios Satellite Recap
9.27.2014 Vancouver, BC, Canada Helios Satellite Recap
9.27.2014 Munich, Germany Helios Primary Recap
9.27.2014 Gothenburg, Sweden Helios Satellite Recap
9.27.2014 Riga, Latvia Helios Satellite Recap
10.18.2014 Salt Lake City, UT, USA Darsana Primary Recap
10.18.2014 Honolulu, HI, USA Darsana Satellite Recap
10.18.2014 Anchorage, AK, USA Darsana Satellite Recap
10.18.2014 Brussels, Belgium Darsana Primary Recap
10.18.2014 Pune, India Darsana Satellite Recap
10.18.2014 Aarhus, Denmark Darsana Satellite Recap
10.18.2014 Berne, Switzerland Darsana Satellite Recap
10.18.2014 Vilnius, Lithuania Darsana Satellite Recap
11.15.2014 New Orleans, LA, USA Darsana Primary Recap
11.15.2014 Virginia Beach, VA, USA Darsana Satellite Recap
11.15.2014 Oklahoma City, OK, USA Darsana Satellite Recap
11.15.2014 Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Darsana Satellite Recap
11.15.2014 Worldwide Darsana #Darsana Global Recap
12.13.2014 Tokyo, Japan Darsana Primary Recap
12.13.2014 Seoul, South Korea Darsana Satellite Recap
12.13.2014 Auckland, New Zealand Darsana Satellite Recap
12.13.2014 Manila, Philippines Darsana Satellite Recap
12.13.2014 Charleston, SC, USA Darsana Primary Recap
12.13.2014 Hartford, CT, USA Darsana Satellite Recap
12.13.2014 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Darsana Satellite Recap
12.13.2014 Santa Cruz, CA, USA Darsana Satellite Recap
12.13.2014 Barcelona, Spain Darsana Primary Recap
12.13.2014 Toulouse, France Darsana Satellite Recap
12.13.2014 Stuttgart, Germany Darsana Satellite Recap
12.13.2014 Pretoria, South Africa Darsana Satellite Recap
2.21.2015 Austin, TX, USA Shōnin PRIMARY Recap
2.21.2015 Las Vegas, NV, USA Shōnin Satellite Recap
2.21.2015 Atlanta, GA, USA Shōnin Satellite Recap
2.21.2015 Medellin, Colombia Shōnin Satellite Recap
2.21.2015 Florence, Italy Shōnin PRIMARY Recap
2.21.2015 Brno, Czech Republic Shōnin Satellite Recap
2.21.2015 Alexandria, Egypt Shōnin Satellite Recap
2.21.2015 Bilbao, Spain Shōnin Satellite Recap
3.28.2015 Pasadena, CA, USA Shōnin PRIMARY Recap
3.28.2015 Lima, Peru Shōnin Satellite Recap
3.28.2015 Denver, CO, USA Shōnin Satellite Recap
3.28.2015 Orlando, FL, USA Shōnin Satellite Recap
3.28.2015 Hanover, Germany Shōnin PRIMARY Recap
3.28.2015 Cardiff, United Kingdom Shōnin Satellite Recap
3.28.2015 Reykjavik, Iceland Shōnin Satellite Recap
3.28.2015 Yekaterinburg, Russia Shōnin Satellite Recap
3.28.2015 Kyoto, Japan Shōnin PRIMARY Recap
3.28.2015 Adelaide, Australia Shōnin Satellite Recap
3.28.2015 Christchurch, New Zealand Shōnin Satellite Recap
3.28.2015 Guangzhou, China Shōnin Satellite Recap
5.30.2015 Bratislava, Slovakia Persepolis PRIMARY Recap
5.30.2015 Covilhã , Portugal Persepolis Satellite Recap
5.30.2015 Thessaloniki, Greece Persepolis Satellite Recap
5.30.2015 Bari, Italy Persepolis Satellite Recap
5.30.2015 Washington, DC, USA Persepolis PRIMARY Recap
5.30.2015 Phoenix, AZ , USA Persepolis Satellite Recap
5.30.2015 Toronto, Canada Persepolis Satellite Recap
5.30.2015 Buenos Aires, Argentina Persepolis Satellite Recap
6.20.2015 Utrecht, The Netherlands Persepolis PRIMARY Recap
6.20.2015 Liverpool, UK Persepolis Satellite Recap
6.20.2015 Poznan, Poland Persepolis Satellite Recap
6.20.2015 Helsinki, Finland Persepolis Satellite Recap
6.20.2015 Tohoku, Japan Persepolis PRIMARY Recap
6.20.2015 Jakarta , Indonesia Persepolis Satellite Recap
6.20.2015 Perth, Australia Persepolis Satellite Recap
6.20.2015 Portland, OR , USA Persepolis PRIMARY Recap
6.20.2015 Milwaukee, WI, USA Persepolis Satellite Recap
6.20.2015 Nashville, TN, USA Persepolis Satellite Recap
6.20.2015 Ft Collins, CO, USA Persepolis Satellite Recap
10/‌10/‌2015 Boston, MA, USA Abaddon Flash Shard Anomaly Recap
10/‌10/‌2015 Houston, TX, USA Abaddon Flash Shard Anomaly Recap
10/‌24/‌2015 London, United Kingdom Abaddon Flash Shard Anomaly Recap
10/‌24/‌2015 Zurich, Switzerland Abaddon Flash Shard Anomaly Recap
11/‌14/‌2015 New Taipei City Abaddon Primary Recap
11/‌14/‌2015 Sydney, Australia Abaddon Satellite Recap
11/‌14/‌2015 Bangkok, Thailand Abaddon Satellite Recap
11/‌14/‌2015 Manila, Philippines Abaddon Satellite Recap
11/‌14/‌2015 Hamburg, Germany Abaddon Primary Recap
11/‌14/‌2015 Seville, Spain Abaddon Satellite Recap
11/‌14/‌2015 Edinburgh, UK Abaddon Satellite Recap
11/‌14/‌2015 Zagreb, Croatia Abaddon Satellite Recap
11/‌14/‌2015 New Orleans, LA, USA Abaddon Primary Recap
11.14.2015 New Orleans, LA, USA Abaddon GORUCK Recap
11.14.2015 Charlotte, NC, USA Abaddon Satellite Recap
11.14.2015 Pittsburgh, PA, USA Abaddon Satellite Recap
11.14.20156 Guatemala City, Guatemala Abaddon Satellite Recap
12/‌12/‌2015 Okinawa, Japan Abaddon Primary Recap
12/‌12/‌2015 Seoul, South Korea Abaddon Satellite Recap
12/‌12/‌2015 Wellington, New Zealand Abaddon Satellite Recap
12/‌12/‌2015 Singapore, Singapore Abaddon Satellite Recap
12/‌12/‌2015 Milan, Italy Abaddon Primary Recap
12/‌12/‌2015 Sofia, Bulgaria Abaddon Satellite Recap
12/‌12/‌2015 Porto, Portugal Abaddon Satellite Recap
12/‌12/‌2015 Gdansk, Poland Abaddon Satellite Recap
12/‌12/‌2015 Oakland, CA, USA Abaddon Primary Recap
12/‌12/‌2015 Phoenix, AZ, USA Abaddon Satellite Recap
12/‌12/‌2015 Fort Worth, TX, USA Abaddon Satellite Recap
12/‌12/‌2015 Lima, Peru Abaddon Satellite Recap
2.27.2016 Seattle, WA, USA Obsidian Primary Recap
2.27.2016 Hamamatsu, Japan Obsidian Satellite Recap
2.27.2016 Madrid, Spain Obsidian Satellite Recap
2.27.2016 Milwaukee, WI, USA Obsidian Satellite Recap
2.27.2016 Rio de Janeiro, Brasil Obsidian Satellite Recap
4.2.2016 Hong Kong Obsidian Primary Recap
4.2.2016 Colombo, Sri Lanka Obsidian Satellite Recap
4.2.2016 Vienna, Austria Obsidian Primary Recap
4.2.2016 Copenhagen, Denmark Obsidian Satellite Recap
4.2.2016 Orlando, FL, USA Obsidian Primary Recap
4.2.2016 Mexico City, Mexico Obsidian Satellite Recap
4.2.2016 San Antonio, TX, USA Obsidian Satellite Recap
4.2.2016 Tucson, AZ, USA Obsidian Satellite Recap
5.28.2016 Brooklyn, NY, USA Aegis Nova Primary Recap
5.28.2016 Savannah, GA, USA Aegis Nova Satellite Recap
5.28.2016 Minneapolis/Saint Paul, MN, USA Aegis Nova Satellite Recap
5.28.2016 Rotterdam, Netherlands Aegis Nova Primary Recap
5.28.2016 Cape Town, South Africa Aegis Nova Satellite Recap
5.28.2016 Padova, Italy Aegis Nova Satellite Recap
5.28.2016 Tainan, Taiwan Aegis Nova Primary Recap
5.28.2016 Manila, Philippines Aegis Nova Satellite Recap
5.28.2016 Chiang Mai, Thailand Aegis Nova Satellite Recap
6.25.2016 San Diego, CA, USA Aegis Nova Primary Recap
6.25.2016 Salt Lake City, UT, USA Aegis Nova Satellite Recap
6.25.2016 Calgary, AB, Canada Aegis Nova Satellite Recap
6.25.2016 Moscow, Russia Aegis Nova Primary Recap
6.25.2016 Dublin, Ireland Aegis Nova Satellite Recap
6.25.2016 Nice, France Aegis Nova Satellite Recap
6.25.2016 Sydney, Australia Aegis Nova Primary Recap
6.25.2016 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Aegis Nova Satellite Recap
6.25.2016 Hyderabad, India Aegis Nova Satellite Recap
7.16.2016 Tokyo, Japan Aegis Nova Primary Recap
8.27.2016 Denver, CO Via Lux Primary Recap
8.27.2016 Portland, ME Via Lux Satellite Recap
8.27.2016 San Jose, Costa Rica Via Lux Satellite Recap
8.27.2016 Wroclaw, Poland Via Lux Primary Recap
8.27.2016 Birmingham, UK Via Lux Satellite Recap
8.27.2016 Turku, Finland Via Lux Satellite Recap
9.24.2016 Toronto, Canada Via Lux Primary Recap
9.24.2016 St. Louis, MO Via Lux Satellite Recap
9.24.2016 Santiago, Chile Via Lux Satellite Recap
9.24.2016 Cologne, Germany Via Lux Primary Recap
9.24.2016 Granada, Spain Via Lux Satellite Recap
9.24.2016 Budapest, Hungary Via Lux Satellite Recap
9.24.2016 Setouchi, Japan Via Lux Primary Recap
9.24.2016 Mumbai, India Via Lux Satellite Recap
9.24.2016 Singapore, Singapore Via Lux Satellite Recap
9.24.2016 Macau, China Via Lux Satellite Recap
11.12.2016 New Orleans, LA, USA Via Noir Primary Recap
11.12.2016 Chicago, IL, USA Via Noir Satellite Recap
11.12.2016 Miami, FL, USA Via Noir Satellite Recap
11.12.2016 Rome, Italy Via Noir Primary Recap
11.12.2016 Vilnius, Lithuania Via Noir Satellite Recap
11.12.2016 Sofia, Bulgaria Via Noir Satellite Recap
11.12.2016 Seoul, South Korea Via Noir Primary Recap
11.12.2016 Surabaya, Indonesia Via Noir Satellite Recap
11.12.2016 Melbourne, Australia Via Noir Satellite Recap
6.24.17 Tokyo 13MAGNUS Reawakens Agent Olympiad Recap
8.26.17 Nantes, France 13MAGNUS Reawakens Recap
8.26.17 Basel, Switzerland 13MAGNUS Reawakens Recap
8.26.17 Szczecin, Poland 13MAGNUS Reawakens Recap
8.26.17 Brisbane, Australia 13MAGNUS Reawakens Recap
8.26.17 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia 13MAGNUS Reawakens Recap
8.26.17 Macau, China 13MAGNUS Reawakens Recap
8.26.17 Ann Arbor, MI 13MAGNUS Reawakens Recap
8.26.17 Nashville, TN 13MAGNUS Reawakens Recap
8.26.17 Portland, OR 13MAGNUS Reawakens Recap

See current XM Anomalies events.


Ingress Magnus events are a new type of Ingress event, leveraging agents' creativity, technical skills and sense of discovery and adventure.

5.19.2017 Camp Navarro, CA Camp Navarro Magnus Awakens Recap

Mission Day

Mission Days bring together Agents from both factions to explore cities around the world through the lens of Ingress with unique and local adventures on foot.

5.31.2015 Bratislava, Slovakia Námestie slobody Recap
6.21.2015 Utrecht, The Netherlands Moreelsepark Recap
6.21.2015 Tohoku Daisen, Japan Daisen Recap
6.21.2015 Tohoku Onagawa, Japan Onagawa Recap
6.21.2015 Tohoku Ishinomaki, Japan Ishinomaki Recap
6.21.2015 Tohoku Hachinohe, Japan Hachinohe Recap
6.21.2015 Tohoku Morioka, Japan Morioka Recap
6.21.2015 Tohoku Fukushima, Japan Fukushima Recap
6.21.2015 Tohoku Rikuzentakata, Japan Rikuzentakata Recap
6.21.2015 Tohoku Sendai, Japan Sendai Recap
7.12.2015 San Diego, CA, USA Bassmnt Recap
7.18.2015 Stuttgart, Germany Erwin-Schöttle-Platz Recap
7.25.2015 Oslo, Norway Oslo Recap
8.1.2015 Indianapolis, IN, USA 650 W Washington St Recap
8.22.2015 Paris, France Check event page for update Recap
9.19.2015 Salt Lake City, UT, USA Check event page for update Recap
9.19.2015 Colombo, Sri Lanka Check event page for update Recap
9.19.2015 Singapore, Singapore Check event page for update Recap
9.19.2015 Belgrade, Serbia Check event page for update Recap
10.03.2015 Kimitsu, Japan 君津中央公園 Recap
10.17.2015 Canberra, Australia Check event page for update Recap
10.17.2015 Auckland , New Zealand Check event page for update Recap
10.17.2015 Copenhagen, Denmark Check event page for update Recap
10.17.2015 Karlsruhe, Germany Check event page for update Recap
10.17.2015 Dublin, Ireland Check event page for update Recap
10.17.2015 Istanbul, Turkey Check event page for update Recap
10.17.2015 Lviv, Ukraine Check event page for update Recap
10.17.2015 Lisbon, Portugal Check event page for update Recap
10.17.2015 Moscow, Russia Check event page for update Recap
10.17.2015 Pittsburgh, PA, USA Check event page for update Recap
10.17.2015 Seoul, Korea Check event page for update Recap
10.17.2015 Oaxaca, Mexico Check event page for update Recap
10.17.2015 Concepción, Chile Check event page for update Recap
10.17.2015 Kathmandu , Nepal Check event page for update Recap
10.17.2015 Albany, NY, USA Check event page for update Recap
10.17.2015 Little Rock, AR, USA Check event page for update Recap
10.31.2015 Yokosuka, Japan 横須賀芸術劇場 Recap
11.15.2015 Hamburg, Germany Check event page for update Recap
11.15.2015 New Orleans, LA, USA Check event page for update Recap
12/‌05/‌2015 New Taipei City, Taiwan Mission Day Recap
2.28.2016 Seattle, WA, USA Mission Day Recap
2.28.2016 Rio de Janeiro, Brasil Mission Day Recap
4.3.2016 Hong Kong Hkicc Lee Shau Kee School Of Creativity Recap
4.3.2016 Orlando, FL, USA Orlando City Hall Recap
4.3.2016 Vienna, Austria Schwarzenbergplatz Recap
4.9.2016 Chiba Sekiyado Castle Recap
4.23.2016 Detroit, MI, USA Detroit Institute of Arts Recap
4.30.2016 Oklahoma City, OK, USA Myriad Botanical Gardens Recap
5.21.2016 Graz, Austria Graz Tourismus Information / Landhaushof Recap
5.21.2016 Kiev, Ukraine TBD Recap
5.29.2016 Brooklyn, NY, USA Christopher Columbus Statue Recap
5.29.2016 Padova, Italy Piazza Prato della Valle Recap
5.29.2016 Rotterdam, Netherlands TBD Recap
5.29.2016 Tainan, Taiwan TBD Recap
5.29.2016 Savannah, GA, USA Ellis Square Recap
5.29.2016 Chiang Mai, Thailand Three King's Monument Recap
6.4.2016 Knoxville, TN, USA TBD Recap
6.4.2016 Monterrey, Mexico TBD Recap
6.11.2016 Cascais, Portugal TBD Recap
6.12.2016 Taguig, Philippines Bonifacio Global City Recap
6.18.2016 New Haven, CT, USA New Haven Green Recap
6.26.2016 Calgary, Canada Eau Claire Market Recap
6.26.2016 Hyderabad, India TBD Recap
6.26.2016 Moscow, Russia TBD Recap
6.26.2016 San Diego, CA, USA TBD Recap
6.26.2016 Sydney, Australia TBD Recap
7.2.2016 Singapore SHINE Festival, Singapore Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza Recap
7.9.2016 Beijing, China TBD Recap
7.9.2016 Chisinau, Moldova TBD Recap
7.17.2016 Tokyo, Japan 1F Symbol Zone, Miraikan (The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation) Recap
7.23.2016 Brno, Czech Republic TBD Recap
7.24.2016 Aachen, Germany Elisenbrunnen Aachen Recap
7.30.2016 Guangzhou, China TBD Recap
8.7.2016 Bogota, Colombia Plaza de Bolivar Recap
8.7.2016 Nürnberg, Germany Richard-Wagner-Platz Recap
8.21.2016 Leeuwarden, The Netherlands Oldehove Recap
8.21.2016 Iga Ueno, Japan Ueno Castle Recap
8.28.2016 Denver, Colorado, USA Denver Pavilions Recap
8.28.2016 Portland, Maine, USA Portland City Hall Recap
8.28.2016 San José, Costa Rica Parque Morazán Recap
8.28.2016 Wroclaw, Poland TBD Recap
8.28.2016 Birmingham, UK TBD Recap
8.28.2016 Turku, Finland Turun Kaupunginkirjasto Recap
9.3.2016 Shanghai, China TBD Recap
9.10.2016 Nanjing, China TBD Recap
9.10.2016 Vilnius, Lithuania Cathedral Square Recap
9.10.2016 Lübeck, Germany Holstentor Recap
9.25.2016 Toronto, Ontario, CA TBD Recap
9.25.2016 Santiago, Chile TBD Recap
9.25.2016 Cologne, Germany TBD Recap
9.25.2016 Budapest, Hungary Hero's Square Recap
9.25.2016 Granada, Spain Plaza del Carmen Recap
9.25.2016 St.Louis, Missouri, USA Gateway Mall Park Recap
9.25.2016 Kurashiki, Japan Kurashiki Geibunkan Recap
9.25.2016 Singapore Suntec Convention & Exhibition Centre Recap
9.25.2016 Macau, China Macao Science Center Recap
9.25.2016 Mumbai, India Kilachand Chowk Recap
10.2.2016 Bochum, Germany Am Bergbaumuseum 29 Recap
10.2.2016 Gifu, Japan JR Gifu Station Area Recap
10.8.2016 Berlin, Germany TBD Mission Day Recap
10.22.2016 Nashville, TN Riverfront Park Mission Day Recap
10.23.2016 Okukawachi, Osaka, Japan Novaty Nagano Mission Day Recap
10.29.2016 Lucca, Italy Ciclo Divino Di Massei Ivan Mission Day Recap
10.30.2016 Lucca, Italy Ciclo Divino Di Massei Ivan Mission Day Recap
10.29.2016 Osaka, Japan Umeda Sky Building Mission Day Recap
10.29.2016 Makati, Philippines Circuit Makati Mission Day Recap
11.3.2016 Yamato, Kanagawa, Japan Yamato station east side promenade Mission Day Recap
11.5.2016 KitaKyushu, Japan Asano Shiokaze Park Mission Day Recap
11.5.2016 Canterbury, UK TBD Mission Day Recap
11.6.2016 Nagoya, Japan Yaba Park Mission Day Recap
11.13.2016 Rome, Italy TBD Mission Day Recap
11.13.2016 Sofia, Bulgaria Cafe Memento Mission Day Recap
11.13.2016 Vilnius, Lithuania Switch Pub Mission Day Recap
11.13.2016 New Orleans, LA Crescent Park Mission Day Recap
11.13.2016 Chicago, IL Bar Louie Mission Day Recap
11.13.2016 Miami, FL TBD Mission Day Recap
11.13.2016 Seoul, Korea Lotte World Tower Mission Day Recap
11.13.2016 Surabaya, Indonesia TBD Mission Day Recap
11.13.2016 Melbourne, Australia Melbourne Public Mission Day Recap
11.20.2016 La Plata, Argentina TBD Mission Day Recap
11.20.2016 Panama, Panama TBD Mission Day Recap
11.26.2016 Lima, Peru TBD Mission Day Recap
12.3.2016 Hangzhou, China TBD Mission Day Recap
12.11.2016 Kumamoto, Japan Hanabata Hiroba Mission Day Recap
12.17.2016 Shenzhen, China TBD Mission Day Recap
12.17.2016 Galle, Sri Lanka TBD Mission Day Recap
12.17.2016 Fortaleza, Brazil TBD Mission Day Recap
12.17.2016 Dubai, UAE TBD Mission Day Recap
12.18.2016 Saitama, Japan Ryuto Factory ll Mission Day Recap
1.14.2017 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Merdeka Square Mission Day Recap
1.15.2017 Townsville, Australia TBD Mission Day Recap
1.28.2017 Zurich, Switzerland TBD Mission Day Recap
1.28.2017 Jacksonville, FL GORUCK HQ Mission Day Recap
2.5.2017 Cardiff, UK TBD Mission Day Recap
2.19.2017 Quezon City, Philippines Quezon Memorial Circle Mission Day Recap
3.11.2017 Valencia, Spain TBD Mission Day Recap
3.18.2017 Albuquerque, NM The Backstreet Grille Mission Day Recap
3.19.2017 Johannesburg, South Africa TBD Mission Day Recap
3.19.2017 Sakai, Osaka Sakai Plaza of Rikyo and Akiko Mission Day Recap
3.25.17 San Antonio, TX Travis park/Alamo Icehouse Mission Day Recap
3.25.2017 Dortmund, Germany Deutsches Fußballmuseum Mission Day Recap
3.26.2017 Fukuoka, Japan Maizuru Park Mission Day Recap
4.15.2017 Taipei, Taiwan Taipei Travel Plaza Mission Day Recap
4.22.2017 Zagreb, Croatia TBD Mission Day Recap
4.29.2017 Sennan, Osaka, Japan Sennan City Hall Mission Day Recap
4.30.2017 Mannheim, Germany Tourist Information Mannheim Mission Day Recap
5.6.2017 Prague, Czech Republic TBD Mission Day Recap
5.13.2017 Almaty, Kazakhstan TBD Mission Day Recap
5.14.2017 Malacca City, Malaysia TBD Mission Day Recap
5.20.2017 St. Petersburg, Russia TBD Mission Day Recap
5.27.2017 Kyoto, Japan Umekoji Park Mission Day Recap
5.27.2017 Odessa, Ukraine TBD Mission Day Recap
5.28.2017 Chengdu, Sichuan, China TBD Mission Day Recap
6.3.2017 Tallinn, Estonia TBD Mission Day Recap
6.10.2017 Suzhou, Jiangsu, China TBD Mission Day Recap
6.10.2017 Fairbanks, Alaska Golden Heart Plaza Mission Day Recap
6.10.2017 Tel Aviv, Israel TBD Mission Day Recap
6.24.2017Barcelona, SpainTBD Recap
6.24.2017Busan, South KoreaDong-A University, Bumin Campus Recap
6.25.2017Deventer, The NetherlandsTBD Recap
7.1.2017Mogilev, BelarusTBDRecap
7.1.2017Saitama, JapanRyuto Factory llRecap
7.8.2017Warsaw, PolandTBDRecap
7.15.2017Asuncion, Paraguay Recap
7.15.2017Dalian, Liaoning, China Recap
7.15.2017Regensburg, Germany Recap
7.22.2017Córdoba, Argentina Recap
7.22.2017Kure Tobishima, Japan Recap
8.5.2017Jinan, Shandong, ChinaRecap
8.6.2017Cali, ColombiaRecap
8.11.2017Kofu, JapanRecap
8.12.2017Manila, The PhilippinesRecap
8.19.2017Mérida, Yucatán, MexicoRecap
8.27.2017Basel, SwitzerlandRecap
8.27.2017Nantes, FranceRecap
8.27.2017Szczecin, PolandRecap
8.27.2017Petaling Jaya, MalaysiaRecap
8.27.2017Macau, ChinaRecap
8.27.2017Ann Arbor, MichiganRecap
8.27.2017Nashville, TennesseeRecap
8.27.2017Brisbane, AustraliaRecap

See current Mission Day events.


Specially designed GORUCK x Ingress events are designed as a new layer for Ingress Anomaly events, requiring strategy, grit, and teamwork.

12.12.2015 Oakland, CA, USA Obsidian GORUCK Recap
2.27.2016 Rio de Janeiro, Brasil Obsidian GORUCK Recap
2.27.2016 Hamamatsu, Japan Obsidian GORUCK Recap
2.27.2016 Madrid, Spain Obsidian GORUCK Recap
2.27.2016 Milwaukee, WI, USA Obsidian GORUCK Recap
2.27.2016 Seattle, WA, USA Obsidian GORUCK Recap
4.2.2016 Hong Kong Obsidian GORUCK Recap
4.2.2016 Colombo, Sri Lanka Obsidian GORUCK Recap
4.2.2016 Vienna, Austria Obsidian GORUCK Recap
4.2.2016 Copenhagen, Denmark Obsidian GORUCK Recap
4.2.2016 Orlando, FL, USA Obsidian GORUCK Recap
4.2.2016 Mexico City, Mexico Obsidian GORUCK Recap
4.2.2016 San Antonio, TX, USA Obsidian GORUCK Recap
4.2.2016 Tucson, AZ, USA Obsidian GORUCK Recap
5.27.2015 Brooklyn, NY, USA Aegis Nova Stealth Op Recap
5.28.2015 Brooklyn, NY, USA Aegis Nova Urban Op Recap
5.27.2015 Savannah, GA, USA Aegis Nova Stealth Op Recap
5.28.2015 Savannah, GA, USA Aegis Nova Urban Op Recap
5.27.2015 Minneapolis, MN, USA Aegis Nova Stealth Op Recap
5.28.2015 Minneapolis, MN, USA Aegis Nova Urban Op Recap
5.27.2015 Rotterdam, Netherlands Aegis Nova Stealth Op Recap
5.28.2015 Rotterdam, Netherlands Aegis Nova Urban Op Recap
5.27.2015 Padova, Italy Aegis Nova Stealth Op Recap
5.28.2015 Padova, Italy Aegis Nova Urban Op Recap
5.27.2015 Tainan, Taiwan Aegis Nova Stealth Op Recap
5.28.2015 Tainan, Taiwan Aegis Nova Urban Op Recap
6.24.2015 San Diego, CA, USA Aegis Nova Stealth Op Recap
6.25.2015 San Diego, CA, USA Aegis Nova Urban Op Recap
6.24.2015 Salt Lake City, UT, USA Aegis Nova Stealth Op Recap
6.25.2015 Salt Lake City, UT, USA Aegis Nova Urban Op Recap
6.24.2015 Moscow, Russia Aegis Nova Stealth Op Recap
6.25.2015 Moscow, Russia Aegis Nova Urban Op Recap
6.24.2015 Sydney, Australia Aegis Nova Stealth Op Recap
6.25.2015 Sydney, Australia Aegis Nova Urban Op Recap
6.24.2015 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Aegis Nova Stealth Op Recap
6.25.2015 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Aegis Nova Urban Op Recap
7.15.2015 Tokyo, Japan Aegis Nova Stealth Op Recap
7.16.2015 Tokyo, Japan Aegis Nova Urban Op Recap
8.27.2016 Denver, Colorado. USA Via Lux Stealth Ops Recap
8.27.2016 Denver, Colorado. USA Via Lux Urban Ops Recap
8.27.2016 Portland, Maine. USA Via Lux Stealth Ops Recap
8.27.2016 Portland, Maine. USA Via Lux Urban Ops Recap
9.24.2016 Toronto, Ontario, CAN Via Lux Stealth Ops Recap
9.24.2016 Toronto, Ontario, CAN Via Lux Urban Ops Recap
9.24.2016 St.Louis, Missouri, USA Via Lux Stealth Ops Recap
9.24.2016 St.Louis, Missouri, USA Via Lux Urban Ops Recap
9.24.2016 Cologne, Germany Via Lux Stealth Ops Recap
9.24.2016 Cologne, Germany Via Lux Urban Ops Recap
9.24.2016 Singapore, Singapore Via Lux Stealth Ops Recap
9.24.2016 Singapore, Singapore Via Lux Urban Ops Recap
9.24.2016 Setouchi, Japan Via Lux Stealth Ops Recap
9.24.2016 Setouchi, Japan Via Lux Urban Ops Recap
11.11.2016 New Orleans, LA Via Noir Stealth Ops Recap
11.12.2016 New Orleans, LA Via Noir Urban Ops Recap
11.11.2016 Seoul, Korea Via Noir Stealth Ops Recap
11.12.2016 Seoul, Korea Via Noir Urban Ops Recap

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Ingress FS

#IngressFS: Ingress: First Saturdays are part social, part competitive. Once a month, First Saturdays are a get together of the local Ingress family, new and old, to level up new recruits, make new friends, and strengthen Cross-Faction relations.

12.6.2014 Lausanne, Switzerland Qwertz bar Recap
12.6.2014 Singapore, Singapore Boat Quay Killiney Kopitiam Recap
12.6.2014 Lima , Perú Parque de la Exposición Recap
12.6.2014 Kansas City, MO, USA 4771 Jefferson St Recap
12.6.2014 Maracay, Venezuela Museo Aeronáutico Maracay Recap
12.6.2014 Berlin, Germany Volkspark Friedrichshain Recap
12.6.2014 Viña Del Mar, Chile Quinta Vergara Recap
12.6.2014 Porto Alegre, Brazil Praça da Alfândega Recap
12.6.2014 Asunción, Paraguay Shopping Mariscal, Asunción, Paraguay Recap
12.6.2014 Tel-Aviv, Israel Sderot Sha'ul HaMelech Recap
12.6.2014 The Hague, The Netherlands Grand-Café Binnen Recap
12.6.2014 Bratislava, Slovakia Hviezdoslavovo namestie Recap
12.6.2014 Kolkata, India Cafe Coffee Day, Motisil Street Recap
12.6.2014 Hong Kong, China Sha Tin Park Recap
12.6.2014 Cape Town, South Africa Muizenberg Pavillion Recap
12.6.2014 Riga, Latvia Dzirnavu iela 36, Riga, Latvia Recap
12.6.2014 Orlando, FL, USA Panera Bread, 226 N Eola Dr Recap
12.6.2014 Victoria, Canada Veterans Memorial Park Recap
12.6.2014 Spokane, WA, USA Thomas Hammer Roasting Co Recap
12.6.2014 Mumbai, India Gateway Of India Mumbai Recap
12.6.2014 San Luis Potosi, México Plaza del Carmen Recap
12.6.2014 Sherman, TX, USA Boiler Room Coffee Recap
12.6.2014 Johannesburg, South Africa Monte Casino Recap
12.6.2014 Medellín, Colombia University of Antioquia Recap
12.6.2014 Córdoba, Argentina Paseo del Buen Pastor, Bar La Fontaine Recap
12.6.2014 Málaga, Spain Casa Aranda, Calle Herrería del Rey Recap
12.6.2014 Vienna, Austria Lindwurmstüberl Recap
12.6.2014 Curitiba, Brazil Rua 24 Horas Recap
12.6.2014 Union City, CA, USA Kaffa Coffee Roasting Co Recap
12.6.2014 Colorado Springs, USA The Perk Downtown Recap
12.6.2014 Lafayette, LA, USA Parc Sans Souci Recap
12.6.2014 Sioux Falls, SD, USA Cookie Jar Eatery, 230 S Phillips (Shriver Square) Recap
12.6.2014 Jakarta, Indonesia Taman Fatahilah Kota Jakarta Barat, DKI Jakarta Recap
12.6.2014 Izhevsk, Russia KFC at Central Square Recap
12.6.2014 Hachinohe, Japan Hachinohe City municipal office Recap
12.6.2014 Norwich, United Kingdom The Forum Recap
12.6.2014 Krakow, Poland Klub Stolarnia Stolarska 6 31-043 Kraków Recap
12.6.2014 Sydney, Australia Sydney Botanic Gardens Cafe Recap
12.6.2014 Guatemala, Guatemala Plaza de los Mártires Recap
12.6.2014 CHIBA, JAPAN Makuhari Seaside Park Recap
12.6.2014 Boac, Marinduque, Philippines Boac Hotel Recap
12.6.2014 Guadalajara, Mexico CAFÉ Providencia Recap
12.6.2014 Milwaukie, OR, USA the GameRoom Recap
12.6.2014 Granada, Spain Plaza de Bib-Rambla Recap
12.6.2014 Modesto, CA, USA TBD (Check event page for update) Recap
12.6.2014 Nürnberg, Germany TBD (Check event page for update) Recap
12.6.2014 Mexico City, Mexico Mexico Park Recap
12.6.2014 Bangkok, Thailand True Coffee Digital Gateway Recap
12.6.2014 Orange County, CA, USA Great Park Recap
12.6.2014 Mérida, Yucatán, México America's Park Recap
12.6.2014 Barcelona, Spain Pans Company Recap
12.6.2014 Salvador, Brasil Parque Metropolitano de Pituaçú Recap
12.6.2014 Padova, Italy Prato della Valle Recap
12.6.2014 Memphis, TN, USA Overton Park Recap
12.6.2014 Braunschweig, Germany Magnikirche Recap
12.6.2014 Vellore, India VIT University Recap
12.6.2014 Torino, Italy Piazza Solferino, 10, Torino, TO, Italia Plaza Caffè Recap
12.6.2014 Laramie, USA Coal Creek Coffee (Downtown) Recap
12.6.2014 Aguascalientes, Mexico Jardín de San Marcos Recap
12.6.2014 Lodz, Poland plac Wolności Recap
12.6.2014 Greifswald, Germany Greifswalder Weihnachtsmarkt, Marktplatz Recap
12.6.2014 Lexington, KY, USA "A Cup of Commonwealth" Recap
12.6.2014 Chennai, India Anna Nagar Tower Park Recap
12.6.2014 Szczecin, Poland Wały Chrobrego Recap
12.6.2014 Kaliningrad, Russia Stella Victory Square Recap
12.6.2014 State College, PA, USA TBD (Check event page for update) Recap
12.6.2014 Veracruz, México Parque Zaragoza Recap
12.6.2014 Aurora, IL, USA Two Brothers Roundhouse Coffee Roasters Recap
12.6.2014 Springville, USA Burger King at 400 South and State Street Recap
12.6.2014 Volzhsky, Russian Federation Komsomolskaya Square., 1 Recap
12.6.2014 João Pessoa, Brazil Mag Shopping Recap
12.6.2014 Bozeman, MT, USA Lindley Perk Recap
12.6.2014 Bremgarten (AG), Switzerland Obertorplatz Recap
12.6.2014 Houghton, MI, USA Memorial Union Commons Recap
12.6.2014 Hamburg, Germany Small Rose Street 14 Recap
12.6.2014 Blacksburg, USA The Duckpond Gazebo Recap
12.6.2014 Seattle, USA TBD (Check event page for update) Recap
12.6.2014 Fort Myers, FL, USA Centennial Park Recap
12.6.2014 Eureka, CA, USA Old Town Coffee and Chocolates Recap
12.6.2014 San Bernardino, CA, USA Cal State San Bernardino Recap
12.6.2014 Rochester, NY, USA Midnight Oil Coffee Shop @ Rochester Institute of Technology Recap
12.6.2014 Araguaína, Brazil Itpac University Recap
12.6.2014 Plymouth , England TBD (Check event page for update) Recap
12.6.2014 Green Bay, WI, USA Kavarna coffee house Recap
12.6.2014 Marion, IN, USA Town Square Recap
12.6.2014 Volgograd, Russia Gorky Park Recap
12.6.2014 Sobral, Brazil Portal Teatro São João Recap
12.6.2014 Palm Desert, CA, USA The Gardens at El Paseo Recap
12.6.2014 Indianapolis, IN, USA Indiana State Museum Recap
12.6.2014 La Libertad, El Salvador Centro Comercial La Gran Vía Recap
12.6.2014 Balneário Barra Velha, Brazil Balneario Barra Velha Recap
12.6.2014 Montréal, Canada La Panthère Verte 160, St-Viateur Street East Recap
12.6.2014 San Jose, USA Crema Coffee Roasting Company Recap
12.6.2014 Madrid, Spain Calle Mayor 38 (coffee shop) Recap
12.6.2014 Dresden, Germany TBD (Check event page for update) Recap
12.6.2014 Herkimer, USA Herkimer McDonalds Recap
12.6.2014 Monterrey , México Parque Fundidora Recap
12.6.2014 Pittsburgh, PA (Oakland), USA TBD (Check event page for update) Recap
12.6.2014 Cincinnati, OH, USA P&G Coffee Mug Recap
12.6.2014 Austin, TX, USA Caffe Medici Recap
12.6.2014 Oslo, Norway Egon Byporten Recap
12.6.2014 Cambridge, MA, USA MIT Campus, precise start location TBD Recap
12.6.2014 Helsinki, Finland Karl Fazer Café Recap
12.6.2014 Canberra, Australia Belconnen ACT 2617 Recap
12.6.2014 Ufa, Russia Lenin statue at Majita Gafuri`s Park Recap
12.6.2014 Salmiya, Kuwait City, Kuwait Costa's Coffee, Marina Crescent Recap
12.6.2014 Lisboa, Portugal Praça da Figueira Recap
12.6.2014 Chisinau, Republica Moldova Sobornyy park Recap
12.6.2014 Belém, Brazil Estação das Docas, Avenida Boulevard Castilho França, s/n - Campina, Belém - PA, 66013-030, Brazil Recap
12.6.2014 Tokyo, Japan 190-0012 Tokyo, Tachikawa, Akebonocho, 2 Chome−15−20 Recap
12.6.2014 Fort Worth, TX, USA Starbucks Recap
12.6.2014 Kharkiv, Ukraine Тук тук Recap
12.6.2014 Anchorage, AK, USA Killjoy Tasting Room LLC Recap
12.6.2014 Joinville, Brazil Mc Cafe Recap
12.6.2014 Saskatoon, Canada City Hall Recap
12.6.2014 Fortaleza, Brazil Universidade de Fortaleza - Unifor Recap
12.6.2014 Hyderabad, India Tank Bund, Necklace Road Recap
12.6.2014 Vancouver, Canada Grandview Park, Commercial Drive Recap
12.6.2014 Kathmandu, Nepal Basantapur Kathmandu Durbar Square Recap
12.6.2014 Napoli, Italy Piazza Vittoria Recap
12.6.2014 Bethany, OK, USA Neighbors Cafe Recap
12.6.2014 Surabaya, Indonesia Poseidon Statue, Kenjeran Recap
12.6.2014 Butte, USA 205 E Park St, Butte, Mt 59701 Recap
12.6.2014 Juazeiro, Brazil Praça da Bandeira Recap
12.6.2014 Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Plaza de la Cultura, Santo Domingo, Distrito Nacional Recap
12.6.2014 Tegucigalpa, Honduras Cafemania Tepeyac, Tegucigalpa Recap
12.6.2014 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Tim Hortons, 8427 112 Street Northwest Recap
12.6.2014 Bryansk, Russia Tolstoy Park Recap
12.6.2014 Dublin, Ireland Bewley's Cafe, 78-79 Grafton St. Recap
1.3.2015 Caguas, Puerto Rico Plaza Santiago R. Palmer Recap
1.3.2015 San Luis Potosi, Mexico Teatro de la paz Recap
1.3.2015 Monterrey, Mexico Café Punta del Cielo Recap
1.3.2015 Herkimer, NY, USA McDonalds Recap
1.3.2015 Ufa, Russia Парк имени Мажита Гафури Recap
1.3.2015 Bryansk, Russia Tolstoy Park Recap
1.3.2015 Fresno, USA Peeve's Public House and Public Market Recap
1.3.2015 Hong Kong, China Kowloon Park,Tsim Sha Tsui Recap
1.3.2015 Pasadena, CA, USA Paseo Colorado Recap
1.3.2015 Hachinohe, Japan Kushihiki Shrine Recap
1.3.2015 Bergen op Zoom, The Netherlands De Teerkamer Recap
1.3.2015 Bozeman, United States Bozeman Public Library Recap
1.3.2015 Kaliningrad, Russia Stella Victory Square Recap
1.3.2015 Kharkiv, Ukraine IT Cafe Recap
1.3.2015 Orlando, FL, USA Russel E Crawford Jr. Memorial Bench Recap
1.3.2015 Eibar, Spain Plaza Unzaga Recap
1.3.2015 Natal, Brazil Praça André de Albuquerque Recap
1.3.2015 Mogilev, Belarus Звездная площадь Recap
1.3.2015 Sydney, Australia University of Sydney, Ultimo Recap
1.3.2015 Chisianu, Moldova Arca de Triumf Recap
1.3.2015 Hokkaido, Japan Odori Park Recap
1.3.2015 Anchorage, AK, USA Iditarod Starting Line Recap
1.3.2015 Odessa, Ukraine City Park Gorsad Recap
1.3.2015 Marquette, MI, USA Marquette Commons Recap
1.3.2015 Córdoba, Argentina Paseo del Buen Pastor Recap
1.3.2015 Granada, Spain Plaza de Bib-Rambla Recap
1.3.2015 Omaha, NE, USA Aroma's Coffee House in Omaha's historic Old Market District Recap
1.3.2015 Jakarta, Indonesia Taman Suropati Recap
1.3.2015 Bratislava, Slovakia Hviezdoslavovo namestie Recap
1.3.2015 Sioux Falls, SD, USA The Cookie Jar Eatery (in Shriver Square portal) Recap
1.3.2015 Visalia CA, USA Bothof's Bakery Recap
1.3.2015 Takamatsu, Japan StrawberryFields Recap
1.3.2015 Tokyo West, Japan TBD (Check event page for details) Recap
1.3.2015 Butte, MT, USA Pita Pit Recap
1.3.2015 Strasbourg, France University Campus Recap
1.3.2015 Boston, MA, USA The Shops at the Prudential Center, Food Court Recap
1.3.2015 Fairbanks, AK , USA McCafferty's Coffee House Recap
1.3.2015 Łódź, Poland Pasaż Schillera Recap
1.3.2015 Lexington, KY, United States A Cup of Commonwealth Recap
1.3.2015 Nanjing, China Gulou Campus of Nanjing University Recap
1.3.2015 Grenoble, France 1B Rue Lafayette 38000 Grenoble Recap
1.3.2015 Oaxaca, Mexico Parque El Llano Recap
1.3.2015 Aguascalientes, Mexico Templo de San Marcos Recap
1.3.2015 New Orleans, LA, USA Morning Call Coffee Stand Recap
1.3.2015 Xalapa, Mexico Paseo de los Lagos Recap
1.3.2015 Merida, Mexico Parque de las Americas Recap
2.7.2015 Brisbane, Australia Captain Burke Park, Kangaroo Point Recap
2.7.2015 Canberra, Australia Queanbeyan Sensory Garden Recap
2.7.2015 Melbourne, Australia Shrine of Rememberance Recap
2.7.2015 Sydney, Australia Hyde Park Recap
2.7.2015 Vienna, Austria Brandauers Bierbögen Recap
2.7.2015 Mogilev, Belarus Звездная площадь Recap
2.7.2015 Belém, Brazil Estação das Docas, Avenida Boulevard Castilhos França, S/N Recap
2.7.2015 Curitiba, Brazil Rua 24 horas Recap
2.7.2015 Juazeiro, Brazil Praça da Bandeira Recap
2.7.2015 Natal, Brazil Praça André de Albuquerque Recap
2.7.2015 Porto Alegre, Brazil Praça da Alfândega Recap
2.7.2015 Edmonton, Canada Tim Hortons near university Hospital Recap
2.7.2015 Montreal, Canada TBD (Green Panther Temp) Recap
2.7.2015 Nanaimo, Canada Maffeo Sutton Park Recap
2.7.2015 Ottawa, Canada World Exchange Plaza Recap
2.7.2015 Vancouver, Canada Holland Park Recap
2.7.2015 Victoria, Canada Cecelia Cove Park Recap
2.7.2015 Chongqing, China 江北观音桥 Recap
2.7.2015 Hong Kong, China PolyU Recap
2.7.2015 Bogota, Colombia Plaza del Che Recap
2.7.2015 Medellín, Colombia Parque Pies Descalzos Recap
2.7.2015 Jihlava, Czech Republic Park Gustava Mahlera Recap
2.7.2015 Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Teatro Nacional Eduardo Brito Recap
2.7.2015 San Salvador, El Salvador Fuentes Beethoven Recap
2.7.2015 Helsinki, Finland Karl Fazer Café Recap
2.7.2015 Grenoble, France 1B Rue Lafayette 38000 Grenoble Recap
2.7.2015 Arnstadt, Germany Bachdenkmal in Arnstadt Recap
2.7.2015 Berlin, Germany Cafe Hardenberg, Hardenbergstrasse Recap
2.7.2015 Dresden, Germany TBD (Check event page for details) Recap
2.7.2015 Hamburg, Germany Schanzenbäcker Recap
2.7.2015 Mannheim, Germany Mannheimer Wasserturm Recap
2.7.2015 Stralsund, Germany Alter Markt Stralsund Recap
2.7.2015 Kolkata, India Tea Junction, City Centre, Salt Lake Recap
2.7.2015 New Delhi, India Lodhi Gardens Recap
2.7.2015 Jakarta, Indonesia National Monument / Monumen Nasional Recap
2.7.2015 Malang, Indonesia Depan Museum brawijaya Recap
2.7.2015 Surabaya, Indonesia Taman Apsari Recap
2.7.2015 Dublin, Ireland TBD (Check event page for details) Recap
2.7.2015 Jerusalem , Israel Safra Square Recap
2.7.2015 Alba, Italy Piazza Garibaldi Recap
2.7.2015 Rome, Italy Parco di Piazza Vittorio Emanuele Recap
2.7.2015 Treviso, Italy Piazza Duomo, Treviso, Italy Recap
2.7.2015 CHIBA, JAPAN TBD (Check event page for details) Recap
2.7.2015 Ishinomaki, Japan イトナブ石巻(Itnav Ishinomaki) Recap
2.7.2015 Kagoshima, Japan Chu-ou Kouen Recap
2.7.2015 Misawa, Japan TBD (Check event page for details) Recap
2.7.2015 Sagamihara, Japan JR Fuchinobe Station Recap
2.7.2015 Sapporo, Japan Atubetu-kumin Center Recap
2.7.2015 Tokyo West, Japan Kunitachi Sakura Hall Recap
2.7.2015 Kirovohrad, Ukraine Kirovohrad Regional Museum Recap
2.7.2015 Mishref, Kuwait Mishref Fair Ground (Mishref - Kuwait) Recap
2.7.2015 Riga, Latvia Bar "Burga" Recap
2.7.2015 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Pudu Ulu Park Recap
2.7.2015 Xalapa, Mexico Fuente De Los Lagos Recap
2.7.2015 Coyoacan, México Museo Nacional de las Intervenciones Recap
2.7.2015 Guadalajara, México Café Benito Recap
2.7.2015 Mérida, México Public Park Recap
2.7.2015 Mexico City, México Chapultepec Recap
2.7.2015 Monterrey, México Cafe Punta del Cielo Recap
2.7.2015 Oaxaca, México Alameda de León Recap
2.7.2015 Puebla, México Fuente del Zócalo Recap
2.7.2015 San Luis Potosi, México Plaza del Carmen Recap
2.7.2015 Tuxtla Gutiérrez, México Centro de Convivencia Infantil Recap
2.7.2015 Veracruz, México Parque Zaragoza Recap
2.7.2015 Chisianu, Moldova Arca de Triumf Recap
2.7.2015 Bhaktapur, Nepal Bhaktapur Durbar Square Recap
2.7.2015 Auckland, New Zealand Western Springs Recap
2.7.2015 Paraguari, Paraguay Public park and Square Recap
2.7.2015 Lima, Peru Centro Comercial Risso Recap
2.7.2015 Baguio City, Philippines Burnham Park Recap
2.7.2015 Boac, Marinduque, Philippines Boac Hotel Recap
2.7.2015 Makati City, Philippines Greenbelt 3 Ministage Recap
2.7.2015 Gdańsk, Poland Drzewko Milenium, Targ Węglowy Recap
2.7.2015 Lodz, Poland Public park: Park Staromiejski Recap
2.7.2015 Lublin, Poland Miasteczko Akademickie, RockBar Recap
2.7.2015 Poznań, Poland Studzienka Bamberki, Stary Rynek, Poznań Recap
2.7.2015 Szczecin, Poland TBD (Check event page for details) Recap
2.7.2015 Covilhã, Portugal Praça do Municipio Recap
2.7.2015 San Juan, Puerto Rico Luis Muñoz Rivera Park Recap
2.7.2015 Bryansk, Russia Tolstoy Park Recap
2.7.2015 Izhevsk, Russia KFC at Central Square of Izhevsk Recap
2.7.2015 Krasnodar, Russia "Holostyak", Krasnaya St. Recap
2.7.2015 Moscow, Russia Ziferblat Cafe Recap
2.7.2015 Ufa, Russia Парк имени Мажита Гафури Recap
2.7.2015 Volgograd, Russia Фонтан у Европы Recap
2.7.2015 Yaroslavl, Russia Бульвар Мира, Демидовский Столб Recap
2.7.2015 Kaliningrad, Russia Stella Victory Square Recap
2.7.2015 Trnava, Slovakia Trojičné námestie Recap
2.7.2015 Cape Town, South Africa The Company's Garden Recap
2.7.2015 Durban, South Africa Durban Botanical Gardens (Bottom Entrance - near the coffee cart) Recap
2.7.2015 Johannesburg, South Africa Nino's at Flora Farm Recap
2.7.2015 Asturias, Spain Vinateria Marfil Recap
2.7.2015 Barcelona, Spain parc de la ciutadella Recap
2.7.2015 Granada, Spain Square Recap
2.7.2015 Pamplona, Spain Plaza del Castillo Recap
2.7.2015 Bangkok, Thailand Crystal Design Center Recap
2.7.2015 Chiang Mai, Thailand Chiang Mai University Recap
2.7.2015 Breda, The Netherlands T-Huis, Valkenberg Park Recap
2.7.2015 Kharkiv, Ukraine IT Cafe Recap
2.7.2015 Lviv, Ukraine Lviv Coffee Manufacture Recap
2.7.2015 Anchorage, AK, USA Killjoy Tasting Room LLC Recap
2.7.2015 Baltimore, MD, USA City Cafe, 1001 Cathedral Street, Baltimore MD Recap
2.7.2015 Boston, MA, USA JP Licks, 659 Centre St, Jamaica Plain Recap
2.7.2015 Bozeman, MT, USA Bozeman Public Library Recap
2.7.2015 Butte, MT, USA Pita Pit Recap
2.7.2015 Chicago-Chinatown, USA Chinatown Square Recap
2.7.2015 Cincinnati, USA Anderson Center Recap
2.7.2015 Fairbanks, AK, USA McCafferty's Coffee House Recap
2.7.2015 Fort Worth, USA Sundance Square Recap
2.7.2015 Gilbert, AZ, USA Riparian Preserve Overlook Recap
2.7.2015 Grand Rapids, MI, USA Rosa Parks Circle Recap
2.7.2015 Honolulu, HI, USA Honolulu Beerworks Recap
2.7.2015 Houghton, MI, USA Michigan Tech Memorial Union Commons Recap
2.7.2015 Lafayette, LA, USA Parc Sans Souci Fountains Recap
2.7.2015 Lexington, KY, USA TBD (Check event page for details) Recap
2.7.2015 Martinez, CA, USA Downtown Martinez at the square outside Starbucks Recap
2.7.2015 Memphis, USA Overton Park Recap
2.7.2015 Mobile, AL, USA Satori Coffee House Recap
2.7.2015 New Orleans, LA, USA Crescent Park Recap
2.7.2015 New York City, NY, USA Tompkins Square Park Recap
2.7.2015 Oklahoma City, OK, USA Gray Owl Coffee Shop Recap
2.7.2015 Omaha, NE, USA Aroma's Coffee House in Omaha's historic Old Market District Recap
2.7.2015 Orange County, USA Orange County Great Park Recap
2.7.2015 Orlando, FL, USA TBD (Check event page for details) Recap
2.7.2015 Palm Coast, FL, USA Washington Oaks State Park Recap
2.7.2015 Pasadena, CA, USA Paseo Colorado Recap
2.7.2015 Pensacola, FL, USA Bodacious Brew - Plaza Ferdinand VII Recap
2.7.2015 Pittsburgh, PA, USA Southside Works Town Square Recap
2.7.2015 Raleigh, NC, USA North Carolina State Capitol Square Recap
2.7.2015 Rochester, NY, USA Towpath Cafe Recap
2.7.2015 Sacramento, CA, USA Old Sacramento (Venue TBD) Recap
2.7.2015 San Diego, CA, USA Grape Day Park Recap
2.7.2015 Savannah, GA, USA Forsyth Park Recap
2.7.2015 Sherman, TX, USA Boiler Room Recap
2.7.2015 Sioux Falls, SD, USA The Cookie Jar Eatery (in Shriver Square portal) Recap
2.7.2015 Spokane, USA Atticus Coffee Recap
2.7.2015 Springfield, MA, USA Cafe Du Jour Recap
2.7.2015 St. Louis, MO, USA Whisk: a Sustainable Bakeshop Recap
2.7.2015 State College, PA, USA The HUB @ the Penn State University Park Campus Recap
2.7.2015 Terre Haute, IN, USA Meeting Grounds Recap
2.7.2015 Tualatin, OR (Portland Metro), USA Tualatin Commons Fountain Recap
2.7.2015 Tucson, AZ, USA University of Arizona Bookstore Recap
2.7.2015 Winston-Salem, NC, USA National Monument Recap
2.7.2015 Tampa, FL, USA Oaklawn Cemmetary Recap
2.7.2015 Naha Okinawa, Japan Elementary school playground Recap
2.7.2015 Oslo, Norway Espresso House, Olav Vs gate 2. Recap
2.7.2015 Rock Island, USA Augustana University Campus Recap
2.7.2015 Buzet, Croatia Buzet NOB Recap
2.7.2015 Hiroshima, Japan Public Meeting Space Recap
2.7.2015 Edmond, WA, USA Edmonds City Park Recap
2.7.2015 Saskatoon, Canada Mulberrys Recap
2.7.2015 Strasbourg, France University Campus Recap
2.7.2015 The Hague, The Netherlands Café Banka Recap
2.7.2015 St. John's, Canada K of C Hostel Memorial (next to the Tim Horton's) Recap
2.7.2015 Yakima, USA Sarg Hubbard Park Sign Recap
2.7.2015 Jackson, TN, United States Alba Coffee Shop Recap
2.7.2015 Nis, Serbia Trg Kralja Milana Recap
2.7.2015 Lviv, Ukraine Lviv Coffee Manufacture Recap
2.7.2015 Taipei, Taiwan 客家文化主題公園 Recap
2.7.2015 Austin, USA Scholz Garten Recap
2.7.2015 Lubbock, TX, USA Texas Tech University, English Building Recap
2.7.2015 Turlock, CA, USA 10 East Main Street, Turlock, CA 95380 Recap
2.7.2015 Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia Plaza 24 de Septiembre Recap
2.7.2015 Herkimer, NY, USA Herkimer McDonalds Recap
2.7.2015 Albury, Australia Robert Brown Memorial Rotunda, Albury Botanic Gardens Recap
2.7.2015 Sibiu, Romania Piata Mare Recap
2.7.2015 Tbilisi, Georgia Freedom Square Recap
2.7.2015 Vellore, India University Gate Recap
3.7.2015 Canberra, Australia Weston Creek Recap
3.7.2015 Mogilev, Belarus Звездная площадь Recap
3.7.2015 La Paz, Bolivia Plaza Murillo Recap
3.7.2015 Goiania, Brazil Praça Universitária Recap
3.7.2015 Ottawa, Canada World Exchange Plaza Food Court Recap
3.7.2015 Santiago, Chile Quinta Normal Recap
3.7.2015 Jyväskylä, Finland Coffee House Kauppakatu Recap
3.7.2015 Rostock, Germany Café Lotte Recap
3.7.2015 Berlin, Germany Helmholtzplatz, Prenzlauer Berg Recap
3.7.2015 Hamburg, Germany Schanzenbäcker Recap
3.7.2015 Hong Kong, Hong Kong Lingnan Garden, Mei Foo Recap
3.7.2015 Jakarta, Indonesia TMII (Taman Mini Indonesia Indah) Recap
3.7.2015 Fermo, Italy Piazza Del Popolo Recap
3.7.2015 Himeji, Japan Ritz Banquet Hall Recap
3.7.2015 Tokyo West, Japan 府中郷土の森博物館 会議室 Recap
3.7.2015 Machida, Tokyo, Japan Machida City Gate Recap
3.7.2015 Hiroshima, Japan Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park Recap
3.7.2015 Seoul, South Korea 분수의 섬 조경물 Recap
3.7.2015 Campeche, Mexico Catedral de Campeche Recap
3.7.2015 San Luis Potosí, Mexico Plaza de San Francisco Recap
3.7.2015 San Lorenzo, Paraguay Universidad Nacional de Asunción Recap
3.7.2015 Cebu City, Philippines Plaza Independencia Recap
3.7.2015 Katowice, Poland Rudy Goblin Recap
3.7.2015 Szczecin, Poland Browar Stara Komenda Recap
3.7.2015 Sibiu, Romania L'attlelier Bistro & Cafe Recap
3.7.2015 Kaliningrad, Russia Stella Victory Square Recap
3.7.2015 Pretoria, South Africa Greenlyn lyfestyle center Recap
3.7.2015 Boksburg City, South Africa Flora Farm Garden Center Recap
3.7.2015 Barcelona, Spain Hotel Restaurant La Ciudadela Recap
3.7.2015 Sevilla, Spain Puerta Jerez (Public square) Recap
3.7.2015 Colombo, Sri Lanka Independence Square Recap
3.7.2015 Fribourg, Switzerland Grand Place Recap
3.7.2015 Taipei, Taiwan 台灣大學生命科學館 Recap
3.7.2015 Kaatsheuvel, The Netherlands Carrousel Paleis Efteling Recap
3.7.2015 Hampton, VA, USA Carousel Park Recap
3.7.2015 Bozeman, MT, USA Bozeman Public Library Recap
3.7.2015 El Paso, TX, USA Starkbucks Downtown Recap
3.7.2015 Mobile, AL, USA Serda's Coffee Company Recap
3.7.2015 Asheville, NC, USA Pack Square Park Recap
3.7.2015 Shreveport, LA, USA Under Texas St. bridge Recap
3.7.2015 Peoria, IL, USA Riverfront Gateway Building Recap
3.7.2015 Sioux Falls, SD, USA The Cookie Jar Eatery Recap
3.7.2015 New Orleans, LA, USA Lafreniere Park Recap
3.7.2015 Olympia, WA, USA Batdorf & Bronson Coffee Roasters Recap
3.7.2015 Green Bay, WI, USA TBD (Check event page for details) Recap
3.7.2015 Punto Fijo, Venezuela Parque Metropolitano "Generalisimo Francisco de Miranda" Recap
3.7.2015 New Westminster, Canada New Westminster Quay Recap
3.7.2015 Riga, Latvia "Burga" bar Recap
3.7.2015 Sydney, Australia Botanic Gardens Cafe Recap
3.7.2015 Belém, Brazil Forte do Presépio Recap
3.7.2015 Porto Alegre, Brazil Praça da Alfândega Recap
3.7.2015 Curitiba, Brazil Rua 24Hrs Recap
3.7.2015 Montreal, Canada L'escalier Recap
3.7.2015 Helsinki, Finland Karl Fazer Café Recap
3.7.2015 Greifswald, Germany Rubenowplatz Greifswald Recap
3.7.2015 Dresden, Germany Altmarkt, Dresden Recap
3.7.2015 Malang, Indonesia Gor Ken Arok Recap
3.7.2015 Surabaya, Indonesia Reog Statue Recap
3.7.2015 Rome, Italy Parco di Piazza Vittorio Emanuele Recap
3.7.2015 Tokushima, Japan Tokushima City Culture Center Recap
3.7.2015 Towada, Japan 十和田市民交流プラザ Recap
3.7.2015 Koto-Ku, Japan ふれあい広場時計台(Clocktower of Fureai Square) Recap
3.7.2015 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Public Square Recap
3.7.2015 Mexico City - La Villa, Mexico Estatua de la basilica de Guadalupe Recap
3.7.2015 Aguascalientes, Mexico Parque Tres Centurias Recap
3.7.2015 Toluca, Mexico Plaza Toluca Recap
3.7.2015 Guadalajara, Mexico Cafe Benito Recap
3.7.2015 Saltillo, Mexico Ignacio Zaragoza Recap
3.7.2015 Xalapa, Mexico Serpiente Emplumada Recap
3.7.2015 San Luis Potosi University, Mexico Parque Morales Recap
3.7.2015 Oaxaca, Mexico Alameda de León Recap
3.7.2015 Veracruz, Mexico Parque Zaragoza Recap
3.7.2015 Chisinau, Moldova Public park Recap
3.7.2015 Oslo, Norway Espresso House Recap
3.7.2015 Baguio City, Philippines Burnham Park Rose Garden Recap
3.7.2015 Kraków, Poland Pub Stolarnia Recap
3.7.2015 Łódź, Poland Park im. Szarych Szeregów Recap
3.7.2015 Ufa, Russia памятник Ленина на площади Горсовета. Recap
3.7.2015 Izhevsk, Russia KFC at Central Square of Izhevsk Recap
3.7.2015 Bryansk, Russia Tolstoy Park Recap
3.7.2015 Kazan, Russia Baumana street Recap
3.7.2015 Naberezhnye Chelny, Russia Парк Победы Recap
3.7.2015 Johannesburg, South Africa Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens Recap
3.7.2015 Durban, South Africa Botanical Gardens Recap
3.7.2015 Granada, Spain Plaza Gracia Recap
3.7.2015 Cartagena, Spain Cartagena Thinker Recap
3.7.2015 Almería, Spain Plaza de las Velas Recap
3.7.2015 The Hague, The Netherlands Muziekoefencentrum Musicon Recap
3.7.2015 Pittsburgh, PA, USA Schenley Plaza Recap
3.7.2015 Lugansk, Ukraine VLKSM Square Recap
3.7.2015 Anchorage, AK, USA Killjoy Tasting Room LLC Recap
3.7.2015 Phoenix, AZ, USA Sahuaro Ranch Park Recap
3.7.2015 Wheeling, WV, USA Centre Market Recap
3.7.2015 Binghamton, NY, USA Broome County Courthouse Recap
3.7.2015 Kansas City, KS, USA Dub V's Bar & Grill, Olathe Recap
3.7.2015 Rochester, NY, USA SPoT Coffee Recap
3.7.2015 Durham, NC, USA America Tobacco Campus Recap
3.7.2015 Portland, OR, USA Off The Charts Games Recap
3.7.2015 Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA Huizenga Plaza Recap
3.7.2015 St. Louis, MO, USA Rocket Fizz University City Recap
3.7.2015 Fort Worth, TX, USA Sundance Square Recap
3.7.2015 Montgomery, AL, USA Capitol Steps Recap
3.7.2015 Herkimer, NY, USA Herkimer McDonalds Recap
3.7.2015 Linz, Austria Restaurant Klosterhof Linz Recap
3.7.2015 State College, PA, USA Pickles Restaurant Recap
3.7.2015 Seymour, IN, USA Chocolate Spoon Cafe Recap
3.7.2015 Oklahoma City, OK, USA Miller Grill Recap
3.7.2015 Dhaka, Bangladesh Dhaka University Recap
3.7.2015 Tampa, FL, USA Veteran's Memorial Park Recap
3.7.2015 Victoria, Canada Sidney Information Centre Recap
3.7.2015 Somerville, MA, USA Diesel Cafe Recap
3.7.2015 Torino, Italy Museo Arte Urbana Recap
3.7.2015 Lima, Peru Parque Kennedy Recap
3.7.2015 Vienna, Austria Franz Pressgasse Recap
3.7.2015 Niš, Serbia Spomenik Oslobodiocima Niša Recap
3.7.2015 Juazeiro, Brazil Praça da Bandeira Recap
3.7.2015 São Paulo, Brazil Parque da Juventude Recap
3.7.2015 Orlando, FL, USA Walt Disney Ampitheater at Lake Eola Recap
3.7.2015 Hjørring, Denmark Det Bette Hotel Recap
3.7.2015 Surakarta, Indonesia Taman Balekambang, Surakarta Recap
3.7.2015 Cape Town, South Africa Company Gardens Recap
3.7.2015 Brisbane, Australia Roma Street Parklands Recap
3.7.2015 Karachi, Pakistan Zamzama Park Recap
3.7.2015 Bergamo, Italy Piazza Dante Recap
3.7.2015 Prague, Czech Republic Starbucks Coffee Recap
3.7.2015 Highland Park, IL, USA Gobbler's Knob Recap
3.7.2015 Edmonton, Canada University of Alberta Recap
3.7.2015 Calgary, Canada Devonian Gardens Recap
3.7.2015 Rojas, Argentina Plaza San Martín Recap
3.7.2015 Versailles, France Place d'Armes Recap
3.7.2015 Merida, Mexico Parque De Las Americas Recap
3.7.2015 Jackson, TN, USA Alba Coffee Shop Recap
3.7.2015 Lexington, KY, USA Lynagh's Pub Recap
3.7.2015 Bangkok, Thailand Benjasiri Park Recap
3.7.2015 Sherman, TX, USA Boiler Room Coffee Shop Recap
3.7.2015 Kharkiv, Ukraine Gorky Park Recap
3.7.2015 Kathmandu, Nepal Boudhanath Stupa Recap
3.7.2015 Riverside, CA, USA TBD (Check event page for details) Recap
4.4.2015 Port Elizabeth, South Africa TBD (Check event page for details) Recap
4.4.2015 Victoria BC , Canada The Beacon Drive-In Recap
4.4.2015 Montréal, Canada L'escalier Recap
4.4.2015 Pensacola, FL, USA Wide Awake Cafe Recap
4.4.2015 Izhevsk, Russia KFC at Central Square Recap
4.4.2015 Bryansk, Russia Tolstoy Park Recap
4.4.2015 Hachinohe, Japan 八戸ポータルミュージアムはっち Recap
4.4.2015 Volgograd, Russia Парк дружбы Волгоград-Баку Recap
4.4.2015 Ocean Springs, MS, USA Marshall Park Recap
4.4.2015 Saratoga Springs, NY, USA Uncommon Grounds Recap
4.4.2015 Montgomery, AL, USA State Capitol Recap
4.4.2015 Fortaleza, Brazil University Campus Recap
4.4.2015 Malang, Indonesia Museum Brawijaya Recap
4.4.2015 New Orleans, LA, USA Center of Lafayette Square Recap
4.4.2015 Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Teatro Nacional Eduardo Brito Recap
4.4.2015 Iwaki, Japan いわき市生涯学習プラザ Recap
4.4.2015 Dordrecht, The Netherlands Scheffersplein Recap
4.4.2015 Mogilev, Belarus Звездная площадь Recap
4.4.2015 Vladivostok, Russia Fresh Plaza Recap
4.4.2015 Naberezhnye Chelny, Russia Парк Победы Recap
4.4.2015 Oaxaca, Mexico Alameda de Leon Recap
4.4.2015 Niš, Serbia Spomenik Oslobodiocima Niša Recap
4.4.2015 Fort Worth, TX, USA General Worth Square Recap
4.4.2015 Natal, Brazil Praça André de Albuquerque Recap
4.4.2015 Panama City, FL, USA Oaks by the Bay Park Recap
4.4.2015 Campeche, Mexico Catedral de Campeche Recap
4.4.2015 Washington, DC, USA L'Enfant Plaza Recap
4.4.2015 Ottawa, Canada World Exchang Plaza Recap
4.4.2015 Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan Hourin Park Recap
4.4.2015 Ehime, Toyo, Japan 西条市総合福祉センター Recap
4.4.2015 Jakarta, Indonesia Satria Mandala Museum Recap
4.4.2015 Bologna, Italy Piazza del Nettuno Bologna Recap
4.4.2015 Brasilia, Brazil Ana Lídia Recap
4.4.2015 Queretaro, Mexico Jardín Zenea Recap
4.4.2015 Cartagena, Colombia Parque Simon Bolivar Recap
4.4.2015 Ikebukuro, Japan Ikebukuro West Gate Park Recap
4.4.2015 Pamplona, Spain Plaza del castillo Recap
4.4.2015 Flint, MI, USA Flint Institute of Arts Recap
4.4.2015 Lexington, KY, USA Gibby's Deli Recap
4.4.2015 Willemstad, Curacao Rif Fort Recap
4.4.2015 Elgin, IL, USA Elgin Gazebo Recap
4.4.2015 Fredericton, Canada Dolans Pub Recap
4.4.2015 San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas Parque Central Recap
4.4.2015 Palm Coast, FL, USA Washington Oaks State Gardens Recap
4.4.2015 Anchorage, AK, USA Killjoy Tasting Room Recap
4.4.2015 Bad Wildungen, Germany Le Bateau de Lune Recap
4.4.2015 Chongqing, China 南坪万达 Recap
4.4.2015 Yokohama, Japan Yokohama Museum of Art Recap
4.4.2015 Antwerp, Belgium Middelheimmuseum, Misconceivable Recap
4.4.2015 Sioux Falls, SD, USA The Cookie Jar Eatery Recap
4.4.2015 Salvador, Brazil Largo da Umbauba Recap
4.4.2015 Jackson, TN, USA Alba Coffee Recap
4.4.2015 Valencia, Venezuela Parque Fernando Peñalver Recap
4.4.2015 Pittsburgh, PA, USA Strip District Recap
4.4.2015 Russia, Kazan Baumana Street Recap
4.4.2015 Vancouver, Canada Vancouver Waterfront Olympic Caldron Recap
4.4.2015 Nitra, Slovakia Svätoplukovo námestie Recap
4.4.2015 Dayton,OH, USA Cox Arboretum Recap
4.4.2015 Rochester, MN, USA Caribou Coffee Recap
4.4.2015 Kaliningrad, Russia Мемориал Победы 1941-1945 Recap
4.4.2015 St. John's, Canada Tim Horton's Recap
4.4.2015 Bozeman, MT, USA MSU Recap
4.4.2015 Burley, ID, USA Burley First Christian Church Recap
4.4.2015 Odessa, Ukraine City Garden Recap
4.4.2015 Allegan, MI, USA Jaycee Park Recap
4.4.2015 Cuernavaca, Mexico Plaza de Armas Recap
4.4.2015 Ufa, Russia Парк имени Якутова Recap
4.4.2015 Houston, TX, USA Moon Tower Inn Recap
4.4.2015 Rochester, NY, USA Brue Coffee Recap
4.4.2015 Kanazawa, Japan 兼六園 Recap
4.4.2015 Helsinki, Finland Karl Fazer Café Recap
4.4.2015 Dresden, Germany Altstadt Recap
4.4.2015 Jihlava, Czech Republic Union Bar Recap
4.4.2015 Chisinau, Moldova Public park Recap
4.4.2015 Cincinnati, OH, USA Nisbet Park & Amphitheater Recap
4.4.2015 Sherman, TX, USA Boiler Room Coffee Shop Recap
4.4.2015 Mishref, Kuwait Mishref Co-Op Society Recap
4.4.2015 Boksburg, South Africa Flora Farm Recap
4.4.2015 Merida, Mexico Las Americas Park Recap
4.4.2015 Pueblo, CO, USA The Gold Dust Saloon Recap
4.4.2015 Barcelona, Spain Cafetería Hotel Catalonia Plaza Recap
4.4.2015 Colima, Mexico Jardin Libertad Recap
4.4.2015 Neubrandenburg, Germany Lohmühle Recap
4.4.2015 Mexico City, Mexico Parque Hundido Recap
4.4.2015 Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine Chelentano Recap
4.4.2015 Levallois Perret, France Yuzu Recap
4.4.2015 Lugansk, Ukraine VLKSM Park Recap
4.4.2015 Calgary, Canada Devonian Gardens Recap
4.4.2015 Spokane, WA, USA Riverfront Park Recap
4.4.2015 Forest Grove, OR, USA Trombley Square, Pacific University Recap
4.4.2015 Surabaya, Indoneisa Tugu Pahlawan Recap
4.4.2015 Nanaimo, Canada Maffeo Sutton Park Recap
4.4.2015 Canberra, Australia Frankie's at Forde Recap
4.4.2015 Harlingen, TX, USA Frog Pond Recap
4.4.2015 Omaha, NE, USA Tri-Pointe Coffee Couse Recap
4.4.2015 Rome, Italy Giardini di Piazza Vittorio Recap
4.4.2015 Karachi, Pakistan Kachi Memon Ground Recap
4.4.2015 Curitiba, Brazil Rua 24 Horas Recap
4.4.2015 Oslo, Norway Espresso House Recap
4.4.2015 Salem, OR, USA Riverfront Park Recap
4.4.2015 Asuncion, Paraguay Plaza de la Democracia Recap
4.4.2015 Hyderabad, India Vemana Recap
4.4.2015 Lafayette, LA, USA Caffe Cottage Recap
4.4.2015 Boston, MA, USA Pavement Coffeehouse Recap
4.4.2015 Brest, Belarus Monument of The Millennium of Brest Recap
4.4.2015 Veracruz, México Parque Zaragoza Recap
4.4.2015 Louisville, KY, USA Big Four Bridge, KY side Recap
4.4.2015 Hamburg, Germany Schanzenbäcker Recap
4.4.2015 Juneau, AK, USA Silverbow Bakery Recap
4.4.2015 Herkimer, NY, USA Herkimer Salvation Army Recap
5.2.2015 Santa Rosa, CA , USA REMY'S BAR AND GRILL Recap
5.2.2015 London, Canada Western University Recap
5.2.2015 Niš, Serbia Spomenik Oslobodiocima Niša Recap
5.2.2015 San Luis Potosí, México Plaza de Aranzazu Recap
5.2.2015 Xalapa, México Parque Juárez Recap
5.2.2015 Pomona, CA, USA O'Sullivans Recap
5.2.2015 Twin Cities, MN, USA University of Minnesota, Coffman Memorial Union Front Plaza Recap
5.2.2015 Baton Rouge, LA, USA LSU Student Union Recap
5.2.2015 Sacramento, CA, USA TBD - Near Capitol Park Recap
5.2.2015 Concepcion, Chile University of Concepción's Campus Recap
5.2.2015 Aomori, Japan リンクモア平安閣市民ホール Recap
5.2.2015 Muncie, IN, USA Center Stage Recap
5.2.2015 Anchorage, AK, USA Killjoy Tasting Room Recap
5.2.2015 Genoa, Italy San Lorenzo Square Recap
5.2.2015 Twente (Enschede), The Netherlands Eetcafe Central Park Recap
5.2.2015 Covington, KY, USA Wertheim’s Restaurant 514 W 6th St, Covington, KY 41011 Recap
5.2.2015 Pittsburg, PA, USA Citizens Library Recap
5.2.2015 Lexington, MA, USA Lexington Battle Green Recap
5.2.2015 La Défense, France Le Parvis Recap
5.2.2015 Budapest, Hungary Zrinyi Costa Coffee Recap
5.2.2015 Pensacola, FL, USA Bodacious Brew Recap
5.2.2015 Oslo, Norway Espresso House, Olav Vs gate 2 Recap
5.2.2015 Izhevsk, Russia KFC at Central Square Recap
5.2.2015 Hayward, CA, USA Eko Coffe Bar and Tea House Recap
5.2.2015 Kassel, Germany Königsplatz Kassel Recap
5.2.2015 Helena, MT, USA Memorial Park Recap
5.2.2015 Ottawa, Canada World Exchange Plaza (Food Court) Recap
5.2.2015 Vladivostok, Russia Korabelka square Recap
5.2.2015 West Georgia, GA, USA Adamson Square Recap
5.2.2015 Mérida, México Parque de las Americas Recap
5.2.2015 Oaxaca, México Alameda de León Recap
5.2.2015 Sydney, Australia Parramatta town hall, on the grass area ajecent Recap
5.2.2015 Seoul, South Korea 혜화 고산 윤선도 Recap
5.2.2015 Jakarta, Indonesia Kota Tua, Jakarta Recap
5.2.2015 Morioka, Japan プラザおでって Recap
5.2.2015 Toluca, México Glorieta Mexiquense Recap
5.2.2015 Bloomington, IN, USA Rachael's Cafe Bloomington, IN Recap
5.2.2015 Huntsville, AL, USA A Cup of Everything, 103 Northside Sq, Huntsville AL 35801 Recap
5.2.2015 Rochester, NY, USA Boulder Coffee Recap
5.2.2015 Sagami-Ono, Japan Unicom plaza Sagamihara Recap
5.2.2015 Rishon LeZion, Israel pedestrian mall Recap
5.2.2015 Dresden, Germany Springbrunnen Altmarkt Recap
5.2.2015 Cape Town, South Africa Waterfront Amphitheatre Recap
5.2.2015 Coimbra, Portugal Casa das Caldeiras Recap
5.2.2015 Hamburg, Germany Schanzenbäcker Recap
5.2.2015 Fabriano, Italy Gli Affreschi della Contessa Recap
5.2.2015 Bonifacio Global City, Philippines Burgos Circle Recap
5.2.2015 Roosendaal, The Netherlands De Markt, de Tullepetaon Recap
5.2.2015 Dayton,OH, USA Lincoln Park Recap
5.2.2015 Riga, Latvia Burga Bar Recap
5.2.2015 Coatzacoalcos, México Hemiciclo a los niños heroes Recap
5.2.2015 Victoria BC, Canada QV's Cafe & Bakery Recap
5.2.2015 Appleton, WI, USA Pizza King (on Wisconsin) Recap
5.2.2015 Plymouth, USA Plymouth Cultural Center Recap
5.2.2015 Miyazaki , Japan Miyazaki City Central Park Recap
5.2.2015 Denton, TX, USA Jupiter House Coffee Shop on Denton Square Recap
5.2.2015 San Diego, CA, USA Veterans Park - Imperial Beach CA Recap
5.2.2015 New Orleans, LA, USA boxing sculpture Recap
5.2.2015 São Paulo, Brasil Parque da Água Branca Recap
5.2.2015 Lafayette, USA Parc San Souci Fountains Recap
5.2.2015 Helsinki, Finland Karl Fazer Café , Kluuvi Recap
5.2.2015 Szczecin, Poland Browar Stara Komenda Recap
5.2.2015 Bratislava, Slovakia The Slovakian Star - portal Recap
5.2.2015 Bogotá D.C., Colombia Universidad Nacional - Plaza Che Recap
5.2.2015 Montreal, Canada L'escalier Recap
5.2.2015 Panama City, FL, USA McKenzie Park Recap
5.2.2015 Toronto, Canada Christie Pits Park Recap
5.2.2015 Bangalore, India Café Coffee Day, Cunningham Road Recap
5.2.2015 Jackson, TN, USA Alba Coffee Shop Recap
5.2.2015 Lalitpur, Nepal Patan Durbar Square Recap
5.2.2015 Rexburg, ID, USA Smith Park Recap
5.2.2015 Tempe/Phoenix, AZ, USA Tempe Beach Park Recap
5.2.2015 Bozeman, MT, USA Memorial Park Recap
5.2.2015 Rome, Italy Villa Torlonia Recap
5.2.2015 El Alto, Bolivia Plaza Sebastian Pagador Recap
5.2.2015 St. Louis, MO, USA Cahokia Mounds picnic shelter Recap
5.2.2015 Houston, TX, USA Campus Recreation & Wellness Center Recap
5.2.2015 Vienna, Austria Highlander Recap
5.2.2015 Santiago de Cali, Colombia Plazoleta Jairo Varela Recap
5.2.2015 Santa Barbara, CA, USA Alice Keck Park Memorial Garden Recap
5.2.2015 Puli, Taiwan National Chi Nan University Recap
5.2.2015 Beirut, Lebanon Casper & Gambini's Beirut Souks, Fakhry Beik Street Recap
5.2.2015 Barcelona, Spain Museu Marítim de Barcelona Recap
5.2.2015 Greenville, SC, USA One City Plaza - Downtown Greenville Recap
5.2.2015 Birmingham, United Kingdom St Philips Cathedral ("Pigeon Park") Recap
5.2.2015 Milwaukee, WI, USA Cathedral Square Recap
5.2.2015 Willemstad, Curacao Wilhelminaplein Recap
5.2.2015 Karagandy, Kazakhstan Central Park in Karaganda Recap
5.2.2015 Brno, Czech Republic Kavarna Placzek Recap
5.2.2015 Lutsk, Ukraine Central Park Recap
5.2.2015 Wismar, Germany Brauhaus am Lohberg Recap
5.2.2015 McAllen, TX, USA Convention Center War Memorials Recap
5.2.2015 Kunming, China 翠湖(Cuihu Lake) Recap
5.2.2015 Cuernavaca, México Plaza de Armas, portal "Revolucionario" Recap
5.2.2015 Lier, Belgium Kardinaal Mercierplein, Stedelijke Bibliotheek Recap
5.2.2015 Molodechno, Belarus Amphitheatre, public park Recap
5.2.2015 Medellín, Colombia Parque de los Pies Descalzos, Entrada Museo del Agua. Recap
5.2.2015 Sioux Falls, SD, USA The Cookie Jar Eatery (in the Shriver Square portal) Recap
5.2.2015 Sibiu, Romania L'atelier Recap
5.2.2015 Norwich, United Kingdom The Forum Recap
5.2.2015 London, United Kingdom Suzzle Recap
5.2.2015 St. Gallen, Switzerland Rock-Club Recap
5.2.2015 Shreveport, LA, USA Fully Stacked Recap
5.2.2015 Rosario, Argentina Parque Del Monumento Nacional a la Bandera Recap
5.2.2015 Chisinau, Moldova Public park Recap
5.2.2015 Terrassa, Spain Parc de Sant Jordi Recap
5.2.2015 Hangzhou, China 市民中心 Recap
5.2.2015 Stuttgart, Germany Schlossplatz Recap
5.2.2015 Mogilev, Belarus Звездочёт Recap
5.2.2015 St. John's, NL, Canada Tim Horton's on Harvey Rd. Recap
5.2.2015 Ilion, NY, USA Ilion McDonalds Recap
5.2.2015 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada University of Alberta Tim Horton's coffee shop Recap
5.2.2015 Messina, Italia Piazza del Duomo Recap
5.2.2015 Bryansk, Russia Monument to Soldiers-Internationalists Recap
5.2.2015 San Luis Obispo, CA, USA Cal Poly University Union Recap
5.2.2015 Chapel Hill, NC, USA Ben & Jerry's Recap
5.2.2015 Delray Beach, FL, USA Veterans Park, 26.462633, -80.064644 Recap
5.2.2015 Schenectady, NY, USA Apostrophe Cafe / Proctor's Theatre Recap
5.2.2015 Montgomery, AL, USA Pratt Park Recap
5.2.2015 Chicago, IL, USA Gazebo at Welles Park Recap
5.2.2015 Vancouver, WA, USA Esther Short Park Recap
5.2.2015 Wenatchee, WA, USA Memorial Park Main Stage Recap
5.2.2015 Port Elizabeth, South Africa Somthing Good Recap
5.2.2015 Asunción, Paraguay Plaza Uruguaya Recap
5.2.2015 Oklahoma City, OK, USA Bricktown Recap
5.2.2015 Spokane, WA, USA Thomas Hammer Recap
5.2.2015 Virginia Beach, VA , United States Mt. Trashmore Recap
5.2.2015 Calgary, AB, Canada Devonian Gardens Recap
5.2.2015 Reykjavik, Iceland Austurvollur Recap
5.2.2015 Berlin, Germany TBD (Check event page) Recap
5.2.2015 Mihama, Chatan, Japan Chatan Dome Butterfly Mural Recap
5.2.2015 Canberra, Australia Mawson Recap
5.2.2015 Belém, Brazil Estação das Docas Recap
5.2.2015 Yerevan , Armenia Cascade Recap
5.2.2015 Lock Haven, PA, USA First Baptist Church Recap
5.2.2015 Fredericton, NB, Canada Dolans Pub Recap
5.2.2015 Melbourne, Australia Fitzroy Gardens Recap
6.6.2015 Vienna, Austria Prater, Kaiserwiese Recap
6.6.2015 Liège, Belgium Palais des Congrès Recap
6.6.2015 São Paulo, Brazil Vão livre do MASP Recap
6.6.2015 Vancouver, Canada Callister Park Recap
6.6.2015 NanJing, China 森林手植 Recap
6.6.2015 San José, Costa Rica Parque Morazan Recap
6.6.2015 Tours, France La Guinguette au pied du Pont Wilson Recap
6.6.2015 Dresden, Germany Altmarkt Dresden Recap
6.6.2015 Magdeburg, Germany Ulrichsplatz Recap
6.6.2015 Pune, India Shaniwarwada Recap
6.6.2015 Milano, Italy Colonne di San Lorenzo Recap
6.6.2015 Kingston, Jamaica University of Technology, Papine Campus Recap
6.6.2015 Hamilton, New Zealand Hamilton Gardens Recap
6.6.2015 Panamá City, Panamá Parque Recreativo Omar Torrijos Recap
6.6.2015 Cape Town, South Africa Art Centre Tyre Sculpture Recap
6.6.2015 Port Elizabeth, South Africa Bridge Street Brewery Recap
6.6.2015 Madrid, Spain VIPS PELIGROS, Calle de Alcalá, 23 28014 Madrid Recap
6.6.2015 Matara, Sri Lanka Mayura Restaurant Recap
6.6.2015 Puli, Taiwan National Chi Nan University 圖書館 Recap
6.6.2015 Bangkok, Thailand Benjasiri Park Recap
6.6.2015 Twente, Hengelo, The Netherlands cafe/bar The Three Musketeers, Hengelo Recap
6.6.2015 Nottingham, UK Nero Cafe, Broadmarsh Recap
6.6.2015 Boise, ID, USA Municipal Park Recap
6.6.2015 Charleston, WV, USA Indian Mound Recap
6.6.2015 Elmhurst, IL, USA Edward J. Rohn, Jr. Memorial Recap
6.6.2015 Houston, TX, USA Walter Hall Park South Pavillion, League City Recap
6.6.2015 Little Rock, AR, USA Mugs Cade Recap
6.6.2015 Salt Lake City, UT, USA Jordan Park Recap
6.6.2015 Twin Cities, MN, USA Como Park, Saint Paul Recap
6.6.2015 Temecula, CA, USA Third Street Smokehouse Recap
6.6.2015 Boston, MA, USA Norman B. Leventhal Park Recap
6.6.2015 Barranquilla, Colombia Public park Recap
6.6.2015 Mendoza, Argentina PLAZA INDEPENDENCIA Recap
6.6.2015 Gold Coast, Australia Gold Coast Arts Centre Recap
6.6.2015 Gaborone, Botswana Three Dikgosi Monument Recap
6.6.2015 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Palácio do Catete Recap
6.6.2015 Hamamatsu, Japan ザザシティ浜松中央館5F Recap
6.6.2015 Mito, Japan みと文化交流プラザ Recap
6.6.2015 Oita/大分, Japan 新大分ビル Recap
6.6.2015 Monterrey, Mexico Macroplaza Recap
6.6.2015 Oslo, Norway Espresso House, Olav Vs gate 2 Recap
6.6.2015 Gwangju, South Korea Ssangam Park Recap
6.6.2015 Puerto Montt, Chile Plaza Central de Puerto Montt Recap
6.6.2015 Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Teatro Nacional Eduardo Brito Recap
6.6.2015 Mérida, México Las Americas Park Recap
6.6.2015 Burlington, VT, USA University of Vermont Recap
6.6.2015 Kyiv, Ukraine Kontraktova ploscha, park (50.463167, 30.518525) Recap
6.6.2015 Gomel, Belarus Пионерский сквер Recap
6.6.2015 Jihlava, Czech republic Brewery restaurant Recap
6.6.2015 Lima, Perú Plaza Lima Norte Recap
6.6.2015 Niš, Serbia Spomenik Oslobodiocima Niša Recap
6.6.2015 Asunción, Paraguay Panteón de los Héroes Recap
6.6.2015 Salta, Argentina Public Park Saint Martin Recap
6.6.2015 Canberra, Australia Oliver Brown, Dickson Recap
6.6.2015 Sydney, Australia Macquarie university library Recap
6.6.2015 Belém, Brazil Estação das Docas Recap
6.6.2015 Belo Horizonte, Brazil Coreto da Praça da Liberdade Recap
6.6.2015 Florianópolis, Brazil UFSC - Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina Recap
6.6.2015 Fortaleza, Brazil Unifor - University campus Recap
6.6.2015 Juazeiro, Brazil Praça da Bandeira Recap
6.6.2015 Natal, Brazil Bosque dos Namorados Recap
6.6.2015 Porto Alegre, Brazil Praça da Alfândega Recap
6.6.2015 Salvador, Brazil Universidade Federal da Bahia Recap
6.6.2015 Edmonton, Canada University of Alberta Hospital Tim Horton's Recap
6.6.2015 Montreal, Canada L'escalier Recap
6.6.2015 Ottawa, Canada World Exchange Plaza (Food Court) Recap
6.6.2015 Thunder Bay, Canada Coffee Shop Recap
6.6.2015 Victoria, BC, Canada Banfield Park Recap
6.6.2015 Brno, Czech Republic Cafe Podnebi Recap
6.6.2015 Hamburg, Germany Schanzenbäcker Recap
6.6.2015 Zinnowitz, Germany Seebrücke Recap
6.6.2015 Rieti, Italy Porta Conca Recap
6.6.2015 Fukui, Japan 福井市中央公園 Recap
6.6.2015 Hirosaki, Japan 弘前文化センター Recap
6.6.2015 Komatsushima, Japan 小松島ステーションパーク Recap
6.6.2015 Riga, Latvia LIDO ALUS SETA Recap
6.6.2015 Campeche, Mexico Catedral de campeche Recap
6.6.2015 Coatzacoalcos, México Hemiciclo a los niños heroes Recap
6.6.2015 Xalapa, México Parque Juarez Recap
6.6.2015 Chisinau, Moldova Public park Recap
6.6.2015 Christchurch, New Zealand Cathedral square Recap
6.6.2015 Poznań, Poland Stary Rynek Recap
6.6.2015 Izhevsk, Russia KFC at Central Square Recap
6.6.2015 Kazan, Russia near clock Recap
6.6.2015 Vladivostok, Russia Korabelka square Recap
6.6.2015 Bryansk, Russia Tolstoy Park Recap
6.6.2015 The Hague, The Netherlands Muziekoefencentrum Musicon Recap
6.6.2015 Etten-Leur, The Netherlands (NL) D'n Dsjokkie, De Markt Recap
6.6.2015 Koto, Japan 深川北スポーツセンター Recap
6.6.2015 Newcastle, UK Monument Recap
6.6.2015 Cambridge, UK Costa Coffee Recap
6.6.2015 Anchorage, AK, USA Killjoy Tasting Room Recap
6.6.2015 Baton Rouge, LA, USA LSU Campus Recap
6.6.2015 Benecia,CA, USA civic center park Recap
6.6.2015 Binghamton, NY, USA Binghamton University Library Tower Recap
6.6.2015 Bothell, WA, USA Country Village Recap
6.6.2015 Bozeman, MT, USA Bozeman Pond Recap
6.6.2015 Chattanooga, TN, USA Southside Social Recap
6.6.2015 Chesapeake, VA, USA Girl Scouts Park Recap
6.6.2015 Cincinnati, OH, USA Rivers Edge Park Amphitheater Recap
6.6.2015 Clemson, SC, USA South Carolina Botanical Gardens Recap
6.6.2015 Columbus, OH, USA Origins Game Fair Recap
6.6.2015 Denver, CO, USA Strange Grounds Recap
6.6.2015 Fort Worth, TX, USA Stockyards visitor Center Recap
6.6.2015 Green Bay, WI, USA Rum Runners Recap
6.6.2015 Harlingen, TX, USA Harlingen Mural Recap
6.6.2015 Huntsville, AL, USA A Cup of Everything Recap
6.6.2015 Ithaca, NY, USA Ithaca Commons Recap
6.6.2015 Lufkin, TX, USA Standpipe Coffee Recap
6.6.2015 Marquette, MI, USA Lower Harbor Park Recap
6.6.2015 Mobile, AL, USA Bienville Square Recap
6.6.2015 Montgomery, AL, USA Capitol Recap
6.6.2015 New Orleans, LA, USA morning call Recap
6.6.2015 New York City, NY, USA Governors Island - Castle Williams Recap
6.6.2015 Phoenix, AZ, USA Indian Steele Park Recap
6.7.2015 Pittsburgh, PA, USA The Church Brew Works Recap
6.6.2015 Portland, OR, USA Les Aucoin Plaza / Washington Square MAX Recap
6.6.2015 Rexburg, ID, USA Smith Park Recap
6.6.2015 Rochester, NY, USA Ontario Beach Park Recap
6.6.2015 Salem, IN, USA Depot Recap
6.6.2015 Santa Barbara, CA, USA Chase Palm Park Recap
6.6.2015 Sioux Falls, SD, USA The Cookie Jar Eatery (in the Shriver Square portal) Recap
6.6.2015 St. Louis, MO, USA Laumeier Sculpture Park Recap
6.6.2015 State College, PA, USA Tudek Memorial Park Recap
6.6.2015 Troy, NY, USA Bootlegger's Recap
6.6.2015 West Palm Beach, FL, USA Veterans Park Recap
6.6.2015 Ahmedabad, India Law Garden Recap
6.6.2015 Mogilev, Belarus Советская площадь Recap
6.6.2015 Izhevsk, Russia KFC at Central Square Recap
6.6.2015 Chico, CA, USA Chico Plaza Park Recap
6.6.2015 Molodechno, Belarus Амфитеатр в Парке Победы Recap
6.6.2015 Charlotte, NC, USA Public park Recap
6.6.2015 Salem, OR, USA Roxy Dawg's, OR State Capital Building Recap
6.6.2015 Crown Point, IN, USA The Super Bowl Bowling Alley Recap
6.6.2015 Baunatal, Germany ZOB Baunatal - Platz des Friedens Recap
6.6.2015 Maracay, Venezuela Museo Aeronáutico de Maracay Recap
6.6.2015 Leavenworth, WA, USA Icicle Village Resort - Junction Recap
6.6.2015 Simferopol, Ukraine Парк Дыбенко Recap
6.6.2015 San Miguel de Tucuman, Argentina Monumento a Soldati Recap
6.6.2015 Chiang Mai, Thailand Nimmanhemin Rd. Lane 11 Recap
6.6.2015 Lviv, Ukraine Палац Потоцьких Recap
6.6.2015 Red Deer, Canada Great Cheif Park Recap
6.6.2015 Calgary, Canada Devonian Gardens Recap
6.6.2015 Stirling , Scotland Crossed Peels Recap
6.6.2015 Badalona, Spain Plaça Rector Rifé Recap
6.6.2015 Canterbury, UK Dane John Gardens Recap
6.6.2015 Jakarta, Indonesia Taman Suropati Recap
6.6.2015 Surabaya, Indonesia Kenjeran Park Recap
6.6.2015 Berlin, Germany Deichgraf Am Nordufer Recap
6.6.2015 Oklahoma City, OK, USA Will Rogers Park Recap
6.6.2015 Cary, NC, USA Ashworth Village Recap
7.4.2015 Volgograd, Russia Fountain "Art" in the territory of the Quay them 62 Army Recap
7.4.2015 Gomel, Belarus Пионерский сквер Recap
7.4.2015 Surabaya, Indonesia Tugu Surabaya Recap
7.4.2015 Bregenz, Austria Gösserbräu Bregenz Recap
7.4.2015 Stirling, Scotland Crossed Peels Recap
7.4.2015 Galway, Ireland The Western Hotel Recap
7.4.2015 London, England The Crosse Keys Recap
7.4.2015 Arequipa, Perú Plaza de Armas de Arequipa Recap
7.4.2015 Sevastopol, Ukraine Площадь Нахимова Recap
7.4.2015 São Paulo, Brasil Museu Paulista da USP (Museu do Ipiranga) Recap
7.4.2015 Port Elizabeth, South Africa Bridge Street Brewery Recap
7.4.2015 Wiesbaden, Germany Exrablatt Wiesbaden Recap
7.4.2015 The Hague, The Netherlands Koningsplein Recap
7.4.2015 Karachi, Pakistan Zamzama Park, Karachi Recap
7.4.2015 Newcastle , United Kingdom Geek Retreat Recap
7.4.2015 Okayama, Japan Okayama prefectural multipurpose grounds Recap
7.4.2015 Kirov, Russia The House of Culture Family Recap
7.4.2015 San Pedro, Costa Rica Universidad de Costa RIca (UCR) Recap
7.4.2015 Kirovohrad, Ukraine Kirovohrad Regional Museum Recap
7.4.2015 Dusseldorf, Germany Zum Hirschchen Recap
7.4.2015 Pittsburgh, PA, USA The Porch at Schenley Recap
7.4.2015 Mendoza, Argentina Plaza 12 De Febrero Recap
7.4.2015 Montreal, Canada Place Émilie-Gamelin Recap
7.4.2015 Belo Horizonte, Brasil Coreto da Praça da Liberdade Recap
7.4.2015 Victoria, Canada Gorge Park Recap
7.4.2015 Kashiwa, Chiba, Japan Kashiwanoha Park Recap
7.4.2015 Vienna, Austria Stadtpark Recap
7.4.2015 Hernandarias, Paraguay Plaza Central Municipal Recap
7.4.2015 Magdeburg, Germany Ulrichsplatz, Alex Recap
7.4.2015 Cape Town, South Africa News Cafe Bloubergrant Recap
7.4.2015 Piešťany, Slovakia Musla Recap
7.4.2015 Ottawa, Canada World Exchange Plaza (Food Court) Recap
7.4.2015 Lima, Perú Parque de la Amistad Recap
7.4.2015 Izhevsk, Russia KFC at Central Square Recap
7.4.2015 Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Teatro Nacional Eduardo Brito Recap
7.4.2015 Brownsville, TX, USA Dean Porter Park Recap
7.4.2015 Dresden, Germany Dresden Altstadt Recap
7.4.2015 Jyväskylä, Finland Lounaispuisto Recap
7.4.2015 Olomouc, Czech Republic Altán, Smetanovy Sady Recap
7.4.2015 Helsinki, Finland Karl Fazer Café Recap
7.4.2015 Lahti, Finland Cafe Sinuhe Recap
7.4.2015 Minsk, Belarus Park Yanka Kupala Recap
7.4.2015 Lowestoft, England Joseph Conrads Recap
7.4.2015 Teresina, Brasil Parque Poticabana Recap
7.4.2015 Fort Worth, TX, USA General Worth Square Recap
7.4.2015 Niš, Serbia Spomenik Oslobodiocima Niša Recap
7.4.2015 Birmingham, United Kingdom Victoria Square Recap
7.4.2015 Caracas, Venezuela Public park Recap
7.4.2015 México City, México Alameda Norte Recap
7.4.2015 Porto Alegre, Brasil Praça da Alfândega Recap
7.4.2015 Oslo, Norway Espresso House, Olav Vs gate 2 Recap
7.4.2015 Québec, Canada Pub St-Patrick Recap
7.4.2015 Hachinohe, Japan 八戸公園 Recap
7.4.2015 Brisbane, Australia Southbank Parklands Recap
7.4.2015 Neuchâtel, Switzerland NIFF Bar Recap
7.4.2015 Versailles, France Pub O' Paris Recap
7.4.2015 Dayton, OH, USA RiverScape Metropark Recap
7.4.2015 Barcelona, Spain Bugui, Maria Cristina Recap
7.4.2015 Veracruz, México Faro de Venustiano Carranza Recap
7.4.2015 Oaxaca, México Parque Paseo Juárez El Llano Recap
7.4.2015 Rotenburg, Germany Rotenburger Schloss Recap
7.4.2015 Rīga, Latvia Valmiermuižas alus tirgotava Recap
7.4.2015 Mérida, México Las Americas Park Recap
7.4.2015 Hasselt, Belgium Dienst Toerisme, Torenplein Recap
7.4.2015 Sydney, Australia Mercantile hotel Recap
7.4.2015 Recife, Brasil Recife Antigo Recap
7.4.2015 Yokohama, Japan 横浜市開港記念会館 Yokohama Port Opening Memorial Hall Recap
7.4.2015 Vitória, Brasil Parque Moscoso Recap
7.4.2015 Chengdu, China Kuanzhai Alley/宽窄巷子 Recap
7.4.2015 Kobe, Japan 神戸アートビレッジセンター Recap
7.4.2015 Aracaju, Brasil Projeto Tamar, Orla de Atalaia Recap
7.4.2015 Vancouver, Vancouver Garry Point Park Recap
7.4.2015 Fortaleza, Brasil University Recap
7.4.2015 Xi'an, China Dayan Pagoda Recap
7.4.2015 Shunan City, Japan Wako building Recap
7.4.2015 Wuhan, China 三阳广场 Recap
7.4.2015 Hamburg, Germany Schanzenbäcker Recap
7.4.2015 Malden, MA, USA Malden Center Orange Line T Stop Recap
7.4.2015 Santos, Brasil Aquário de Santos Recap
7.4.2015 Kazan, Russia Baumana st., near clock Recap
7.4.2015 Bangkok, Thailand True Coffee @ Digital Gateway 3rd Floor Recap
7.4.2015 Curitiba, Brasil Rua 24 horas Recap
7.4.2015 Tenjo, Colombia Parque Publico Recap
7.4.2015 Calgary, Canada Devonian Gardens Recap
7.4.2015 Asunción, Paraguay Catedral Metropolitana de Asunción Recap
7.4.2015 Santiago, Chile Parque Forestal, Museo de Bellas Artes Recap
7.4.2015 Jakarta, Indonesia Taman Suropati, Menteng Recap
7.4.2015 Wake Forest, NC, USA Wake Forest Coffee Company Recap
7.4.2015 Sete Cidades, Portugal Jardim da Igreja das Sete Cidades Recap
7.4.2015 Edmonton, Canada Tim Horton's near U of A Hospital Recap
7.4.2015 Canberra, Australia On The Grind Cafe Recap
7.4.2015 Brookings, OR, USA Azalea Park by Helping Hands statue Recap
7.4.2015 Petrolina, Brasil Praça Dom Malan Recap
7.4.2015 Kingston, Jamaica University of the West Indies, Mona Campus Recap
7.4.2015 Río Piedras, Puerto Rico University of Puerto Rico - Rio Piedras campus Recap
7.4.2015 Panamá City, Panama Public park Recap
7.4.2015 Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany Stadtgarten Schwäbisch Gmünd Recap
7.4.2015 Cochabamba, Bolivia Plaza Principal 14 de septiembre Recap
7.4.2015 Berlin, Germany Garde Grenadier Regiment Denkmal Recap
7.4.2015 Lufkin, TX, USA Stand Pipe Coffee Shop Recap
7.4.2015 Bad Wildungen, Germany Wandelhalle Bad Wildungen Recap
8.1.2015 Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan Coffeeアカシヤ Recap
8.1.2015 Arequipa, Peru Plaza de Armas de Arequipa Recap
8.1.2015 Auckland, New Zealand ANZ Viaduct Events Centre Recap
8.1.2015 Aurora, CO, USA, USA Cradle Sculpture Recap
8.1.2015 Baton Rouge, LA, USA Baton Rouge Town Square Recap
8.1.2015 Beijing, China 月季浮雕 Recap
8.1.2015 Beilun, China 北仑区图书馆 Recap
8.1.2015 Belo Horizonte, Brazil Coreto da Praça da Liberdade Recap
8.1.2015 Berlin, Germany Garde Grenadier Regiment Denkmal Recap
8.1.2015 Bloomington/Normal IL, USA Illinois State University Recap
8.1.2015 Boskovice, Czech Republic Trpaslici Naucna Stezka 7 Recap
8.1.2015 Bratislava, Slovakia Flowery Fountain Recap
8.1.2015 Brisbane, Australia Bougainvilleas Portal Recap
8.1.2015 Brookings, Oregon, USA Parking lot near Kid Town Recap
8.1.2015 Brugge, Belgium Community center W² Recap
8.1.2015 Bryansk, Russia Tolstoy Park Recap
8.1.2015 Calgary, Canada Devonian Gardens Recap
8.1.2015 Cambridge, United Kingdom Costa Coffee, Hills Road & Brooklands Ave Recap
8.1.2015 Canberra, Australia Kippax Post Office Recap
8.1.2015 Cape Town, South Africa Durbanville Public Library Recap
8.1.2015 Cardiff, UK Milk and Sugar Recap
8.1.2015 Christchurch , New Zealand Cathedral Square Recap
8.1.2015 Ciudad del Este, Paraguay Fuente de agua Shopping Jardín Recap
8.1.2015 Cracow, Poland Buddha Street Art; Mehanoff Pub Recap
8.1.2015 Dresden, Germany Mutter mit Kind Recap
8.1.2015 Edmonton, Canada Tim Hortons near U of A Hospital Recap
8.1.2015 Fayetteville, USA Sherman's Army Recap
8.1.2015 Fort Myers, USA Fire dance, downtown fort myers Recap
8.1.2015 Fort Worth, USA General William Jenkins Worth Recap
8.1.2015 Fortaleza, Brazil Portal do CCS Recap
8.1.2015 Gomel, Belarus Pijanierski Public Garden Recap
8.1.2015 Greenville SC, USA Furman University - Carrozza Shade Pavilion Recap
8.1.2015 Guadalajara, Mexico LARVA Recap
8.1.2015 Hamburg, Germany Hofbräu Wirtshaus am Speersort Recap
8.1.2015 Helsinki, Finland Karl Fazer Café Recap
8.1.2015 Houston, USA Discovery Green Library Recap
8.1.2015 Hwasun, South Korea Hanium Recap
8.1.2015 Ibague, Colombia Palacio Municipal de Ibague Recap
8.1.2015 Ichinoseki, Japan Public space Recap
8.1.2015 Iquitos, Peru Plaza 28 de Julio Recap
8.1.2015 Ithaca NY, USA CTB Cornell Recap
8.1.2015 Izhevsk, Russia KFC at Central Square Recap
8.1.2015 Jefferson City, MO, USA Missouri River Regional Library Recap
8.1.2015 Jihlava, Czech Republic Pivovarska restaurace Recap
8.1.2015 João Pessoa, Brazil Mag Shopping Recap
8.1.2015 Johannesburg, South Africa Garden World Randburg Recap
8.1.2015 Jyväskylä, Finland Martti Korpilahden muistomerkki Recap
8.1.2015 Kaliningrad, Russia Мемориал Победы 1941-1945 Recap
8.1.2015 Kassel, Germany 400 Memorial Plaque Recap
8.1.2015 Kazan, Russia Baumana st., near clocks Recap
8.1.2015 Kenosha, WI, USA Kenosha Public Museum Recap
8.1.2015 Kerch, Ukraine Statue of Lenin in Kerch Recap
8.1.2015 Kharkiv, Ukraine Gorky Park Recap
8.1.2015 Lake Oswego, USA Stickman brewery Recap
8.1.2015 Lincoln, United Kingdom St Mary le Wigford Church Hall Recap
8.1.2015 Madison, WI, USA Olbrich Park Recap
8.1.2015 Medellin, Colombia Parque El Poblado Recap
8.1.2015 Melbourne, Australia Docklands Pea Pods Recap
8.1.2015 Mendoza, Argentina PLAZA INDEPENDENCIA Recap
8.1.2015 Merida Yuc, Mexico Concha Acústica Recap
8.1.2015 México, México, DF, Mexico Palacio de Bellas Artes. Recap
8.1.2015 Mexico City, Mexico Parque de los Venados, Benito Juarez Recap
8.1.2015 Miami, Florida, USA Miami-Dade College: Kendall Campus Recap
8.1.2015 Monterrey, Mexico Plaza Guadalupe Recap
8.1.2015 Montreal, Canada Émilie-Gamelin Recap
8.1.2015 Morgantown, USA Mountain State Brewing Company Recap
8.1.2015 Nashville, TN, USA Corn and Tomato Recap
8.1.2015 New Paltz, USA Church of the Eternal Circle Recap
8.1.2015 Newcastle, UK Geek Retreat Recap
8.1.2015 Niš, Serbia Kula Stražara Recap
8.1.2015 Oaxaca, Mexico Exconvento de Santo Domingo de Guzman Recap
8.1.2015 Oklahoma City, USA Myriad Botanical Gardens Recap
8.1.2015 Oslo, Norway Gledesprederen Recap
8.1.2015 Ottawa, Canada Sexy Lady Mural Recap
8.1.2015 Palestine, USA Flying Mermaid Sculpture Recap
8.1.2015 Panamá, Panamá Parque Andres Bello Recap
8.1.2015 Pass Christian , MS, USA War Memorial Park, Pass Christian MS Recap
8.1.2015 Pittsburgh, PA, USA Fancy Brick Wall Recap
8.1.2015 Port Elizabeth, South Africa Bridge Street Beerhouse Recap
8.1.2015 Poznań, Poland Old Market Square Recap
8.1.2015 Quezon City, The Philippines Quezon Memorial Circle Recap
8.1.2015 Quincy, MA, USA United First Parish Church Recap
8.1.2015 Recife, Brazil Place: Recife Antigo. Portal Garoto Tomando Café Recap
8.1.2015 Riga, Latvia Pie Kristapa kunga Recap
8.1.2015 Rochester, NY, USA College Town Mural Recap
8.1.2015 Rosario, Argentina Museo de Bellas Artes Castagnino Recap
8.1.2015 Salem, Oregon, USA Bubble Sign @ Roxy Dawgs Recap
8.1.2015 San Diego, USA View Circa 1920 Recap
8.1.2015 San Jose, USA San Pedro Market Square Recap
8.1.2015 San Pedro, Costa Rica Monumento a Rodrigo Facio Recap
8.1.2015 Santa Barbara, CA, USA Isla Vista Starbucks - IV Drip Recap
8.1.2015 Santiago de los Caballeros, Republica Dominicana Lechones Recap
8.1.2015 Santo Domingo, Republica Dominicana El Pais del Hierro Recap
8.1.2015 São Paulo, Brasil Parque da Água Branca Recap
8.1.2015 Sevastopol, Ukraine Адмиралу Нахимову Recap
8.1.2015 Sibiu, Romania Go In, Piata Mica Recap
8.1.2015 Sioux Falls, SD, USA The Cookie Jar Eatery, Shriver's Square portal Recap
8.1.2015 South Bend, USA South Bend Chocolate Cafe Recap
8.1.2015 State College, PA, USA HUB Robeson Center Recap
8.1.2015 Stockton, CA, USA Compass Rose, Decarli Plaza, Downtown Stockton Recap
8.1.2015 Sydney, Australia Arrival Recap
8.1.2015 Tinley Park, IL, USA Memorial Park Recap
8.1.2015 Tokyo West, Japan 立川市市民会館 Recap
8.1.2015 Toronto, Canada Queen's Park Recap
8.1.2015 Towada, Japan Recap
8.1.2015 Tucson, USA Public Park Recap
8.1.2015 Twin Cities, MN, USA Mear's Park, Saint Paul Recap
8.1.2015 Ufa, Russia Памятник Ленину Recap
8.1.2015 Utrecht, Netherlands Grand Café Lebowski Recap
8.1.2015 Vancouver, Canada Recap
8.1.2015 Victoria, Canada UVic Quadrangle Recap
8.1.2015 Vienna, Austria Burggarten Recap
8.1.2015 Vitória, Brazil Parque Pedra da Cebola Recap
8.1.2015 Wausau WI, USA The Scales Recap
8.1.2015 Willemstad, Curacao Wilhelminaplein Recap
8.1.2015 Winston-salem, USA Artivity on the Green Recap
8.1.2015 Jakarta, Indonesia Kartini Front Statue, Monumen Nasional Jakarta Recap
8.1.2015 Margate, United KIngdom Margate Old Town Hall Recap
8.1.2015 Brno, Czech Republic Marilyn Cafe Recap
8.1.2015 Fullerton, CA, USA CSUF Sculpture "Lemonade" Recap
8.1.2015 Surabaya, Indonesia Kenjeran Park Recap
8.1.2015 Treysa, Germany Treysa Bahnhof Recap
9.5.2015 Buenos Aires, Argentina Parque Centenario Recap
9.5.2015 Mendoza, Argentina PARQUE GENERAL SAN MARTIN Recap
9.5.2015 Canberra, Australia Royal Hotel Recap
9.5.2015 Gold Coast, Australia Broadwater Parklands - Spatial Extrusion Portal SP. Recap
9.5.2015 Sydney, Australia Quarryman's hotel Recap
9.5.2015 Feldkirch, Austria Bunt Bar Recap
9.5.2015 Mogilev, Belarus Памятник бойцам 1920 года Recap
9.5.2015 Gent, Belgium Stadshal Recap
9.5.2015 Fortaleza, Brazil Unifor - university campus Recap
9.5.2015 Montes Claros, Brazil Igreja Matriz de Montes Claros Recap
9.5.2015 Porto Alegre, Brazil Praça da Alfândega Recap
9.5.2015 São Paulo, Brazil Marquise do Ibirapuera Recap
9.5.2015 Vitória, Brazil Parque Moscoso Recap
9.5.2015 Calgary, Canada Devonian Gardens Recap
9.5.2015 Duncan, Canada Rick Hansen Man In Motion Totem Recap
9.5.2015 Edmonton, Canada University of Alberta campus Recap
9.5.2015 Montreal, Canada Place Émilie-Gamelin Recap
9.5.2015 Oshawa, Canada Memorial Park Recap
9.5.2015 Ottawa, Canada World Exchange Plaza Recap
9.5.2015 St. John's, Canada Bowring Park Recap
9.5.2015 Thunder Bay, Canada Tim Horton's by Friendship Gardens Recap
9.5.2015 Vancouver, BC, Canada Waterfront Park (King Me Portal) Recap
9.5.2015 Xiamen, China 厦门五一文化广场 Recap
9.5.2015 San José, Costa Rica Parque Morazan Recap
9.5.2015 Lysice, Czech Republic Kašna Recap
9.5.2015 Ostrava, Czech Republic Mariánský morový sloup Recap
9.5.2015 Odense, Denmark Eydes Gastro Pub Recap
9.5.2015 Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Museo De Arte Moderno Recap
9.5.2015 Helsinki, Finland The Fazer Rooster Recap
9.5.2015 Lahti, Finland Hakkapeliittain Kotiinpaluu Recap
9.5.2015 Berlin, Germany Märkische Aue Recap
9.5.2015 Dresden, Germany Milchpavilion Recap
9.5.2015 Frankenberg, Germany Rathaus Frankenberg Recap
9.5.2015 Hamburg, Germany Horbräu Wirtshaus Recap
9.5.2015 Magdeburg, Germany Ulrichsplatz Recap
9.5.2015 Budapest, Hungary Eiffel tér Recap
9.5.2015 Jakarta, Indonesia Kebun Binatang Ragunan / Ragunan Zoo Jakarta Recap
9.5.2015 Surabaya, Indonesia Patung Gubernur Suryo Recap
9.5.2015 Surakarta, Indonesia Balekambang Amphitheatre Recap
9.5.2015 Pescara, Italy Bill l'alano Recap
9.5.2015 Prato, Italy Palazzo Pretorio Recap
9.5.2015 Fuchu, Japan 府中郷土の森博物館入口 Recap
9.5.2015 Hiroshima, Japan Open space Recap
9.5.2015 Kochi, Japan Makigai no Suberidai Recap
9.5.2015 Koto, Japan 古石場図書館 Recap
9.5.2015 Kurashiki, Japan KURASHIKIMON Recap
9.5.2015 Mutsu, Japan むつ来さまい館前のアート Recap
9.5.2015 Sendai, Japan 仙台市戦災復興記念館展示ホール Recap
9.5.2015 Ueda, Japan サントミューゼ Recap
9.5.2015 Yamanashi, Japan Fujimura-Kinenkan Recap
9.5.2015 Yamato-shi, Kanagawa-ken, Japan Bull Game Statue (Yamato Sports Center) Recap
9.5.2015 Riga, Latvia Deli Dog Recap
9.5.2015 Guadalajara, Mexico LARVA Recap
9.5.2015 León, Mexico Fuente central, Forum Cultural Guanajuato Recap
9.5.2015 Merida Yuc, Mexico Concha Acustica Recap
9.5.2015 Mexico City, Mexico Palacio Municipal Tultitlan Recap
9.5.2015 Monterrey, Mexico Parque Fundidora Recap
9.5.2015 Riviera Maya, Mexico Palacio Municipal en Playa del Carmen Recap
9.5.2015 Veracruz, Mexico Estatua de Venustiano Carranza Recap
9.5.2015 Twente, Enschede, Netherlands Portal Waterspuwer, Volkspark Recap
9.5.2015 Utrecht, Netherlands Stairway to Heaven Recap
9.5.2015 Christchurch, New Zealand Cathedral Square Recap
9.5.2015 OSLO, Norway Gledesprederen Recap
9.5.2015 Oaxaca, Oaxaca Fuente ex convento santo domingo de oaxaca Recap
9.5.2015 Panama, Panama Parque Omar Recap
9.5.2015 Asunción, Paraguay Plaza Uruguaya Recap
9.5.2015 Ciudad del Este, Paraguay Graffiti del Mono Recap
9.5.2015 Lima, Peru Parque Kennedy Recap
9.5.2015 Piura, Peru Plaza de Armas Recap
9.5.2015 Chorzów, Poland Park Slaski Recap
9.5.2015 Ponce, Puerto Rico Museo Parue de Bomba Recap
9.5.2015 Bryansk, Russia Парк Толстого Recap
9.5.2015 Izhevsk, Russia KFC at Central Square Recap
9.5.2015 Kazan, Russia Baumana st., near clocks Recap
9.5.2015 Glasgow, Scotland Velociraptor Recap
9.5.2015 Niš, Serbia Kula Stražara Recap
9.5.2015 Bratislava, Slovakia The Slovakian Star Recap
9.5.2015 Cape Town, South Africa Company Gardens Recap
9.5.2015 Port Elizabeth, South Africa Bridge Street Brewery Recap
9.5.2015 Madrid, Spain Oteando El Horizonte Recap
9.5.2015 Taipei, Taiwan 忠勇健身場 Recap
9.5.2015 Cardiff, UK Milk & Sugar (buffalo bar mural) Recap
9.5.2015 London, UK Old Brewery Greenwich Recap
9.5.2015 Norwich, UK The Millennium Forum Recap
9.5.2015 Shrewsbury, UK Shrewsbury Hotel (Closest Portal Quantum Leap Sculpture)) Recap
9.5.2015 Albany, NY, USA The Egg Recap
9.5.2015 Baton Rouge, LA, USA USS KIDD Recap
9.5.2015 Boise, ID, USA Boise Municipal Park Recap
9.5.2015 Boston, MA, USA Park Street T Stop Recap
9.5.2015 Bozeman, MT, USA MSU Strand Union Building Recap
9.5.2015 Chicago-Pilsen, IL, USA Harrison Park Recap
9.5.2015 Cincinnati, KY, USA Pete's Park Recap
9.5.2015 Davis, CA, USA Central Park Recap
9.5.2015 Dayton, OH, USA RiverScape Pavilion Recap
9.5.2015 Eureka, CA, USA Downtown Gazebo Recap
9.5.2015 Fort Worth, TX, USA Fort Worth Botanical Gardens Recap
9.5.2015 Greenville, SC, USA One City PLaza Recap
9.5.2015 Hallandale Beach, FL, USA The Village at Gulfstream Park - Location TBD Recap
9.5.2015 Hillsborough, NC, USA Mystery Brewing Public House Recap
9.5.2015 Idaho Falls, ID, USA Art Museum of Eastern Idaho Recap
9.5.2015 Las Cruces, NM, USA Klein Memorial Park Dedication Stone Recap
9.5.2015 Los Angeles, CA, USA Higashi Honganji Buddhist Temple Recap
9.5.2015 Mackinaw City, MI, USA Blue Foutain Recap
9.5.2015 Marianna, FL, USA Madison Park Picnic Pavilion Recap
9.5.2015 Milwaukee, WI, USA Citizen Stone Recap
9.5.2015 Nacogdoches, TX, USA Downtown Nacogdoches Recap
9.5.2015 Norfolk, VA, USA Pagoda and Oriental Garden Recap
9.5.2015 Philadelphia, PA, USA Pennsylvania Railroad Freight Building Recap
9.5.2015 Pittsburgh, PA, USA North Shore Riverfront Park (Near Heinz Field) Recap
9.5.2015 Portland, OR, USA Bridge City Comics Recap
9.5.2015 Rochester, NY, USA Jitter's Cafe near Roberts Wesleyan Recap
9.5.2015 Salem, OR , USA Willamette University Recap
9.5.2015 Santa Barbara, CA, USA Good Cup Downtown - Fiesta Five Theater Portal Recap
9.5.2015 Sioux Falls, SD, USA The Cookie Jar Eatery, 230 S. Phillips Ave. (Shriver Square) Recap
9.5.2015 Spokane, WA, USA Clocktower Recap
9.5.2015 State College, PA, USA HUB Gallery Recap
9.5.2015 Maracay, Venezuela Plaza Bolívar de Maracay Recap
10.3.2015Antwerpen, BelgiumStandbeeld Peter Paul RubensRecap
10.3.2015Apeldoorn, NetherlandsIrish Pub Apeldoorn HQRecap
10.3.2015Arlington Heights, IL, USAArlington Heights Recreation ParkRecap
10.3.2015Avilés, SpainReloj Cantina RenfeRecap
10.3.2015Bangkok, ThailandหอนาฬิกาRecap
10.3.2015Belo Horizonte, BrazilPraça da LiberdadeRecap
10.3.2015Birmingham, UKSt Paul's Square, B3 1QSRecap
10.3.2015Boston, MA, USAPortal Park, Boston, MARecap
10.3.2015Bozeman, MT, USASRO ExpressoRecap
10.3.2015Brookings, OR, USABetty Jean Waite Memorial BenchRecap
10.3.2015Bryansk, RussiaПарк ТолстогоRecap
10.3.2015Bucharest, RomaniaTerasa Anemona-Oraselul CopiilorRecap
10.3.2015Calgary, CanadaSAIT Campus: Johnson-Cobbe Energy CentreRecap
10.3.2015Cambridge, UKChauvinistRecap
10.3.2015Canberra, AustraliaPlayspaceRecap
10.3.2015Cape Town, South AfricaThe V&A Flags PortalRecap
10.3.2015Cardiff, UKMilk and Sugar (Buffalo Bar Mural is the nearest portal) Recap
10.3.2015Centurion, South AfricaIrene Village MallRecap
10.3.2015Ciudad del Este, ParaguayRotary InternacionalRecap
10.3.2015Ciudad de México, MexicoCatedral Metropolitana Recap
10.3.2015Columbia, MO, USACosmo ParkRecap
10.3.2015Cornellà de Llobregat, SpainMonument a Anselm ClavéRecap
10.3.2015Curitiba, BrazilShopping EstaçãoRecap
10.3.2015Dayton, OH, USAWoodland Cemetery and ArboretumRecap
10.3.2015Den Haag, NetherlandsNice MuralRecap
10.3.2015Dorado, Puerto RicoPlaza de DoradoRecap
10.3.2015Dresden, GermanyPortal "Völkerfreundschaft", Prager Strasse, DresdenRecap
10.3.2015Edmonton, CanadaTeam hortons near U of A HospitalRecap
10.3.2015Elko, NV, USAElko City ParkRecap
10.3.2015Fairhope, AL, USAMini War GameRecap
10.3.2015Florianopolis, BrazilTBCRecap
10.3.2015Fort Worth, TX, USAGeneral William Jenkins WorthRecap
10.3.2015Fortaleza, BrazilUECERecap
10.3.2015Fürstenfeldbruck, GermanyWasserspielplatz FFBRecap
10.3.2015Golden, CO, USAVanover ParkRecap
10.3.2015Greenville, SC, USAFalls Park on the ReedyRecap
10.3.2015Greifswald, GermanyBronzetür von Jo JastramRecap
10.3.2015Haerbin Shi, China黑龙江大学主楼Recap
10.3.2015Hamburg, GermanyBurgerlichRecap
10.3.2015Hamilton, OH, USARivers Edge Park AmphitheaterRecap
10.3.2015Helsinki, FinlandKluuvikatu Fazer CaféRecap
10.3.2015Heredia, Costa RicaKiosko Parque Central de HerediaRecap
10.3.2015Honolulu, HI, USADiamond Head LandmarkRecap
10.3.2015Hrodna, BelarusKalozha Church, GrodnoRecap
10.3.2015Hsinchu City, Taiwan水袖Recap
10.3.2015IIion, NY, USAIlion NY McDonaldsRecap
10.3.2015Izhevsk, RussiaKFC at Central SquareRecap
10.3.2015Jihlava, Czech RepublicPivovarska restauraceRecap
10.3.2015Juazeiro, BrazilPraça Cateral JuazeiroRecap
10.3.2015Kamihei-gun, Japan大槌町中央公民館Recap
10.3.2015Kosice, SlovakiaUrbanova vežaRecap
10.3.2015Kenner, LA, USAKenner Veteran's Memorial ParkRecap
10.3.2015Kingsford, AustraliaRegent HotelRecap
10.3.2015Kota Bogor, IndonesiaKantorpos Taman TopiRecap
10.3.2015Kota Denpasar, IndonesiaGuardian StatueRecap
10.3.2015Kota Surabaya, IndonesiaTugu PahlawanRecap
10.3.2015Kota Yogyakarta, IndonesiaBenteng VredeburgRecap
10.3.2015Krasnodar, RussiaParque MoscosoRecap
10.3.2015Lake Worth, FL, USADave's Last Resort & Raw BarRecap
10.3.2015Lakeland, FL, USAThe Chop ShopRecap
10.3.2015Lima, PeruPentagonitoRecap
10.3.2015Maceio, BrazilPublic parkRecap
10.3.2015Madrid, SpainOteando El HorizonteRecap
10.3.2015Magdeburg, GermanyUlrichsplatzRecap
10.3.2015Manchester, UKTitans MuralRecap
10.3.2015Manila, PhilippinesRizal ParkRecap
10.3.2015Marshall, MI, USAFountainRecap
10.3.2015Mendoza, ArgentinaParque General San MartinRecap
10.3.2015Minneapolis, MN, USASaint Anthony Falls, MinneapolisRecap
10.3.2015Mont Belvieu, TX, USAMBCP PavillionRecap
10.3.2015Montes Claros, BrazilPraça Doutor ChavesRecap
10.3.2015Montreal, CanadaPlace Émilie-GamelinRecap
10.3.2015Morioka-shi, JapanPlaza "Odette"Recap
10.3.2015Natal, BrazilTenda Parque das DunasRecap
10.3.2015Niš, SerbiaTrg Kralja MilanaRecap
10.3.2015Oglesby, IL, USAStarved Rock LodgeRecap
10.3.2015Oklahoma City, OK, USAMartin ParkRecap
10.3.2015Olomouc, Czech RepublicAltánRecap
10.3.2015Opole, PolandFontanna na Placu WolnościRecap
10.3.2015Oregon, IL, USAOregon Public LibraryRecap
10.3.2015Oslo, NorwayGledesprederenRecap
10.3.2015Ōsaka-shi, Japan教育塔Recap
10.3.2015Ottawa, CanadaWorld Exchange PlazaRecap
10.3.2015Perugia, ItalySister OrcaRecap
10.3.2015Philadelphia, PA, USAArrival of the IrishRecap
10.3.2015Piura, PeruPlaza de armas Recap
10.3.2015Pittsburgh, PA, USAMarket Square Recap
10.3.2015Playa del Carmen, MexicoPalacio MunicipalRecap
10.3.2015Portland, OR, USAClock TowerRecap
10.3.2015Prague, Czech RepublicFontána na Tylově náměstíRecap
10.3.2015Recife, BrazilChico Science StatueRecap
10.3.2015Rīga, LatviaStrādniekiRecap
10.3.2015Sacramento, CA, USASac MidtownRecap
10.3.2015Saint Lucia, AustraliaThe University of Queensland Radon LaboratoryRecap
10.3.2015Salvador, BrazilAço RetorcidoRecap
10.3.2015San Lorenzo, ParaguayCiclovía de San LorenzoRecap
10.3.2015San Nicolás de los Garza, MexicoCiudad UniversitariaRecap
10.3.2015Santa Barbara, CA, USAFigueroa Mountain Brewing Co - Ghostly Maiden Mural PortalRecap
10.3.2015Santiago, ChilePlaza de la ConstitucionRecap
10.3.2015Santo Domingo, Dominican RepublicMuseo De Arte ModernoRecap
10.3.2015São Paulo, Brazilchafariz delfin - parque da luzRecap
10.3.2015Savona, ItalyMunicipio BuildingRecap
10.3.2015Sierra Vista, AZ, USADedicated BenchRecap
10.3.2015Sioux Falls, SD, USAThe Cookie Jar in Shriver's SquareRecap
10.3.2015Sofia, BulgariaКубRecap
10.3.2015Spokane, WA, USABrowne's Addition GazeboRecap
10.3.2015St Albans, UKInn on the parkRecap
10.3.2015Stadtallendorf, GermanyBahnhof / Train StationRecap
10.3.2015Świdnica, PolandFontanna pl. św. MałgorzatyRecap
10.3.2015Székesfehérvár, HungaryMilleneumi EmlékműRecap
10.3.2015Thunder Bay, CanadaTim Horton's by Friendship GardensRecap
10.3.2015Toronto, CanadaEquestrian Statue King EdwardRecap
10.3.2015Vacaville, CA, USAAndrews ParkRecap
10.3.2015Vancouver, CanadaBear Creek ParkRecap
10.3.2015Vitória, BrazilMonumento A BondadeRecap
10.3.2015Volgograd, RussiaОстровок Вкуса ул. Гагарина, 9Recap
10.3.2015Washington, DC, USARedwoodRecap
10.3.2015Waukesha, WI, USAFrame Park PavilionRecap
10.3.2015Willemstad, CuraçaoCuracao BandstandRecap
10.3.2015Yamaguchi-shi, Japanふるさと伝承センターRecap
10.3.2015Yverdon-les-Bains, SwitzerlandMaison d'AilleursRecap
11.7.2015Aizu, JapanLeo Club Garden SquareRecap
11.7.2015Anchorage, AK, USAAnchorage Performing Arts CenterRecap
11.7.2015Aracaju, BrazilJ Inacio Art and Culture CentreRecap
11.7.2015Arequipa, PeruTuturutuRecap
11.7.2015Asunción, ParaguayPlaza ItaliaRecap
11.7.2015Bayamon, Puerto RicoParque de los NiñosRecap
11.7.2015Bentonville, USABentonville SquareRecap
11.7.2015Bogota, ColombiaPlaza Che GuevaraRecap
11.7.2015Bozeman, MT, USABridger BrewingRecap
11.7.2015Brno, Czech RepublicKavárna marilynRecap
11.7.2015Bryansk, RussiaПарк ТолстогоRecap
11.7.2015Bucharest, RomaniaAnemona ArtRecap
11.7.2015Buenos Aires, ArgentinaEstatua de MujerRecap
11.7.2015Calgary, CanadaDevonian GardensRecap
11.7.2015Cambridge, MA, USASheldon Cohen IslandRecap
11.7.2015Canberra, AustraliaGold Creek Picnic AreaRecap
11.7.2015Canton, ChinaTIT创意园西门门口Recap
11.7.2015Cape Town, South AfricaGreenpoint Park Pavilion AuditoriumRecap
11.7.2015Cardiff, UKMilk and Sugar (Buffalo Bar Mural is the nearest portal) Recap
11.7.2015Chengdu, China望江楼公园售票处Recap
11.7.2015Christchurch, New ZealandPeacock Fountain, Christchurch Botanic GardensRecap
11.7.2015Cincinnati, OH, USAStarbucks at UC CampusRecap
11.7.2015Curitiba, BrazilShopping EstaçãoRecap
11.7.2015Dayton, OH, USAAir Force MuseumRecap
11.7.2015Dresden, GermanySpringbrunnen AltmarktRecap
11.7.2015Ebetsu, Japan江別市野幌公民館Recap
11.7.2015Edmonton, CanadaGarneau United ChurchRecap
11.7.2015Elko, NV, USACimarron WestRecap
11.7.2015Eureka, NV, USADowntown Gazebo Recap
11.7.2015Evansville, IN, USACentral LibraryRecap
11.7.2015Fort Worth, TX, USAGeneral Worth SquareRecap
11.7.2015Gillette, WY, USADalbey Memorial Park: Dick Bratton Shelter 900 Edwards Street Gillette, WY 82718Recap
11.7.2015Gold Coast, AustraliaEileen Peters Park Surfers ParadiseRecap
11.7.2015Green Bay, WI, USAChicago & North Western DepotRecap
11.7.2015Guadalajara, MexicoLARVARecap
11.7.2015Hachinohe, Japan神楽Recap
11.7.2015Hachioji, Japan八王子市子安市民センターRecap
11.7.2015Hamburg, GermanySchanzenbäckerRecap
11.7.2015Hangzhou, China红騒狮子头Recap
11.7.2015Houston, TX, USABane Park GazeeboRecap
11.7.2015Izhevsk, RussiaKFC at Central SquareRecap
11.7.2015Jakarta, IndonesiaSatria Mandala MuseumRecap
11.7.2015Janesville, WI, USAI.O.O.F block No 14Recap
11.7.2015Joliet, IL, USAWill County Law Enforcement MemorialRecap
11.7.2015Juazeiro, BrazilCatedral de JuazeiroRecap
11.7.2015Kalamazoo, MI, USABell's Eccentric CafeRecap
11.7.2015Kandy, Sri LankaPunkalasa at KCCRecap
11.7.2015Kazan, RussiaBaumana stRecap
11.7.2015Kempton Park, South AfricaEmperor Mark AnthonyRecap
11.7.2015Kumamoto, Japan城彩苑Recap
11.7.2015Kuopio, FinlandKuopio Market Hall Recap
11.7.2015Leipzig, GermanyZeitgenossen mit Charakter LeipzigRecap
11.7.2015Lima, PeruFuente China x los 100 años de independenciaRecap
11.7.2015London, UKTortoise MuralRecap
11.7.2015Loveland, CO, USAChapungu Statue Park Entry #4Recap
11.7.2015Magdeburg, GermanySkulpturenparkRecap
11.7.2015Malang, IndonesiaCity ParkRecap
11.7.2015Marugame, Japan丸亀市民会館Recap
11.7.2015Melbourne, AustraliaPrinces Park Play GroundRecap
11.7.2015Melsungen, GermanyBartenwetzerbrückeRecap
11.7.2015Mendoza, ArgentinaPLAZA INDEPENDENCIARecap
11.7.2015Mérida, MexicoAmerica's ParkRecap
11.7.2015Mexico City, MexicoPlaza de la RepúblicaRecap
11.7.2015Miami, FL, USALooking at You MuralRecap
11.7.2015Monterrey, MexicoGeneral Ignacio ZaragozaRecap
11.7.2015Montes Claros, BrazilPraçaRecap
11.7.2015Namur, BelgiumNamur EscargotRecap
11.7.2015Natal, BrazilLadrilho de AranhaRecap
11.7.2015Niš, SerbiaKula StražaraRecap
11.7.2015Oklahoma City, OK, USAOld School Bagel Cafe - No PortalRecap
11.7.2015Oshawa, CanadaMcLaughlin BandshellRecap
11.7.2015Ottawa, CanadaWorld Exchange PlazaRecap
11.7.2015Pittsburgh, PA, USAWork Accidents and the LawRecap
11.7.2015Piura, PeruIglesia San SebastiánRecap
11.7.2015Portland, OR, USAA Day At The Fountain Recap
11.7.2015Porto Alegre, BrazilMonumento ao ExpedicionárioRecap
11.7.2015Prostějov, Czech RepublicDům U MěsíčkaRecap
11.7.2015Quincy, MO, USAO'Griff's Grill and BrewhouseRecap
11.7.2015Racine, WI, USAFish Cleaning StationRecap
11.7.2015Red Deer, CanadaKeith MannRecap
11.7.2015Rochester, MN, USAPeace Plaza FountainRecap
11.7.2015Rochester, NY, USAVeterans MemorialRecap
11.7.2015San Jose, Costa RicaKiosko Parque CentralRecap
11.7.2015Santa Barbara, CA, USAeBar Paseo NuevoRecap
11.7.2015Santiago, ChileCristo San JoaquínRecap
11.7.2015Santo Domingo, Dominican RepublicMuseo De Arte ModernoRecap
11.7.2015São Paulo, BrazilParque da Água BrancaRecap
11.7.2015Spokane, WA, USAAtticusRecap
11.7.2015Temuco, ChileTorre Campanario y monumentoRecap
11.7.2015The Hague, NetherlandsClubhuis RimbeltoRecap
11.7.2015Toledo, OH, USAUniversity of Toledo, Student UnionRecap
11.7.2015Townsville, AustraliaSurfs Up MuralRecap
11.7.2015Tucson, AZ, USAOrbs / Tucson Convention CenterRecap
11.7.2015Ufa, RussiaФонтан Девушки у ГостинкиRecap
11.7.2015Vancouver, BC, CanadaLangley, BCRecap
11.7.2015Victoria, CanadaSaxe Point Commemorative AnchorRecap
11.7.2015Vitebsk, BelarusРатуша (Областной краеведческий музей)Recap
11.7.2015Vitória, BrazilParque MoscosoRecap
11.7.2015Volzhsky, Russiaг. Волжский Комсомольская пRecap
11.7.2015Washington, DC, USARedwoodRecap
11.7.2015Watertown, NY, USAJoseph Butler Pavilion Recap
12.5.2015Almería, SpainMonumento a la Caridad UniversalRecap
12.5.2015Appleton, WI, USAV.F.W. Post 2778Recap
12.5.2015Blacksburg, VA, USAGlass PyramidsRecap
12.5.2015Boston, MA, USAFlowers Electrical BoxRecap
12.5.2015Bozeman, MT, USAHeeb's Wall MuralRecap
12.5.2015Brussels, BelgiumOld Park Entrance SignRecap
12.5.2015Bucharest, RomaniaTerasa Anemona-Oraselul CopiilorRecap
12.5.2015Budapest, HungaryHÉV GraffitiRecap
12.5.2015Calgary, CanadaMacEwan Hall, University of CalgaryRecap
12.5.2015Canberra, AustraliaTuggeranong Park GazeboRecap
12.5.2015Cardiff, United KingdomMilk and Sugar (Buffalo Bar Mural is the nearest portal) Recap
12.5.2015Chicago, IL, USAG-Mart ComicsRecap
12.5.2015Dayton, OH, USAWegerzyn GardensRecap
12.5.2015Derby, United KingdomBonnie Prince Charlie Recap
12.5.2015Dresden, GermanyDresdner StriezelmarktRecap
12.5.2015Edmonton, CanadaGarneau United ChurchRecap
12.5.2015Fort Worth, TX, USAGeneral William Jenkins WorthRecap
12.5.2015Fortaleza, BrazilCentro Acadêmico Dias da RochaRecap
12.5.2015Frutillar, ChileMuelle FrutillarRecap
12.5.2015Gillette, WY, USACampbell County LibraryRecap
12.5.2015Greenville, SC, USAFalls Park on the ReedyRecap
12.5.2015Guadalajara, MexicoLARVARecap
12.5.2015Guatemala, GuatemalaMemorial 50 yearsRecap
12.5.2015Hamburg, GermanySchanzenbäckerRecap
12.5.2015Helsinki, FinlandKarl Fazer CaféRecap
12.5.2015Henderson, TX, USADowntown HendersonRecap
12.5.2015Johannesburg, South AfricaMugg and Bean Fountain at Monte CasinoRecap
12.5.2015Joplin, MO, USAJoplin Avenue Coffee CompanyRecap
12.5.2015Juazeiro, BrasilCatedral de JuazeiroRecap
12.5.2015Jyväskylä, FinlandCompassiRecap
12.5.2015Kaliningrad, RussiaМемориал Победы 1941-1945Recap
12.5.2015Lausanne, SwitzerlandQwertz barRecap
12.5.2015Lima, PeruCampo de MarteRecap
12.5.2015Luque, ParaguayParkRecap
12.5.2015Malang, IndonesiaBapak KurcaciRecap
12.5.2015Manama, BahrainSeef MallRecap
12.5.2015Marburg a.d. Lahn, GermanyElisabethkircheRecap
12.5.2015Mendoza, ArgentinaPlaza ChileRecap
12.5.2015Merida, MexicoParque Las AméricasRecap
12.5.2015México, Distrito FederalQuiosco Plaza Hidalgo CoyoacánRecap
12.5.2015Midland, TX, USAClaydesta Center AtriumRecap
12.5.2015Mogilev, BelarusЗвездочётRecap
12.5.2015Monterrey, MéxicoParque FundidoraRecap
12.5.2015Montes Claros, BrasilPraça Doutor ChavesRecap
12.5.2015Mumbai, IndiaGateway of India, MumbaiRecap
12.5.2015Napoli, ItaliaPiazza Del PlebiscitoRecap
12.5.2015New Port Richey, FL, USADining and Dancing at the HaciendaRecap
12.5.2015Niš, SerbiaKula StražaraRecap
12.5.2015Norman, OK, USAStudy Hall SowerRecap
12.5.2015Oslo, NorwayGledesprederenRecap
12.5.2015Ostrava, Česká republikaReliéf Matka ZeměRecap
12.5.2015Ottawa, CanadaWorld Exchange PlazaRecap
12.5.2015Panama, PanamaPublic ParkRecap
12.5.2015Philadelphia, PA, USAEakins Oval CenterpieceRecap
12.5.2015Pittsburgh, PA, USASouth Side Works FountainRecap
12.5.2015Piura, PeruPileta Boulevard Real PlazaRecap
12.5.2015Portland, OR, USAMash TunRecap
12.5.2015Porto Alegre, BrasilMonumento à General OsorioRecap
12.5.2015Red Deer, CanadaSound The Alarm Black and WhiteRecap
12.5.2015Rochester, MN, USAFlying SwallowRecap
12.5.2015San Juan, Puerto RicoMonument Plazo Quinto CentenarRecap
12.5.2015San Pedro, Costa RicaMonumento a Rodrigo FacioRecap
12.5.2015San Salvador, El Salvador LGV FountainRecap
12.5.2015Santa Barbara, CA, USAStarbucks - State Street Clock PortalRecap
12.5.2015Santa Cruz, BoliviaQuijoteRecap
12.5.2015Santiago, ChilePlaza de Armas, SantiagoRecap
12.5.2015Shizuoka, Japan奥歯君Recap
12.5.2015Southampton, United KingdomWest Quay SculptureRecap
12.5.2015Spokane, WA, USAMcClain's PizzariaRecap
12.5.2015St Augustine, USAMission FountainRecap
12.5.2015State College, PA, USAold mainRecap
12.5.2015Toronto, CanadaYork University Student CentreRecap
12.5.2015Townsville, AustraliaStrand ParkRecap
12.5.2015Trnava, SlovakiaTrojičné námestieRecap
12.5.2015Valencia, SpainFountain to the River TúriaRecap
12.5.2015Victoria, CanadaFountain out FrontRecap
12.5.2015Volgograd, RussiaФонтан Дружба народовRecap
12.5.2015Winter Park, FL, USAWinter Park FountainRecap
12.5.2015Yokote, Japan秋田ふるさと村Recap
1.2.2016Arequipa, PeruTuturutuRecap
1.2.2016Asunción, ParaguayPlaza Juan E. O'learyRecap
1.2.2016Baton Rouge, LA, USAMagnolia Park FountainRecap
1.2.2016Boston, MA, USAFlour Bakery & CafeRecap
1.2.2016Bozeman, MT, USAHistory: BozemanRecap
1.2.2016Bratislava, SlovakiaNational TheatreRecap
1.2.2016Brookings, OR, USAJustin's Family PrayerRecap
1.2.2016Bryansk, RussiaПарк ТолстогоRecap
1.2.2016Bucharest, RomaniaTerasa Anemona-Oraselul CopiilorRecap
1.2.2016Cardiff, United KingdomMilk and Sugar (Buffalo Bar Mural is the nearest portal) Recap
1.2.2016Dayton, OH, USAThe GreeneRecap
1.2.2016Dresden, GermanyBusmannkapelleRecap
1.2.2016Coacalco, MexicoPalacio Municipal Recap
1.2.2016Fayetteville, AR, USATogethernessRecap
1.2.2016Fort Worth, TX, USAPOW-MIA Memorial Recap
1.2.2016Fortaleza, BrazilPista de Skate Luiza TavoraRecap
1.2.2016Hachinohe, Japan三八城神社Recap
1.2.2016Izhevsk, RussiaНулевой километрRecap
1.2.2016Jakarta, IndonesiaTaman Suropati / Burgemeester BisschopspleinRecap
1.2.2016Kailua-Kona, HI, USAThe Grander Wall of MarlinRecap
1.2.2016Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, SpainMercado de VeguetaRecap
1.2.2016Lima, PeruLogo de parques de LimaRecap
1.2.2016Magdeburg, GermanyUlrichsplatzRecap
1.2.2016Merida Yuc., MexicoParque de las AmericasRecap
1.2.2016Midland, TX, USAPetroleum MuseumRecap
1.2.2016Montes Claros, BrazilPraça da Matriz (Dr. Chaves)Recap
1.2.2016Nanchang, China秋水广场-飞鸟Recap
1.2.2016Newburg, WI, USANewburg Little Free LibraryRecap
1.2.2016Nicoma Park, OK, USAThe Grind Coffeehouse and Bakery (No Portal)Recap
1.2.2016Niš, SerbiaKljučarRecap
1.2.2016Oshawa, ON, CanadaDurham College/UOIT StargateRecap
1.2.2016Oslo, NorwayEspresso HouseRecap
1.2.2016Philadelphia, PA, USAGiant Clothes PinRecap
1.2.2016Piura , PeruBoulevard Feng ShuiRecap
1.2.2016Portland, OR, USAThinker ToysRecap
1.2.2016Red Deer, CanadaSound the Alarm Black and WhiteRecap
1.2.2016Rojas, ArgentinaPlaza San MartinRecap
1.2.2016San Juan, TX, USABasilica FountainRecap
1.2.2016Semarang, IndonesiaSampokong Temple GateRecap
1.2.2016Sioux Falls, SD, USAThe Cookie Jar Eatery, Shriver's SquareRecap
1.2.2016Surabaya, IndonesiaTaman EkspresiRecap
1.2.2016Suzhou, China圆融时代广场地图Recap
1.2.2016Sydney, Australiathe Island barRecap
1.2.2016Tampa Bay Area, FL, USALargo Central ParkRecap
1.2.2016TERESINA, BrazilMeeting SquareRecap
1.2.2016Townsville, AustraliaInternational Order of Hoo HooRecap
1.2.2016Trujillo, PeruMural 37Recap
1.2.2016Ufa, RussiaГостиный дворRecap
1.2.2016Volgograd, RussiaКолесо ОбозренияRecap
1.2.2016Wheeling, WV, USAOdd FellowsRecap
2.6.2016Alicante, SpainMonumento Del Casco AntiguoRecap
2.6.2016Arequipa, PerúTuturutuRecap
2.6.2016Bangkok, ThailandSamanea Trees from the KingRecap
2.6.2016Baton Rouge, LA, USAFree Speech PlazaRecap
2.6.2016Bauru, BrasilBosque da Comunidade - BauruRecap
2.6.2016Belleville, IL, USAThe Pie PantryRecap
2.6.2016Big Island, HI, USAliliuokalani Guardens Dedication PlaqueRecap
2.6.2016Birmingham, United KingdomOld Candy ShopRecap
2.6.2016Bologna, ItalyFontana del NettunoRecap
2.6.2016Boston, MA, USADiesel CafeRecap
2.6.2016Bozeman, MT, USAHistory: BozemanRecap
2.6.2016Bryansk, RussiaПарк ТолстогоRecap
2.6.2016Calgary, CanadaDevonian GardensRecap
2.6.2016Campinas, BrasilCachoeira Praça MaiorRecap
2.6.2016Canberra, AustraliaLyneham Shops - News Parties MusicRecap
2.6.2016Cape Town, South AfricaThe Oracle Water Feture on UCTRecap
2.6.2016Cardiff, WalesMilk and Sugar (Buffalo Bar Mural is the nearest portal) Recap
2.6.2016Chennai, IndiaMGR SamadhiRecap
2.6.2016Dayton, OH, USAOregon DistrictRecap
2.6.2016Dresden, GermanySpringbrunnen AltmarktRecap
2.6.2016Edogawa, Japan江戸切子飾りRecap
2.6.2016Eureka, CA, USADowntown GazeboRecap
2.6.2016Fort Worth, TX, USAJapanese GardensRecap
2.6.2016Green Bay, WI, USATitletown Brewing CompanyRecap
2.6.2016Guadalajara, MexicoLARVARecap
2.6.2016Hamamatsu, Japan須賀神社本殿Recap
2.6.2016Helsinki, FinlandStone'sRecap
2.6.2016Hiraizumi, Japan平泉町役場Recap
2.6.2016Jakarta, IndonesiaKota Tua (Depan Musium Keramik)Recap
2.6.2016Johannesburg, South AfricaSandton SquareRecap
2.6.2016Jyväskylä, FinlandSohwiRecap
2.6.2016Kimitsu, Japan内みのわ運動公園Recap
2.6.2016Lima, PeruBusto de Manuel AndresRecap
2.6.2016Magdeburg, GermanyUlrichsplatzRecap
2.6.2016Manchester, United KingdomTitans MuralRecap
2.6.2016Mechelen, BelgiumGedenkplaat Gaston FeremansRecap
2.6.2016Melbourne, AustraliaKing's DomainRecap
2.6.2016Mendoza, ArgentinaPlaza ItaliaRecap
2.6.2016Mérida, MéxicoConcha Acustica, Las Americas ParkRecap
2.6.2016México, MéxicoCampana Parque LiraRecap
2.6.2016Midland, TX, USAPetroleum MuseumRecap
2.6.2016Monterrey, MéxicoCasa De La Cultura GuadalupeRecap
2.6.2016Oklahoma City, OK, USACafe Bella (no portal)Recap
2.6.2016Orlando, FL, USAEarthy KnightsRecap
2.6.2016Oslo, NorwayGledesprederenRecap
2.6.2016Ottawa, CanadaWorld Exchange PlazaRecap
2.6.2016Panjim, IndiaMother Mary StatueRecap
2.6.2016Paraguari, ParaguayPlaza Mcal. LopezRecap
2.6.2016Pilsen, Czech RepublicAndělíčekRecap
2.6.2016Pittsburgh, PA, USAThe Manor TheatreRecap
2.6.2016Piura, PeruParque A - AngamosRecap
2.6.2016Playa Del Carmen, MéxicoPalacio MunicipalRecap
2.6.2016Riga, LatviaStargorod restorānsRecap
2.6.2016Rogers, AR, USAIron Horse Coffee Co. Coke-a-colaRecap
2.6.2016Sacramento, CA, USAPiano Player at River City SaloonRecap
2.6.2016San Isidro, ArgentinaCatedral de San IsidroRecap
2.6.2016Santa Cruz De La Sierra, BoliviaWoman and ChildRecap
2.6.2016Santiago, ChileFuente del Parque el GolfRecap
2.6.2016Santo Domingo, Dominican RepublicMuseo De Arte ModernoRecap
2.6.2016São Paulo, BrasilCoreto PinacotecaRecap
2.6.2016St. John's, CanadaCrow's NestRecap
2.6.2016Surabaya, IndonesiaPatung Gubernur SuryoRecap
2.6.2016Świdnica, Lower Silesia, PolandKarma Czarny KotRecap
2.6.2016Świdnica, PolandKarma Czarny KotRecap
2.6.2016Sydney , AustraliaManly wharfRecap
2.6.2016Tachikawa, Japan記念植樹の碑Recap
2.6.2016Tampa Bay, FL, USAHattricks Sports BarRecap
2.6.2016Toronto, CanadaYork University Student CentreRecap
2.6.2016Townsville, AustraliaSoroptomist Park FountainRecap
2.6.2016Vancouver, BC, CanadaHolland ParkRecap
2.6.2016Victoria, CanadaSidney AmphitheatreRecap
2.6.2016Wellington, New ZealandSouthern CrossRecap
2.6.2016Wheaton, IL, USAFlora For AllRecap
2.6.2016Wheeling, WV, USAMartins Ferry Public LibraryRecap
2.6.2016Yamato, Japan深見台ふれあいの道Recap
3.5.2016Barranquilla, Colombiafundadores de cristoRecap
3.5.2016Bozeman, MT, USALeigh LoungeRecap
3.5.2016Bratislava, SlovakiaNational TheatreRecap
3.5.2016Brookings, OR, USAManley Art CenterRecap
3.5.2016Brookline, MA, USAPut 'em upRecap
3.5.2016Bryansk, RussiaПарк ТолстогоRecap
3.5.2016Bucharest, Romaniaparcul cismigiuRecap
3.5.2016Calgary, CanadaDevonian GardensRecap
3.5.2016Canberra, AustraliaGateway to the FutureRecap
3.5.2016Cancun, MéxicoPlaza La IslaRecap
3.5.2016Cardiff, United KingdomMilk and Sugar (Buffalo Bar Mural is the nearest portal) Recap
3.5.2016Carthage, MO, USA1854 Court House Foundation StoneRecap
3.5.2016Catania, ItalyIl LiotroRecap
3.5.2016Charlotte, NC, USAFreedom From FearRecap
3.5.2016Christchurch, New ZealandVictoria Square Recap
3.5.2016Cincinnati, OH, USAAnderson Center StationRecap
3.5.2016Clarksburg, WV, USAEmpire BuildingRecap
3.5.2016Dayton, OH, USACox ArboretumRecap
3.5.2016Dresden, GermanyWalking PeopleRecap
3.5.2016El Cajon, CA, USAEC Por Favor MuralRecap
3.5.2016Geelong, AustraliaApex Monument, GeelongRecap
3.5.2016Grodno, Belarusпарк Жилибера, ПетрушкаRecap
3.5.2016Guatemala, GuatemalaMemorial 50 YearsRecap
3.5.2016Hachinohe, Japanhachinohe portal museum "hacchi"Recap
3.5.2016Hamburg, GermanyBeanie BeeRecap
3.5.2016Isahaya, Japan未来Recap
3.5.2016Izhevsk, RussiaНулевой километрRecap
3.5.2016Jakarta, IndonesiaTaman SuropatiRecap
3.5.2016Jimbocho, JapanサンライズRecap
3.5.2016Kansas City, KS/MO, USAFox and HoundRecap
3.5.2016Kingston upon Thames, United KingdomThe Kings TunRecap
3.5.2016Koriyama, Japanミューカルがくと館Recap
3.5.2016Lahti, FinlandHakkapeliittain KotiinpaluuRecap
3.5.2016Lille, FranceDernier Bar Avant La Fin Du MondeRecap
3.5.2016Lima, PerúPq Amistad, Las Vías Del TrenRecap
3.5.2016Lismore, AustraliaRiver Side MemorialRecap
3.5.2016Liverpool, England, United KingdomThe RailwayRecap
3.5.2016Lucca, ItalyLucca, Porta Elisa, EstRecap
3.5.2016Magdeburg, GermanyUlrichsplatzRecap
3.5.2016Malang, IndonesiaBapak KurcaciRecap
3.5.2016Maracay, VenezuelaMuseo Aeonautico de MaracayRecap
3.5.2016Merida Yuc., MéxicoConcha AcusticaRecap
3.5.2016Mexico City, MexicoLa Emigración República EspañolaRecap
3.5.2016Midland, TX, USASibley Nature CenterRecap
3.5.2016Olomouc, Czech RepublicDóm Olomouc Recap
3.5.2016Oshawa, Ontario, CanadaWasted SpaceRecap
3.5.2016Oslo, NorwayGledesprederenRecap
3.5.2016Pascagoula, MS, USABeach Park, Pascagoula "Hurricane Katrina Memorial"Recap
3.5.2016Pflugerville, TX, USAPfluger ParkRecap
3.5.2016Philadelphia, PA, USAThe Piazza at Schmidt'sRecap
3.5.2016Pittsburgh, PA, USABellevue Methodist Protestant ChurchRecap
3.5.2016Santa Barbara, CA, USAStarbucks, State and De La GuerraRecap
3.5.2016Shawnee, OK, USAHamburger King (no portal)Recap
3.5.2016Smithfield, VA, USAThe Smithfield TimesRecap
3.5.2016Sydney, AustraliaBali memorialRecap
3.5.2016Toluca, MéxicoAntigua greciaRecap
3.5.2016Trondheim, NorwayKlüwergårdenRecap
3.5.2016Trujillo, PerúMonumento Plaza de Armas TrujilloRecap
3.5.2016Twin Cities, MN, USAWaterbury BuildingRecap
3.5.2016Ufa, RussiaГостиный дворRecap
3.5.2016Wasilla, AK, USAherning tealand storeRecap
3.5.2016Wellington, New ZealandTattoo MuseumRecap
3.5.2016Willemstad, CuracaoColonel Carel WinkelRecap
3.5.2016Yokote, Japany2ぷらざRecap
4.2.2016Akashi, Japan明石ポン太Recap
4.2.2016Asunción, ParaguayPlaza UruguayaRecap
4.2.2016Bandung, IndonesiaCibeunying ParkRecap
4.2.2016Big Island Hawaii, HI, USAKoi Pond and WaterfallRecap
4.2.2016Boksburg, South AfricaFroggie FamilyRecap
4.2.2016Bozeman, MT, USACometRecap
4.2.2016Brisbane, AustraliaTransform MuralRecap
4.2.2016Bryansk, RussiaПарк ТолстогоRecap
4.2.2016Bucharest, RomaniaTerasa Cu PiticiRecap
4.2.2016Buenos Aires, ArgentinaPlegariaRecap
4.2.2016Calgary, CanadaDevonian GardensRecap
4.2.2016Cardiff, United KingdomMilk and Sugar Recap
4.2.2016Chicago-Lincoln Park, IL, USASunformRecap
4.2.2016Christchurch, New ZealandJames Cook statue, Victoria SquareRecap
4.2.2016Columbia, MO, USAStephens Lake SigbRecap
4.2.2016Dayton, OH, USASpringboro Rotary ParkRecap
4.2.2016Eglin AFB, FL, USABernard A. Schriever PlazaRecap
4.2.2016Eugene, OR, USAKen Kesey MemorialRecap
4.2.2016Eureka, CA, USADowntown GazeboRecap
4.2.2016Fort Worth, TX, USATrial Gardens Blue BonnetRecap
4.2.2016Gifu, Japan岐阜公園時計台Recap
4.2.2016Grodno, BelarusМальчик с флейтойRecap
4.2.2016Guatemala, GuatemalaFuente del ObeliscoRecap
4.2.2016Guayana, VenezuelaPlaza Munumental de Puerto OrdazRecap
4.2.2016Hammburg, GermanySchanzenbäckerRecap
4.2.2016Helsinki, FinlandStone'sRecap
4.2.2016Izhevsk, RussiaНулевой километрRecap
4.2.2016Juazeiro, BrasilCatedral de JuazeiroRecap
4.2.2016Kazan, Russiaчасы на БауманаRecap
4.2.2016Louisville, KY, USAUniversity of Louisville ClockRecap
4.2.2016Magdeburg, GermanyUlrichplatzRecap
4.2.2016Medford, OR, USABad Ass SurferRecap
4.2.2016Mendoza, ArgentinaPlaza ItaliaRecap
4.2.2016Mérida, MéxicoLas Americas ParkRecap
4.2.2016Midland, TX, USASibley Nature CenterRecap
4.2.2016Montes Claros, BrasilPraça da MatrizRecap
4.2.2016Montréal, CanadaNexus smart caféRecap
4.2.2016Morristownm, NJ, USAMajor DonersRecap
4.2.2016Niš, SerbiaSolarne CelijeRecap
4.2.2016Oklahoma City, OK, USAClarity CoffeeRecap
4.2.2016Oslo, NorwayGledesprederenRecap
4.2.2016Ottawa, CanadaWorld Exchange PlazaRecap
4.2.2016Pittsburgh, PA, USAAllegheny ArsenalRecap
4.2.2016San Jose, Costa RicaTemplo De La Musica Parque MorazanRecap
4.2.2016Santa Barbara, CA, USAEbar, Paseo NuevoRecap
4.2.2016Santa Cruz, BoliviaPlaza 24 de Septiembre - Catedral Recap
4.2.2016Santiago, ChileFaroles con grifos de aguaRecap
4.2.2016São Paulo, BrasilParque Ibirapuera Recap
4.2.2016Scottsdale, AZ, USAChaparral Dog Park Recap
4.2.2016Sioux Falls, SD, USAThe Cookie Jar Eatery, Shriver's Square portalRecap
4.2.2016Stayton, OR, USAStayton Jordan Bridge (Pioneer Park)Recap
4.2.2016Sydney, AustraliaCommercial hotelRecap
4.2.2016Townsville, AustraliaCyclone Sigma PlaqueRecap
4.2.2016Trondheim, NorwayKlüwergårdenRecap
4.2.2016Vigo, SpainA Muller Do EmigranteRecap
4.2.2016Vladikavkaz, RussiaCafe VincenzoRecap
4.2.2016Volgograd, RussiaФонтан Дружба Народов Recap
4.2.2016Wellington, New ZealandTattoo MuseumRecap
4.2.2016Yakima, WA, USAFred Western Memorial PavilionRecap
5.7.2016Alajuela, Costa RicaGruta en la Catedral de AlajuelaRecap
5.7.2016Arequipa, PeruTuturutuRecap
5.7.2016Barcelona, SpainEntrada de l'Estació de FrançaRecap
5.7.2016Baton Rouge, LA, USAMagnolia Park FountainRecap
5.7.2016Berlin, GermanyBrunnen WismarplatzRecap
5.7.2016Big Island, HI, USAHilton HotelRecap
5.7.2016Birmingham, UKOld Roman PillarsRecap
5.7.2016Bozeman, MT, USAMemorial Park Recap
5.7.2016Brisbane, AustraliaMeander Through Milton Savior FairRecap
5.7.2016Brookings OR, USAManley Art CenterRecap
5.7.2016Bryansk, RussiaПарк ТолстогоRecap
5.7.2016Calgary, CanadaDevonian GardensRecap
5.7.2016Campinas, BrazilCachoeira Praça MaiorRecap
5.7.2016Cardiff, UKMilk and Sugar (Buffalo Bar Mural is the nearest portal) Recap
5.7.2016Cheney/Spokane, WA, USA Baldys food courtRecap
5.7.2016Chicago - Mt Prospect, IL, USAThe Blues MobileRecap
5.7.2016Chișinău, Republic of MoldovaArcul de TriumfRecap
5.7.2016Christchurch, New ZealandVictoria SquareRecap
5.7.2016Crestview, FL, USACasbah Coffee Co.Recap
5.7.2016Crown Point, IN, USASuper Bowl north parking LotRecap
5.7.2016Dayton, OH, USANational Air Force MuseumRecap
5.7.2016Edmonton, CanadaU of A Hospital Tim HortonsRecap
5.7.2016Eugene, OR, USAOakshire Public HouseRecap
5.7.2016Fort Worth, TX, USATrial Gardens Blue BonnetRecap
5.7.2016Great Falls, MT, USAMemorial ParkRecap
5.7.2016Guatemala, GuatemalaFuente del ObeliscoRecap
5.7.2016Hamburg, GermanySchanzenbäckerRecap
5.7.2016Harbin, China学友书店Recap
5.7.2016Harlingen, TX, USAFrog PondRecap
5.7.2016Helena, MT, USAMemorial ParkRecap
5.7.2016Helsinki, FinlandStone'sRecap
5.7.2016Houston, TX, USAMenil Park SculptureRecap
5.7.2016Ichinoseki, JapanなのはなプラザRecap
5.7.2016Izhevsk, RussiaНулевой километрRecap
5.7.2016Jelenia Góra, PolandTeatr im. C. K. NorwidaRecap
5.7.2016Kilgore, TX, USAChar-BurgerRecap
5.7.2016Lahti, FinlandHakkapeliittain KotiinpaluuRecap
5.7.2016Lima, PeruFuente China - Parque ExposiciónRecap
5.7.2016Liverpool, UKNorth Western HallRecap
5.7.2016London, United KingdomTo Meet AgainRecap
5.7.2016Louisville, KY, USAMall HorsesRecap
5.7.2016Lower Hutt/Wellington, New ZealandLower Hutt War Memorial LibraryRecap
5.7.2016Lugansk, UkraineСвітломузичний ФонтанRecap
5.7.2016Luque, ParaguayPlaza de LuqueRecap
5.7.2016Lutsk, UkraineПарк-СнiжинкаRecap
5.7.2016Magdeburg, GermanyUlrichplatzRecap
5.7.2016Medford (Boston) MA, USARose M. Sloan Garden (Dunkin' Donuts)Recap
5.7.2016Melbourne, AustraliaBurke and Wills ExpeditionRecap
5.7.2016Mendoza, ArgentinaPLAZA CHILERecap
5.7.2016Mérida, Yuc., MexicoConcha AcusticaRecap
5.7.2016Mexico City, MexicoGeneral Francisco VillaRecap
5.7.2016Midland, TX, USAClaydesta Center AtriumRecap
5.7.2016Miune/Sanrei, Japan三嶺Recap
5.7.2016Mumbai, IndiaFour Lions (National Emblem) at ChaityabhoomiRecap
5.7.2016Murcia, SpainCatedral de MurciaRecap
5.7.2016Nanjing, China东南大学 Southeast UniversityRecap
5.7.2016Ogden, UT, USAPitching and BattingRecap
5.7.2016Oklahoma City, OK, USABricktown FountainRecap
5.7.2016Oslo, NorwayGledesprederenRecap
5.7.2016Ostrava, Czech RepublicPanoramaRecap
5.7.2016Ottawa, CanadaWorld Exchange PlazaRecap
5.7.2016Petrolina, BrasilCatedral de PetrolinaRecap
5.7.2016Pittsburgh, PA, USAMaple Springs Pond GazeboRecap
5.7.2016Piura, PeruPlaza De ArmasRecap
5.7.2016Portsmouth, NH, USABreaking New GroundsRecap
5.7.2016Prague, Czech RepublicFontána na Tylově NáměstíRecap
5.7.2016Randburg, South AfricaMosaic Mirror FountainRecap
5.7.2016Rapid City, SD, USAWHo's Gaming HouseRecap
5.7.2016Recife, Brazil portal Chico Science StatueRecap
5.7.2016Red Deer, CanadaRed Deer City Hall ParkRecap
5.7.2016Reggio Calabria, ItalyPiazza Carmine Recap
5.7.2016Renton, WA, USAChief SeattleRecap
5.7.2016Rojas, ArgentinaPlaza San Martin Recap
5.7.2016San Diego, CA, USAIB history walk - Tijuana estuary preserveRecap
5.7.2016Santa Cruz, BoliviaDon BoscoRecap
5.7.2016Santiago, ChileParque de las EsculturasRecap
5.7.2016Santo Domingo, Dominican RepublicMuseo de Arte ModernoRecap
5.7.2016Sao Paulo, BrasilQuarto de MilhaRecap
5.7.2016Sapporo, Japan札幌市教育文化会館Recap
5.7.2016Sioux Falls, SD, USAThe Cookie Jar Eatery, Shriver's Square portalRecap
5.7.2016Surabaya, IndonesiaHorse Statue at Ken ParkRecap
5.7.2016Swindon, UKQueen's Diamond Jubilee ClockRecap
5.7.2016Sydney, AustraliaQuarrymans HotelRecap
5.7.2016Tamano, Japan玉野宇野郵便局Recap
5.7.2016Tampere, FinlandVapriikki Museum CenterRecap
5.7.2016Tientsin (Tianjin), China北宁公园侧门Recap
5.7.2016Tongeren, BelgiumStatue of AmbiorixRecap
5.7.2016Toronto, CanadaRyerson University POD - 2nd Floor at the TablesRecap
5.7.2016Townsville, AustraliaJCU LibraryRecap
5.7.2016Trondheim, NorwayKlüwergårdenRecap
5.7.2016Wheeling, WV, USAOdd FellowsRecap
5.7.2016Wilkes-Barre, PA, USASquare Clock TowerRecap
5.7.2016Wyandotte, MI, USABishop Party PavilionRecap
6.4.2016Aarhus, DenmarkDokk1Recap
6.4.2016Aberystwyth, United KingdomThe white horse hotel (formerly varsity)Recap
6.4.2016Albuquerque, NM, USAIn This Plaza Were EnactedRecap
6.4.2016Anchorage, AK, USATown Square ParkRecap
6.4.2016Atlantic City, NJ, USAMiss America MuralRecap
6.4.2016Auckland, New ZealandAuckland Botanic Gardens Main EntranceRecap
6.4.2016Avellaneda - Buenos Aires, ArgentinaMonumento a AvellanedaRecap
6.4.2016Barcelona, SpainPlaça BerenguerRecap
6.4.2016Bergen, NorwayLudvig HolbergRecap
6.4.2016Brno, Czech RepublicObchodní galerie OrlíRecap
6.4.2016Bryansk, RussiaПарк ТолстогоRecap
6.4.2016Calgary, CanadaDevonian GardenRecap
6.4.2016Cardiff, United KingdomMilk & Sugar CafeRecap
6.4.2016Chengdu, China雅竹园Recap
6.4.2016Chico, CA, USAOur Hands SculptureRecap
6.4.2016Christchurch, New ZealandJames CookRecap
6.4.2016Dalian, ChinaStatue of Liu Changchun in DLUTRecap
6.4.2016Dayton, OH, USAStubbs ParkRecap
6.4.2016Detroit, MI, USAFrog Island PavillionRecap
6.4.2016Elkhart, IN, USA523 Tap and Grill StatueRecap
6.4.2016Eureka, CA, USADowntown GazeboRecap
6.4.2016Foligno, ItalyCollegiata di Santa Maria infraportasRecap
6.4.2016Fort Worth, TX, USAGeneral William Jenkins WorthRecap
6.4.2016Geneseo, IL, USAGeneseo Park Band ShellRecap
6.4.2016Göppingen, GermanyNeue MitteRecap
6.4.2016Greenville, SC, USACarrozza Shade PavilionRecap
6.4.2016Grodno, BelarusВитаут ВяликиRecap
6.4.2016Guatemala, GuatemalaMemorial 50 yearsRecap
6.4.2016Hamburg, GermanySchanzenbäckerRecap
6.4.2016Havířov, Česká republikaHodinyRecap
6.4.2016Houston, TX, USABack 1,2,3,4Recap
6.4.2016Indianapolis, IN, USAIndianapolis Art Center- just oRecap
6.4.2016Junction City, KS, USAVeteran's Memorial Band StandRecap
6.4.2016Kaliningrad, RussiaМемориал Победы 1941-1945Recapo
6.4.2016Kesennuma-Oshima, Japan大島島内 体験四阿Recap
6.4.2016Kochi, Japan高知城Recap
6.4.2016Łódź, PolandFontanna w pasażu RubinsteinaRecap
6.4.2016Louisville, KY, USAFourth Street Live & Hard RockRecap
6.4.2016Mendoza, ArgentinaPLAZA CHILERecap
6.4.2016Mérida, MéxicoLas Americas ParkRecap
6.4.2016Mexico City, MexicoMonumento a la Revolución De Noche.Recap
6.4.2016Midland, TX, USAClaydesta Center AtriumRecap
6.4.2016Montes Claros, BrasilPraça da MatrizRecap
6.4.2016Morioka, JapanプラザおでってRecap
6.4.2016Nagoya, Japan奏楽堂Recap
6.4.2016Oklahoma City, OK, USAWild Hero Coffee (No Portal)Recap
6.4.2016Oshawa, CanadaMcLaughlin Bandshell (Memorial Park)Recap
6.4.2016Oslo, NorwayGledesprederenRecap
6.4.2016Ottawa, CanadaWorld Exchange PlazaRecap
6.4.2016Pistoia, ItalyBar "Marino Marini Museum"Recap
6.4.2016Piura, PerúHomenaje a los HeroesRecap
6.4.2016Quincy, MA, USAThomas Crane Public LibraryRecap
6.4.2016Recife, BrazilChico Science StatueRecap
6.4.2016Rio de Janeiro, BrazilLargo do MachadoRecap
6.4.2016Santa Cruz, BoliviaCatedral de Santa Cruz de la SRecap
6.4.2016São Paulo, BrazilEspaço-VibraçãoRecap
6.4.2016Sheboygan, WI, USAThe Ballhorn Funeral TempleRecap
6.4.2016Sigulda, LatviaWall ArtRecap
6.4.2016Sioux Falls, SD, USAShriver Square (The Cookie Jar Eatery)Recap
6.4.2016St. George, UT, USATown Square TowerRecap
6.4.2016Stockholm, SwedenFullriggaren af ChapmanRecap
6.4.2016Sumter, SC, USACentennial PlazaRecap
6.4.2016Sydney , AustraliaLongueville HotelRecap
6.4.2016Townsville, AustraliaInternational Order of Hoo HooRecap
6.4.2016Trondheim, NorwayKlüwergårdenRecap
6.4.2016Verviers, BelgiumVerviers Centre Terre en MouveRecap
6.4.2016Vilnius, LithuaniaBelmonto Pramogu centrasRecap
6.4.2016Volgograd, Russiaсквер им. маршала ЧуйковаRecap
6.4.2016Walla Walla, OR, USAFort Walla Walla MuseumRecap
6.4.2016Warrington, United KingdomBarley MowRecap
6.4.2016Winnipeg, CanadaAssiniboine Park Duck Pond ShelterRecap
6.4.2016Winter Garden, FL, USAWinter Garden Interactive FountainRecap
6.4.2016Xi'an, China秦腔吼起来Recap
7.2.2016Bentonville, AR, United StatesDave Peel ParkRecap
7.2.2016Bergen, NorwayRød Vind i ByparkenRecap
7.2.2016Bismarck, ND, United StatesShelter 11Recap
7.2.2016Bozeman, MT, United StatesHistory: BozemanRecap
7.2.2016Bryansk, RussiaПарк ТолстогоRecap
7.2.2016Bucharest, RomaniaTerasa cu piticiRecap
7.2.2016Buenos Aires, ArgentinaLarguiruchoRecap
7.2.2016Cambridge, United KingdomFabulous ToiletsRecap
7.2.2016Canberra, AustraliaPoppy's CafeRecap
7.2.2016Cardiff, United KingdomBuffalo Bar MuralRecap
7.2.2016Cranbourne, AustraliaCranbourne Botanical GardensRecap
7.2.2016Dayton, OH, United StatesLincoln ParkRecap
7.2.2016Dixon, IL, United StatesReagan StatueRecap
7.2.2016Edmond, OK, United StatesFlatire BurgersRecap
7.2.2016Edmonton, CanadaTim Hortons near U of A hospitalRecap
7.2.2016Everett, WA, United StatesCurved RocksRecap
7.2.2016Fort Campbell, KY, United StatesDon F. Pratt Memorial MuseumRecap
7.2.2016Fortaleza, BrazilCavalo Da UniforRecap
7.2.2016Grapevine, TX, United StatesStatue "Walking to Texas"Recap
7.2.2016Great Yarmouth, United KingdomTroll CartRecap
7.2.2016Guatemala City, GuatemalaGood and Bad RabbitRecap
7.2.2016Hamburg, GermanySchanzenbäckerRecap
7.2.2016Hiraizumi, Japan平泉町役場Recap
7.2.2016Holland, MI, United StatesCentennial ParkRecap
7.2.2016Huancayo, PeruParque Túpac AmaruRecap
7.2.2016Iligan City, PhilippinesIligan City, PlazaRecap
7.2.2016Jihlava, Czech RepublicPivovarská restauraceRecap
7.2.2016Juazeiro, BrazilCatedral de JuazeiroRecap
7.2.2016Kazan, Russiaчасы на бауманаRecap
7.2.2016Lahti, FinlandHakkapeliittain KotiinpaluuRecap
7.2.2016Leon, MexicoEscudo LeónRecap
7.2.2016Lima, PeruPlaza de ArmasRecap
7.2.2016Mendoza, ArgentinaParque General San MartinRecap
7.2.2016Merida, MexicoLas Americas ParkRecap
7.2.2016Mexico City, MexicoKiosco Del Centro De TlalpanRecap
7.2.2016Montes Claros, BrazilPraça da MatrizRecap
7.2.2016Noblesville, IN, United StatesArmed Services Memorial Flag PoleRecap
7.2.2016Oslo, NorwayGledesprederenRecap
7.2.2016Ottawa, CanadaWorld Exchange PlazaRecap
7.2.2016Pittsburgh, PA, United StatesZelienople Community ParkRecap
7.2.2016Piura, PeruHomenaje a los Heroes de PiuraRecap
7.2.2016Plano, TX, United StatesHaggard ParkRecap
7.2.2016Portland, OR, United StatesColumbia Park Water FountainRecap
7.2.2016Poznań, PolandBamberkaRecap
7.2.2016Pretoria, South AfricaGreenlyn Brooklyn Theater HouseRecap
7.2.2016Puerto Montt, ChilePlaza Central Puerto MonttRecap
7.2.2016Recife, Brazilportal Chico Science StatueRecap
7.2.2016Rimini, ItalyTribunale di RiminiRecap
7.2.2016Sabadell, SpainAjuntament SabadellRecap
7.2.2016San José, Costa RicaBigger Flower UCRRecap
7.2.2016San Nicolás, MexicoLos Siete SabiosRecap
7.2.2016Santa Cruz, BoliviaCatedral de Santa Cruz de la SierraRecap
7.2.2016Santiago, SpainInstituto Ciencias TecnológicasRecap
7.2.2016Santo Domingo, Dominican RepublicMuseo de Arte ModernoRecap
7.2.2016Sofia, BulgariaWWII MonumentRecap
7.2.2016Stavanger, NorwayWelcome to StavangerRecap
7.2.2016Stockholm, SwedenFlicka På DelfinRecap
7.2.2016Strzegom, PolandTablicaRecap
7.2.2016Townsville, AustraliaAnzac Music HutRecap
7.2.2016Trondheim, NorwayKlüwergårdenRecap
7.2.2016Vienna, AustriaPlatz der MeilensteineRecap
7.2.2016Volcano, HI, United StatesKilauea Visitor CenterRecap
7.2.2016Wakayama, Japan美容学校女神像Recap
7.2.2016Wellington, New ZealandSeashore Cabaret CafeRecap
7.2.2016Winnipeg, CanadaSt. Vital Park PavilionRecap
8.6.2016Melbourne, AustraliaSmith Reserve PlaygroundRecap
8.6.2016Kailua-Kona, HI, United StatesKava StatueRecap
8.6.2016Nelson, New ZealandFounding Centenary (Nelson Cathedral Steps)Recap
8.6.2016Warsaw, PolandPost Office Warsaw 11Recap
8.6.2016Panama City, PanamaPública Park, Parque Omar TorrijosRecap
8.6.2016Indianapolis, IN, United StatesCardinalRecap
8.6.2016Santa Cruz de la Sierra, BoliviaCatedral de Santa Cruz de la SRecap
8.6.2016Rikuzentakata, Japanミニあかりの木Recap
8.6.2016Recife, BrazilPortal Chico Science StatueRecap
8.6.2016Reno, NV, United StatesBibo's Train MuralRecap
8.6.2016Mogilev, BelarusСоветская площадьRecap
8.6.2016Hampton, VA, United StatesThe Masonic TempleRecap
8.6.2016Orlando, FL, United StatesLake Lily DriveRecap
8.6.2016Pittsburgh, PA, United StatesSchenley Plaza Events TentRecap
8.6.2016São Paulo, BrazilParque Da JuventudeRecap
8.6.2016Helsinki, FinlandStone'sRecap
8.6.2016Piura, PeruPileta Boulevard Real PlazaRecap
8.6.2016Eugene, OR, United StatesErb Memorial UnionRecap
8.6.2016Fond du Lac, WI, United StatesThe ColiseumRecap
8.6.2016Monterrey, MexicoPlaca Municipal 1949Recap
8.6.2016Cardiff, United KingdomBuffalo Bar MuralRecap
8.6.2016Chicago, IL, United StatesScience and Engineering Laboratories EastRecap
8.6.2016Arlington, TX, United StatesArlington Founders PlazaRecap
8.6.2016Boston, MA, United StatesBrewer FountainRecap
8.6.2016Bengaluru, IndiaIndiragandhi musical fountain parkRecap
8.6.2016Calgary, CanadaUniversity of CalgaryRecap
8.6.2016Bandung, IndonesiaBig Wooden DownlightRecap
8.6.2016Twin Cities, MN, United StatesMinnehaha ParkRecap
8.6.2016Valdivia, ChilePlaza ChileRecap
8.6.2016Bergen, NorwayFisketorget, Lokalt og LekkertRecap
8.6.2016Dayton, OH, United StatesCarillon Historical ParkRecap
8.6.2016Toronto, CanadaEquestrian Statue King EdwardRecap
8.6.2016Ufa, RussiaГостиный ДворRecap
8.6.2016Tokushima, JapanバーベキューサイトRecap
8.6.2016Wellington, New ZealandShed 22Recap
8.6.2016Santiago, ChileColumpios San MiguelRecap
8.6.2016Leuven, BelgiumPeople at WorkRecap
8.6.2016Willemstad, CuraçaoStatue of WilheminaRecap
8.6.2016Buenos Aires, ArgentinaFuente Patio AndaluzRecap
8.6.2016Mazatlan, MexicoPlazuela MachadoRecap
8.6.2016Kunming, China银杏大道上的爱因斯坦Recap
8.6.2016Patan, NepalPatan-Durbar Square-GarudaRecap
8.6.2016Vienna, AustriatheseustempelRecap
8.6.2016Bozeman, MT, United StatesBradford-LeProwse PavilionRecap
8.6.2016Lima District, PeruParque KennedyRecap
8.6.2016Maracay, VenezuelaMuseo Aeronáutico de MaracayRecap
8.6.2016Oslo, NorwayGledesprederenRecap
8.6.2016London, United KingdomThe Horniman at Hay'sRecap
8.6.2016Xiamen, China明发商业广场Recap
8.6.2016Cambridge, New ZealandCambridge Skating RinkRecap
8.6.2016Christchurch, New ZealandJames CookRecap
8.6.2016Mendoza, ArgentinaPLAZA CHILERecap
8.6.2016Montes Claros, BrazilPraça da MatrizRecap
8.6.2016Petrolina, BrazilMonumento em Frente a CatedralRecap
8.6.2016Seoul, South Korea혜화 서울대 유적Recap
8.6.2016Fortaleza, BrazilMarco UniforRecap
8.6.2016Townsville City, AustraliaPort LighthouseRecap
8.6.2016Ottawa, CanadaWorld Exchange PlazaRecap
8.6.2016Bielsko-Biala, PolandBrowar MiejskiRecap
8.6.2016Porto Alegre, BrazilBusto Mascarenhas de MoraesRecap
8.6.2016Trondheim, NorwayKlüwergårdenRecap
8.6.2016Kassel, GermanyKönigsplatzRecap
8.6.2016Sydney, Australia1963 Commemoration Foundation StoneRecap
8.6.2016Anchorage, AK, United StatesNulbay ParkRecap
8.6.2016Edmonton, CanadaTim Hortons near U of A hospitalRecap
8.6.2016Winnipeg, CanadaScotia Bank StageRecap
8.6.2016Portland, OR, United StatesLeverich Park Picnic ShelterRecap
8.6.2016Rochester, NY, United StatesMerchants to WarshipsRecap
8.6.2016Mexico City, MexicoJardín Del Arte - JaulasRecap
8.6.2016Huancayo, PeruParque de La ConstituciónRecap
8.6.2016Auburn, WA, United StatesHistoric Bissell Drug StoreRecap
8.6.2016Merida, MexicoLas Americas ParkRecap
8.6.2016Oklahoma City, OK, United StatesZooRecap
9.3.2016Midland, TX, United StatesSibley Nature CenterRecap
9.3.2016Siena, ItalyResti D'autoreRecap
9.3.2016Stavanger, NorwayKompass i rundkjøringRecap
9.3.2016Willemstad, CuraçaoStatue of Wilhemina @ Wilhelminaplein (Punda)Recap
9.3.2016Magdeburg, GermanyUlrichplatzRecap
9.3.2016Plainfield, IN, United StatesPlainfield BridgeRecap
9.3.2016Ghent, BelgiumStadshalRecap
9.3.2016Cardiff, United KingdomBuffalo Bar MuralRecap
9.3.2016Caxias do Sul, BrazilUcs teatro, bloco MRecap
9.3.2016Blenheim, New ZealandBlenheim War MemorialRecap
9.3.2016Lida, Belarus690-летие ЛидыRecap
9.3.2016Fürstenfeldbruck, GermanyPico LoungeRecap
9.3.2016New Westminster, CanadaWorld's Tallest Tin SoldierRecap
9.3.2016Fort Worth, TX, United StatesGeneral William Jenkins WorthRecap
9.3.2016Cape Town, South AfricaV&A Wheel Of ExcellenceRecap
9.3.2016Calgary, CanadaEau Claire MarketRecap
9.3.2016Wasilla, AK, United StatesHerning tealand storeRecap
9.3.2016Buenos Aires, ArgentinaCasa cultural en el Parque AvellanedaRecap
9.3.2016Surabaya, IndonesiaPatung Gubernur SuryoRecap
9.3.2016Townsville, AustraliaSgt Anderson Memorial GardensRecap
9.3.2016Ooma, Japan大間フェリーターミナルRecap
9.3.2016Grand Prairie, TX, United StatesHistoric Park CabooseRecap
9.3.2016Wellington, New ZealandThe Rock by Neil dawsonRecap
9.3.2016Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)W.Gate Shwedagone PagodaRecap
9.3.2016Jakarta, IndonesiaGerbang Halte Transjakarta RagunanRecap
9.3.2016Triangle, VA, United StatesMolly Marine Point at National Museum of the Marine CorpsRecap
9.3.2016Spokane, WA, United StatesForestry ShelterRecap
9.3.2016Dayton, OH, United StatesRiverScape MetroParkRecap
9.3.2016Oslo, NorwayGledesprederenRecap
9.3.2016Constanța, RomaniaHarta PeninsuleiRecap
9.3.2016Mendoza, ArgentinaPlaza ITALIARecap
9.3.2016Salem, NH, United StatesVisitor CenterRecap
9.3.2016Zhytomyr, UkraineСкамейка и Лариосик...Recap
9.3.2016Sheffield, United KingdomNew Old StonewareRecap
9.3.2016Santiago, ChileEl Caballo Parque ForestalRecap
9.3.2016Stockholm, SwedenSt Göran & DrakenRecap
9.3.2016Lahti, FinlandHakkapeliittain KotiinpaluuRecap
9.3.2016Pittsburgh, PA, United StatesCarnegie Coffee Company 132 E Main St, Carnegie, PA 15106Recap
9.3.2016Edmonton, CanadaUniversity of Alberta Tim Hortons near the HospitalRecap
9.3.2016Helsinki, FinlandStone'sRecap
9.3.2016Chisinau, MoldovaArch Of TriumphRecap
9.3.2016São Paulo, BrazilParque da Agua BrancaRecap
9.3.2016Juazeiro, BrazilCatedral de JuazeiroRecap
9.3.2016Ottawa, CanadaWorld Exchange PlazaRecap
9.3.2016Hamburg, GermanyAsia Imbiss BokRecap
9.3.2016Portland, OR, United StatesMcNally's TaproomRecap
9.3.2016Rojas, ArgentinaPlaza San Martin RojasRecap
9.3.2016Rochester, NY, United StatesThe Dalai Java (nearest portal: Downtown Canandaigua Business Directory Sign)Recap
9.3.2016Sydney, AustraliaCircular Quay Train StationRecap
9.3.2016Bern, SwitzerlandMetal BallsRecap
9.3.2016Thunder Bay, CanadaMoon GateRecap
9.3.2016Uherske Hradiste, Czech RepublicPlaque Column Uherske HradisteRecap
10.1.2016Benoni,South AfricaCastle in Bunny ParkRecap
10.1.2016Tempe,AZ,USAFirst CongregationalRecap
10.1.2016Guatemala,GuatemalaMemorial 50 yearsRecap
10.1.2016Tampere,FinlandVapriikki Museum CenterRecap
10.1.2016Cardiff,UKBuffalo Bar MuralRecap
10.1.2016Bergen,NorwayUiB Modern SculptureRecap
10.1.2016Birmigham,United KingdomO'Neil's Irish PubRecap
10.1.2016Nelson,New ZealandQueen's Gardens FountainRecap
10.1.2016Pittsburgh,PA,USAHofbrauhaus Pittsburgh MaypoleRecap
10.1.2016Indianapolis,IN,USACrown Hill Equatorial SundialRecap
10.1.2016Dallas,TX,USASeventh SculptureRecap
10.1.2016Oklahoma City, OK,USAOld School Bagle Cafe (No Portal)Recap
10.1.2016Dayton, OH,USAWoodland Cemetery and ArboretumRecap
10.1.2016Bolesławiec Lower Silesia,PolandPark, Street Bankowa, Recap
10.1.2016Lima-perú,PerúCaballos blancos Recap
10.1.2016Lille,FranceDernier Bar Avant La Fin Du MondeRecap
10.1.2016Brookings,OR,USAManley Art CenterRecap
10.1.2016Twin Cities, MN,USAThe Gathering Place Band ShellRecap
10.1.2016Santo Domingo,Dominican RepublicAtomoRecap
10.1.2016Bogor,IndonesiaApple BuildingRecap
10.1.2016Southampton,United Kingdom1380 Sidewalk PlaqueRecap
10.1.2016Red Deer,CanadaRed Deer City Hall ParkRecap
10.1.2016Chicago, IL,USAWW1 MonumentRecap
10.1.2016Santa Cruz,BoliviaIgnacio WarnesRecap
10.1.2016Hoorn,NetherlandsDe WaterdragerRecap
10.1.2016Perugia,ItalyOspedale della MisericordiaRecap
10.1.2016Calgary,CanadaEau Claire Market Recap
10.1.2016Prague,Czech RepublicFontána na Tylově NáměstíRecap
10.1.2016Winnipeg,CanadaThe Fort Garry Horse Soldiers Monument PortalRecap
10.1.2016Canberra,AustraliaLake Ginninderra CircuitRecap
10.1.2016Ufa,RussiaПамятник ЛенинуRecap
10.1.2016Austin,TX,USAScholz GartenRecap
10.1.2016Liège,BelgiumEglise Saint Jean L'evangelisteRecap
10.1.2016Coquitlam ,CanadaDay In The Park Electrical ParkRecap
10.1.2016Milwaukee,WI,USADragotta FountainRecap
10.1.2016Fort Worth,TX, USAFour Seasons GardenRecap
10.1.2016San Juan,Puerto RicoMonument Plazo Quinto CentenarRecap
10.1.2016Townsville,AustraliaSoroptimus Park FountainRecap
10.1.2016Edmonton,CanadaParkland Horizon 3D MuralRecap
10.1.2016Wellington,New ZealandRock by Neil DawsonRecap
10.1.2016Kissimmee, FL,USAEgret PavilionRecap
10.1.2016Kassel,GermanyKassel Friedrichs StatueRecap
10.1.2016Fortaleza,BrasilPraça Valdenir uchoaRecap
10.1.2016Guayaquil,EcuadorMalecon 2000Recap
10.1.2016Ciudad de México,MéxicoReloj Gigante de Parque HundidoRecap
10.1.2016Piura,PeruPlaza De ArmasRecap
10.1.2016Victoria,CanadaSaxe Point Commemorative AnchorRecap
10.1.2016Ottawa,CanadaWorld Exchange PlazaRecap
10.1.2016Boston,MA,USACurley Memorial ParkRecap
10.1.2016Hamburg,GermanyRestaurant FeuervogelRecap
10.1.2016Kansas City, MO,USAKCPL Turbine ClockRecap
10.1.2016Auckland,New ZealandWintergarden Dancing TwinsRecap
10.1.2016Rochester, NY,USAVictor Centennial 1913Recap
10.1.2016Pahoa, HI,USALavaTreeRecap
10.1.2016Sao Paulo,BrasilParque da LuzRecap
10.1.2016Córdoba,ArgentinaTercer Congreso de VialidadRecap
10.1.2016Recife,BrasilPortal Chico Science StatueRecap
11.5.2016Cardiff, United KingdomBuffalo Bar MuralRecap
11.5.2016Nagoya, Japan夢の女神Recap
11.5.2016Tsuyama, Japan旧津山扇型機関車庫Recap
11.5.2016Caguas, Puerto RicoSantiago G Palmer IrizarryRecap
11.5.2016Lima District, PeruCampo de MarteRecap
11.5.2016Guatemala City, GuatemalaMemorial 50 YearsRecap
11.5.2016Langley, CanadaDouglas Park, Spirit SquareRecap
11.5.2016Chennai, IndiaPole Clock At Panagal ParkRecap
11.5.2016Gaborone, BotswanaThree dikgosi monumentRecap
11.5.2016Dubai, United Arab EmiratesThe Diving VillageRecap
11.5.2016Red Deer, CanadaRed Deer City Hall ParkRecap
11.5.2016Medan, IndonesiaMerdeka WalkRecap
11.5.2016Mumbai, IndiaBat Statue at Carter'sRecap
11.5.2016Changzhou, China海底世界的外墙Recap
11.5.2016Bellingham, WA, United StatesThe Man Who Used to Hunt Cougars For BountyRecap
11.5.2016Akita, Japan秋田市大森山動物園Recap
11.5.2016Bismarck, ND, United StatesNorth Dakota Heritage CenterRecap
11.5.2016Anchorage, AK, United StatesFlattop PizzaRecap
11.5.2016Saskatoon, CanadaGeology BuildingRecap
11.5.2016Calgary, CanadaRock Sculpture CalgaryRecap
11.5.2016Omaha, NE, United StatesSunrise BlissRecap
11.5.2016Kesennuma, Japan海の市Recap
11.5.2016Bengaluru, IndiaArmy Memorial ParkRecap
11.5.2016Aarhus, DenmarkDokk1Recap
11.5.2016Fortaleza, BrazilMonumentoRecap
11.5.2016Piura, PeruPlaza De ArmasRecap
11.5.2016Boston, MA, United StatesHasty Pudding InstituteRecap
11.5.2016Santa Cruz de la Sierra, BoliviaParroquia Maria AuxiliadoraRecap
11.5.2016Indianapolis, IN, United StatesUS Marine Corps Operation Iraqi Freedom II MemorialRecap
11.5.2016Mexico City, MexicoMonumento a la Revolución de NocheRecap
11.5.2016Asuncion, ParaguayPlaza UruguayaRecap
11.5.2016Hyderabad, IndiaVemana Portal, TankbundRecap
11.5.2016São Paulo, BrazilParque IbirapueraRecap
11.5.2016Pittsburgh, PA, United StatesThe FenceRecap
11.5.2016Jakarta, IndonesiaGapura Taman Budaya TionghoaRecap
11.5.2016Kazan, RussiaЧасы На БауманаRecap
11.5.2016McKinney, TX, United StatesCollin County CourthouseRecap
11.5.2016Canberra, AustraliaSnaking CirclesRecap
11.5.2016Midland, TX, United StatesPetroleum MuseumRecap
11.5.2016Santiago, ChileParque Quinta NormalRecap
11.5.2016Fort Worth, TX, United StatesSwift & CompanyRecap
11.5.2016Urasoe, Japan組踊公園Recap
11.5.2016Wellington, New ZealandNZ ParlimentRecap
11.5.2016Aizuwakamatsu-shi, Japan会津図書館換気塔Recap
11.5.2016Medford, OR, United StatesTaco Mi TierraRecap
11.5.2016Athens, OH, United StatesThe ElmsRecap
11.5.2016Lahti, FinlandHakkapeliittain KotiinpaluuRecap
11.5.2016Bedford, United KingdomBar CitrusRecap
11.5.2016Beacon, NY, United StatesBeacon's Little BigfootRecap
11.5.2016Viña del Mar, ChileAnfiteatro Quinta VergaraRecap
11.5.2016Ufa, RussiaГостиный ДворRecap
11.5.2016Petersburg, VA, United Statesiron robot sculptureRecap
11.5.2016Auckland, New ZealandSounds of Sea - EastRecap
11.5.2016Cape Town, South AfricaMitchell's BreweryRecap
11.5.2016Bauru, BrazilBosque da Comunidade - BauruRecap
11.5.2016Oslo, NorwayGledesprederenRecap
11.5.2016Bordeaux, FranceHorloge Galerie LafayetteRecap
11.5.2016Blenheim, New ZealandBlenheim War MemorialRecap
11.5.2016Dresden, GermanyAlbertbrunnenRecap
11.5.2016Princeton, NJ, United StatesPrinceton Battle MonumentRecap
11.5.2016Bergen, NorwayKjøttbasarenRecap
11.5.2016Recife, BrazilPortal Chico Science StatueRecap
11.5.2016Mendoza, ArgentinaPlaza ITALIARecap
11.5.2016Bogotá, ColombiaEscudo de ColombiaRecap
11.5.2016Cary, NC, United StatesBond Park Greenway Trail MapRecap
11.5.2016Rochester, NY, United StatesEquilateral SixRecap
11.5.2016La Serena, ChileCentro Hijos de TarapacaRecap
11.5.2016Willemstad, CuraçaoStatue of WihelminaRecap
11.5.2016Auckland, New ZealandSounds of Sea - EastRecap
11.5.2016Houston, TX, United StatesOyster Creek ParkRecap
11.5.2016Chico, CA, United StatesCamellia CourtyardRecap
11.5.2016Townsville, AustraliaStrand ParkRecap
11.5.2016Stavanger, NorwayStone DiskRecap
11.5.2016Buenos Aires, ArgentinaPlaza San Martín, MoronRecap
11.5.2016Jyväskylä, FinlandSohwiRecap
12.3.2016Pekanbaru, IndonesiaDamai LanggengRecap
12.3.2016Rio de Janeiro, BrazilMonumento Pedro IIRecap
12.3.2016Perth, AustraliaVictoria GardensRecap
12.3.2016Pittsburgh, PA, United StatesFoo Fighters MuralRecap
12.3.2016Medan, IndonesiaIstana MaimunRecap
12.3.2016Cardiff, United KingdomBuffalo Bar MuralRecap
12.3.2016North Vancouver, CanadaShipyard LandfillRecap
12.3.2016Arras, FranceArras, l'hôtel de villeRecap
12.3.2016St. George, UT, United StatesTown Square TowerRecap
12.3.2016Arecibo, Puerto RicoPlaza Central de AreciboRecap
12.3.2016Brisbane, AustraliaUnderwood ParkRecap
12.3.2016Denver, CO, United StatesScion of the Washington ElmRecap
12.3.2016Bandung, IndonesiaBandung Kilometer NolRecap
12.3.2016Alkmaar, NetherlandsI AlkmaarRecap
12.3.2016New Orleans, LA, United StatesMajestic MortuaryRecap
12.3.2016Calgary, CanadaEau Claire MarketRecap
12.3.2016Seano, ItalyParco Quinto MartiniRecap
12.3.2016Stockport, United KingdomStockport Exchange BuildingsRecap
12.3.2016Hartford, CT, United StatesLast Horse Drawn Trolly in HartfordRecap
12.3.2016Newport, KY, United StatesNewport On The LeveeRecap
12.3.2016Philadelphia, PA, United StatesPeace Be with YouRecap
12.3.2016Ames, IA, United StatesBandshell ParkRecap
12.3.2016Kaliningrad, RussiaМемориал Победы 1941-1945Recap
12.3.2016Fortaleza, BrazilMARCO UNIFORRecap
12.3.2016Grapevine, TX, United StatesStatue "Walking to Texas"Recap
12.3.2016Boston, MA, United StatesBronzed Newspaper Embedded in StreetRecap
12.3.2016Lima District, PeruParque Ramón CastillaRecap
12.3.2016Juazeiro, BrazilEstátua Padroeira JuazeiroRecap
12.3.2016Malang, IndonesiaAir MancurRecap
12.3.2016Constanța, RomaniaGuinness PubRecap
12.3.2016Novy Bohumin, Czech RepublicBohumín - RIO BowlingRecap
12.3.2016Sandton, South AfricaSandton Square FountainsRecap
12.3.2016Omaha, NE, United StatesSunrise BlissRecap
12.3.2016Mexico City, MexicoParque Lincoln - Choque De ConcienciaRecap
12.3.2016Wellington, New ZealandRaumati SplashpadRecap
12.3.2016Canberra, AustraliaFranklin Recreational ParkRecap
12.3.2016Sanford, FL, United StatesGiant Jungle GymRecap
12.3.2016Oslo, NorwayGledesprederenRecap
12.3.2016Mendoza, ArgentinaÁrea FundacionalRecap
12.3.2016East Jakarta, IndonesiaJagur CanonRecap
12.3.2016Stockholm, SwedenKronanRecap
12.3.2016Baton Rouge, LA, United StatesMagnolia Park FountainRecap
12.3.2016Riga, LatviaMetal SculptureRecap
12.3.2016Jihlava, Czech RepublicPivovarská restauraceRecap
12.3.2016La Paz, BoliviaPalacio de GobiernoRecap
12.3.2016Bergen, NorwayStarbucks på KjøttbasarenRecap
12.3.2016Santiago, ChileParque AlmagroRecap
12.3.2016Santa Cruz de la Sierra, BoliviaCatedral de Santa Cruz de la SierraRecap
12.3.2016Hamburg, GermanyEinstein Bistro und RestaurantRecap
12.3.2016Helsinki, FinlandStone'sRecap
12.3.2016Wake Forest, NC, United StatesDana Jordan FountainRecap
12.3.2016Rochester, NY, United StatesFirst Presbyterian ChurchRecap
12.3.2016Indianapolis, IN, United StatesThe South Bend Chocolate CompanyRecap
12.3.2016Zlin, Czech RepublicDeska 23Recap
12.3.2016Poza Rica de Hidalgo, MexicoPlaza Cívica 18 de MarzoRecap
12.3.2016Asuncion, ParaguayParque Carlos A LopezRecap
12.3.2016Edmonton, CanadaGarneau United Church near U of A hospitalRecap
12.3.2016Magdeburg, GermanyUlrichsplatzRecap
12.3.2016Townsville, AustraliaCatalina MemorialRecap
12.3.2016Dresden, GermanyGebiet AltstadtRecap
12.3.2016Merida, MexicoLas Americas ParkRecap
12.3.2016Santiago, ChileMonumento al ex Pdte. Pedro Aguirre CerdaRecap
12.3.2016Trondheim, NorwayKlüvergårdenRecap
12.3.2016Veracruz, MexicoFaro Venustiano CarranzaRecap
1.7.2017 Providence, RI, United States Freedom Acceptance Individuality Recap
1.7.2017 Guatemala City, Guatemala Sublinga 2013 Recap
1.7.2017Xalapa, MexicoLas Virtudes - Parque JuárezRecap
1.7.2017Maple Ridge, CanadaFor Home & Country MosiacRecap
1.7.2017Córdoba, SpainPlaza de las TendillasRecap
1.7.2017Surabaya, IndonesiaKebun Binatang Surabaya ZooRecap
1.7.2017Townsville, AustraliaSurf's Up MuralRecap
1.7.2017Cardiff, United KingdomBuffalo Bar MuralRecap
1.7.2017Canberra, AustraliaBlack Mountain Peninsula SignRecap
1.7.2017Pittsburgh, PA, United StatesCummings Candy & CoffeeRecap
1.7.2017Rio de Janeiro, BrazilCoreto do Campo de São BentoRecap
1.7.2017Boston, MA, United StatesLED Cloud CeilingRecap
1.7.2017New Orleans, LA, United StatesMorning CallRecap
1.7.2017Chengdu, China雅竹园Recap
1.7.2017Riga, LatviaDzivojama Eka XVI gs.Recap
1.7.2017Dayton, OH, United StatesThe GreeneRecap
1.7.2017Oklahoma City, OK, United StatesHanks Coffee and Wine (no portal)Recap
1.7.2017Lima District, PeruParque de la ExposicionRecap
1.7.2017Bergen, Norwaykjøttbasaren/ StarbucksRecap
1.7.2017Oslo, NorwayGledesprederenRecap
1.7.2017Beirut, LebanonThe Visitor - Contemporary ArtRecap
1.7.2017Mendoza, ArgentinaCasa de GobiernoRecap
1.7.2017Fort Worth, TX, United StatesGeneral Worth SquareRecap
1.7.2017Santa Cruz de la Sierra, BoliviaTorre Santo DomingoRecap
1.7.2017Helsinki, FinlandStone'sRecap
1.7.2017Diest, Belgiumrotonde Hasseltsepoort DiestRecap
1.7.2017Indianapolis, IN, United StatesCarmel Walk FountainRecap
1.7.2017São Paulo, BrazilParque da LuzRecap
1.7.2017Monterrey, MexicoAtlas MelodyRecap
1.7.2017Surakarta, IndonesiaTaman BalekambangRecap
1.7.2017Heredia, Costa RicaKiosco Parque Central de HerediaRecap
1.7.2017Ottawa, CanadaWorld Exchange PlazaRecap
1.8.2017Des Moines, IA, United StatesNomadeRecap
2.4.2017Salvador, BrazilEntrada do Parque de PituaçuRecap
2.4.2017Philadelphia, PA, United StatesPennsylvania Railroad Freight BuildingRecap
2.4.2017Guatemala City, GuatemalaMemorial 50 YearsRecap
2.4.2017Oklahoma City, OK, United StatesMinter and Richardson Brick MemorialRecap
2.4.2017Turku, FinlandJuhana IIIRecap
2.4.2017Cardiff, United KingdomThe Pen & WigRecap
2.4.2017Pittsburgh, PA, United StatesEat at Uncle Sam's - Coca-ColaRecap
2.4.2017Gainesville, FL, United StatesStarbucks Downtown/Union StreetRecap
2.4.2017Bauru, BrazilBosque da Comunidade - BauruRecap
2.4.2017Sacramento, CA, United StatesMarket MuralRecap
2.4.2017Omaha, NE, United StatesSunrise BlissRecap
2.4.2017Chincha, PeruIglesia Central de ChinchaRecap
2.4.2017Lima District, PeruMegaPlaza NorteRecap
2.4.2017Pasig, PhilippinesBaby T-rexRecap
2.4.2017Stockholm, SwedenTors fiskeRecap
2.4.2017Brookings, OR, United StatesManley Art CenterRecap
2.4.2017Trinec, CzechiaPlastika DKRecap
2.4.2017Goiânia, BrazilPraça UniversitáriaRecap
2.4.2017Providence, RI, United StatesProvidence BiltmoreRecap
2.4.2017Buenos Aires, ArgentinaGlorietaRecap
2.4.2017São Paulo, BrazilParque da Água BrancaRecap
2.4.2017Bergen, NorwayKjøttbasarenRecap
2.4.2017Vancouver, CanadaKnife Edge - Henry MooreRecap
2.4.2017Rio de Janeiro, BrazilGreen FountainRecap
2.4.2017Calgary, CanadaEau Claire MarketRecap
2.4.2017Conroe, TX, United StatesMontgomery County CourthouseRecap
2.4.2017Dayton, OH, United StatesOregon DistrictRecap
2.4.2017Santa Cruz de la Sierra, BoliviaIgnacio WarnesRecap
2.4.2017Canberra, AustraliaPines WalkRecap
2.4.2017Bordeaux, FranceHorloge Galerie LafayetteRecap
2.4.2017Des Moines, IA, United StatesThe Drake DinerRecap
2.4.2017Rochester, NY, United StatesBig Tree LodgeRecap
2.4.2017Recife, BrazilChico Science StatueRecap
2.4.2017Lahti, FinlandHakkapeliittain KotiinpaluuRecap
2.4.2017Oslo, NorwayGledesprederenRecap
2.4.2017Nelson, New ZealandFountain at Queens Gardens, NelsonRecap
2.4.2017Fort Worth, TX, United StatesGeneral William Jenkins WorthRecap
2.4.2017Xalapa, MexicoEstatua Al Benemerito De Las AméricasRecap
2.4.2017Helsinki, FinlandStone'sRecap
2.4.2017Ufa, RussiaГостиный дворRecap
2.4.2017Mexico City, MexicoQuiosco Jardín CuitlahuacRecap
2.4.2017Trondheim, NorwayKlüwergårdenRecap
2.4.2017Santiago, ChileSeñora de los AngelesRecap
2.4.2017Dendermonde, BelgiumTheatercafé CC BelgicaRecap
2.4.2017Mendoza, ArgentinaPlaza ITALIARecap
2.4.2017Franklin, TN, United StatesThe WillardRecap
2.4.2017Somerville, MA, United StatesTelephone Booth ArtRecap
2.4.2017Pretoria, South AfricaIrene Mall CowsRecap
2.4.2017Tyler, TX, United StatesTyler Public LibraryRecap
2.4.2017Austin, TX, United StatesThe Anchor (Crown and Anchor)Recap
2.4.2017Mayagüez, Puerto RicoCentro De EstudiantesRecap
2.4.2017Liverpool, United KingdomAnd the Band Played on PlaqueRecap
2.4.2017Townsville, AustraliaTokuyama Sister City GardenRecap
2.4.2017Kherson, UkraineStatue of AthenaRecap
3.4.2017Turku, FinlandKouluRecap
3.4.2017Jihlava, CzechiaPivovarská restauraceRecap
3.4.2017Uhersky Brod, CzechiaUherský Brod- BridgeRecap
3.4.2017São Paulo, BrazilParque da JuventudeRecap
3.4.2017Leeds, United KingdomStick Or Twist Free HouseRecap
3.4.2017Cardiff, United KingdomBuffalo Bar MuralRecap
3.4.2017Gold Coast, AustraliaBig ARecap
3.4.2017Nagoya, Japan石碑を抱く松Recap
3.4.2017Kherson, UkraineЦентральній ЗАГСRecap
3.4.2017Edinburgh, United KingdomFreedom StoneRecap
3.4.2017Tulsa, OK, United StatesCentral libraryRecap
3.4.2017Oklahoma City, OK, United StatesWhere Leadership Flies HighRecap
3.4.2017L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, SpainL'AcollidoraRecap
3.4.2017Abilene, TX, United StatesRotary ClockRecap
3.4.2017Salvador, BrazilPortal Jorge Amado e Zéĺia GataiRecap
3.4.2017Cape Town, South AfricaThorne FountainRecap
3.4.2017Providence, RI, United StatesProvidence BiltmoreRecap
3.4.2017Bergen, Norwaykjøttbasaren/ StarbucksRecap
3.4.2017London, United KingdomPeter Cook Green Plaque 1937-1995Recap
3.4.2017Omaha, NE, United StatesSunrise BlissRecap
3.4.2017Indianapolis, IN, United StatesWelcome to Holcomb GardensRecap
3.4.2017Chincha, PeruIglesia Central de Chincha AltaRecap
3.4.2017Fredericia, DenmarkOlaf Rye Statue v. Ryes Plads, FredericiaRecap
3.4.2017Vitoria, BrazilMonumento à BondadeRecap
3.4.2017Dayton, OH, United StatesCox Arboretum MetroParkRecap
3.4.2017Panjim, IndiaPanjim ChurchRecap
3.4.2017Petrolina, BrazilMonumento em Frente a CatedralRecap
3.4.2017La Serena, ChileEsculturas AbstractasRecap
3.4.2017Blenheim, New ZealandBlenheim War MemorialRecap
3.4.2017Harlingen, TX, United StatesLocal Wildlife MuralRecap
3.4.2017Mendoza, ArgentinaPLAZA Godoy CruzRecap
3.4.2017Mexico City, MexicoPushkin WolverineRecap
3.4.2017Santa Cruz de la Sierra, BoliviaSoldado De MetalRecap
3.4.2017Plano, TX, United StatesInterurban railway museumRecap
3.4.2017Pittsburgh, PA, United StatesAmplify ChurchRecap
3.4.2017Xalapa, MexicoFuente JuárezRecap
3.4.2017Monterrey, MexicoAtlas MelodyRecap
3.4.2017Trondheim, NorwayKlüwergårdenRecap
3.4.2017Fort Worth, TX, United StatesThe First BulldoggerRecap
3.4.2017Montero, BoliviaIglesia La FlorestaRecap
3.4.2017Boston, MA, United StatesFrancis J. Hickey TriangleRecap
3.4.2017Oslo, NorwayGledesprederenRecap
3.4.2017Lille, FranceDernier Bar Avant La Fin Du MondeRecap
3.4.2017Guadalajara, MexicoLARVARecap
3.4.2017Canberra, AustraliaIcarus SeriesRecap
3.4.2017Townsville, AustraliaBilly BombaxRecap
3.4.2017Des Moines, IA, United StatesZombie Burger and Drink LabRecap
3.4.2017Dresden, GermanyDresden - Martin Luther (an der Frauenkirche)Recap
3.4.2017Helsinki, FinlandStone'sRecap
3.4.2017Rio de Janeiro, BrazilFrancisco Antonio de VarnhagenRecap
3.4.2017Santiago, ChileEl Caballo Parque ForestalRecap
3.4.2017Eureka, CA, United StatesDowntown GazeboRecap
3.4.2017Johannesburg, South AfricaTranquility Bird Bath at EmmarentiaRecap
3.4.2017Dubai, United Arab EmiratesThe Dubai Mall RoofRecap
3.4.2017Rochester, NY, United StatesThinking ManRecap
3.4.2017Schaumburg, IL, United StatesSpring Valley Trail MapRecap
3.4.2017Lima, PeruPlaza Punta NegraRecap
3.4.2017Kiev, UkraineWorld War II KPI MonumentRecap
3.4.2017Ostrava, CzechiaReliéf Matka ZeměRecap
3.4.2017Houston, TX, United StatesVisitor CenterRecap
3.4.2017Magdeburg, GermanyUlrichsplatzRecap
4.1.2017Rosario, ArgentinaParque IndependenciaRecap
4.1.2017Akron, OH, United StatesLock 3 Direction ArrowsRecap
4.1.2017Santa Cruz de la Sierra, BoliviaLos Mangales HamacasRecap
4.1.2017Ocean Springs, MS, United StatesFront Beach Ocean SpringsRecap
4.1.2017Charleroi, BelgiumBrasserie de CharleroiRecap
4.1.2017Orlando, FL, United StatesEarthy KnightsRecap
4.1.2017Gliwice, PolandRatuszRecap
4.1.2017Cardiff, United KingdomBuffalo Bar MuralRecap
4.1.2017Tulsa, OK, United StatesGuthrie Green FountainRecap
4.1.2017Kitchener, CanadaVictoria ParkRecap
4.1.2017Brisbane, AustraliaSandgate Dowse LagoonRecap
4.1.2017Vienna, AustriaSchloss Schönbrunn NeptunbrunnenRecap
4.1.2017Rancagua, ChileMonumento Plaza de los HeroesRecap
4.1.2017Alajuela, Costa RicaParque Central AlajuelaRecap
4.1.2017Rouen, FranceLe Son Du CorRecap
4.1.2017Bern, SwitzerlandRoter Affe KramgasseRecap
4.1.2017Stockholm, SwedenArbetarenRecap
4.1.2017Nottingham, United KingdomYe Olde Salutation InnRecap
4.1.2017Kazan, RussiaЧасы На БауманаRecap
4.1.2017Rochester, NY, United StatesOld Bank of SpencerportRecap
4.1.2017Indianapolis, IN, United StatesThe Graces - Dancing StatuesRecap
4.1.2017San Diego, CA, United StatesOcean Beach SB MuralRecap
4.1.2017Madrid, SpainParque El RetiroRecap
4.1.2017Jakarta, IndonesiaLenggang JakartaRecap
4.1.2017Dayton, OH, United StatesWegerzyn Gardens MetroParkRecap
4.1.2017Fort Worth, TX, United StatesGeneral William Jenkins WorthRecap
4.1.2017Kathmandu, NepalBoudhanath StupaRecap
4.1.2017Helsinki, FinlandStone'sRecap
4.1.2017Gifu, Japan弥八地蔵尊Recap
4.1.2017Kaunas, LithuaniaGynybinis bokštasRecap
4.1.2017Brookings, OR, United StatesManly Art CenterRecap
4.1.2017Milwaukee, WI, United StatesRed Arrow MemorialRecap
4.1.2017Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN, United StatesMinnesota Landscape ArboretumRecap
4.1.2017Prague, CzechiaPark PortheimkaRecap
4.1.2017Calgary, CanadaRock Sculpture CalgaryRecap
4.1.2017Vancouver, CanadaKnife Edge -Henry MooreRecap
4.1.2017Hoorn, NetherlandsNetherlands, Hoorn, Square "DeRecap
4.1.2017Bergen, Norwaykjøttbasaren/ StarbucksRecap
4.1.2017Ufa, RussiaПамятник